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Thread for Undertale and Deltarune discussion! Post theories, art and bad AU's!

Official Websites:

Official Twitter (news may get posted here):

Toby's Twitlonger on Deltarune:


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Chara's cool. I like him.


undertale is cool. the best and most exciting part of the demo was the feedback from flowey as you tried the different variations of the toriel fight. the final game didn't explore that lane as much as i was anticipating, though. maybe it just would've been too much dialogue to write for every specific permutation, especially later in the game when the player had made more choices. or maybe he just exhausted all he was able to say about the idea with the intro boss & genocide end-route stuff. there might not be much room there before you start entering Blick Winkel territory.

deltarune seems to be going for a different thing altogether which is cool in its own way. susie is written in such a basic and predictable manner, but it really seems to work on people (including me). i've seen playthroughs where people call all the developments in real time and know the writing tricks being used to manipulate them and yet they get manipulated anyway and end up with their feelings along for the ride. really don't know what's at play there and i think it could be useful to look into for IRONY STUDIES since there is virtually none
anyway thanks for reading my blog


>this shit isn't dead already
wtf why?


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based, I liked undertale and quite enjoyed deltarune.

the way that deltarune was set up was very peculiar to me, like the characters in the world were created by someone in the Undertale universe with a limited perception of who they really were. Undyne and Alphys are both what they publicly appear to be (a law enforcer and a big ol' nerd, respectfully) but both of them are very self-serious, like how you would expect them to act when they were on the job. You didn't get Undyne's weird tendencies or all of Alphys' dumb anime garbage and tendency to ship stuff. Same with Toriel and Asgore, you know they are apart but there is a lack of nuance as to why their relationship fell apart, or the dynamic they still have with each other interpersonally. I somewhat wonder if the Deltarune world is like, a simulation of the Undertale world for some kind of test.

on a more technical note though, the spritework of DT has done a lot better than UT. I hope we get more neat animation in the final release of DT though, I feel like Kris is a lot more of a separate character than Frisk was ever meant to be, and so they should have a lot more flair to their actions and movement to establish that.


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Undertale sucks because it's just incredibly linear and only mentally ill faggots still obsess over it.

As for Deltarune, you have to clear your mind and remember that it's the game that Toby Fox intended to make, but he thought that Kris killing Toriel would've made an already dark game even more depressing, so he made an entirely different game around the idea of not having to kill those lovable characters and it turned out to be a smash hit.

You could say that the story of Toby "Radiation" Fox is inspiring with him being able to weeb out in Japan, meet some of his inspirations, and see his own game on a Nintendo console, but I think it's all a fluke.


>Undertale sucks because it's just incredibly linear
by that logic skyrim was the best game ever
linearity isn't bad especially in a story driven game where it is more about conveying a message and experiencing characters - it is a lot harder to write good characters in a world you can constantly change, which is why most open ended RPGs have characters that rarely change perspectives or grow as people.


>story driven game
Shit, by definition.


&ltwhat is Disco Elysium? Planescape Torment?
I get that it's better to watch a movie or read a book, but interaction can add a lot to storytelling.


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oof, been a fucking while since anyone posted here innut?

well, the 5th anniversity of undertale came and went, and there was a cool orchestra of most of the undertale OST that played.

My personal favorites were…
Death by Glamour
And Heartache for my third


Isn't disco elysium hated on 4chan now though?


Yes but only after the undertones were forcefully spoonfed down their throats


File: 1608528070777.jpg ( 362.05 KB , 900x1424 , EiATGPjX0AAs7ML.jpg )

Does this look like Toriel to you guys?


I don't know how people can get off to this. At some point you should just go "Man I'm really going down a very silly path here"


File: 1608528218235.png ( 202.07 KB , 1770x819 , know_your_humans.png )

here is a thing I made a while back for artistic reference for all the different humans we have seen thus far


This makes me laugh, post more


ive just accepted it at this point


I knew a dude who could play ths game on a nintendo at the hardest level and clear it in 4 hours. He was a nice person and really soft-spoken.


I love how the font change implies that he can do a perfect impression of Papyrus on command.


My theory is that he's pulling a Homestuck and making the characters bland on purpose to critique the fandom he created with the last game(hence why the Snowgrave route had so many motifs of romance throughout), and hoping he somehow makes that interesting despite retreading old ground.


I just can't feel anything for Berdly yet like some people do. Characters like Scout TF2 are interesting to me because they turned their little brother syndrome into a skill and some sense of kindness in life(no matter how selective and warped), meanwhile Berdly's just kind of stagnated. He's 15-16, so I'm certain the rest of the story will have him finding that thing, and if he does I'll enjoy watching.


File: 1700023799883.png ( 374.14 KB , 602x616 , Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at ….png )

I have the urge to voice him but can't come up with any material at the moment, anything the people want to see?


>little brother syndrome

Whats that?
Also why do people always assume the worst of younger siblings?

IMO, older siblings get way too much sympathy

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