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File: 1608527523458.png ( 382.97 KB , 900x600 , cap_the_intel.png )



Hardmode: Soldier
Easymode: Heavy

Prize: PootisPOW

Also general team fortress 2 thread

If you have a potato PC

And TF Comics #7 when we achieve global communism.


File: 1608527523612-0.png ( 257.68 KB , 1460x774 , derpmedic.png )

File: 1608527523612-1.png ( 73.26 KB , 721x790 , shrug.png )

TF2 is pretty meh tbh especially since so much content is locked behind paywalls and trading. I should probably get around to uninstalling it.


Lol, it used to be quite popular.


File: 1608527523864.png ( 207.25 KB , 443x523 , reading.png )

Its popularity was primarily due to it being bundled in the Orange Box, and by default being more appealing than whatever Half Life 2's multiplayer was trying to be, and secondarily due to it going f2p later on. The only people still sticking around nowadays are people who don't want to buy games, and those who have too much of their money invested into the trading economy. I have a steem friend with maybe a couple thousand invested into the tf2 hat economy and even though he doesn't even like playing the game anymore, he still sticks with it because he has to regularly shut up the annoying voice in the back of his head telling him that he wasted all that money for nothing.

Overwatch is a million times friendlier on the wallet (surprisingly enough for actiblizz) and appeals to the same audience, while CSGO provides the alternative for those who want a more serious and balanced f2p FPS.


File: 1608527524026.jpg ( 14.21 KB , 500x274 , 158576116054.jpg )

Half life two had multiplayer?


Half-Life 2 the game itself doesn't have any multiplayer built in,
but there was the standalone Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.


File: 1608527524240.png ( 420.64 KB , 491x612 , 30362.88000000002_image.png )



I don't think you've played enough of it then.
The only stuff locked behind paywall is most cosmetics.
Stock weapons are always superior than all the gimmicky sidegrades even then you have can have a small inventory as F2P to keep meta shit like "Ubersaw" if you really want to. Free to play accounts still get weapon drops.


>Stock weapons are always superior than all the gimmicky sidegrades
Tomislav,Second Banana can be good,Gloves of running urgently,Crit-a-Cola,Panic Attack (on certains classes),Disciplinary Action,Degreaser,flare guns for Pyro,Powerjack,Demo is fine,Engi is ok….but shit like the Rescue Ranger/Frontier Justice/Wrangler/Gunslinger/Jag can change your life,Crusader's Crossbow,why use anything else,Ubersaw,Sniper is ok,Diamondback.
The rest is either absolute garbage,or to have a different playstyle for the character,so not "mandatory"


most are situational. ubersaw, crossbow, sandvich and wrangler makes sense and they are in the drop system for f2ps to get and keep in their small inventory.
You can own anybodies ass as a F2P with stock over tradermains with 69000 hours which is a great thing about tf2.


I can agree on that,and I never said they were hard to have,he really did not play enough on that front,especially if he plays medic like he showed in the screen,because he already has what he needs anyway,I just wanted to talk about powerlevels.
Besides Traidermains are mostly bots nowadays.


File: 1608527524670.jpg ( 63.5 KB , 850x567 , 03.jpg )

In an Australian server yesterday we all had a toast to him by playing an entire game of payload as just Soldiers. Was pretty beautiful.


Soldier's VA just died from Corona



that's awesome.


File: 1608527524911.jpg ( 118.87 KB , 1200x616 , TF2 Drop System.jpg )

Nah not just cosmetics. The PVE mode where you fight bots requires paid tickets, dueling requires tickets, even just alternate weapons require you to find trader bots and go through the hassle of 3rd party sites. And god forbid if you want to customize characters with cosmetics because that'll take real money and even more trading. So much fun is locked behind grinding and paying money. If I wanted to play an MMO I would but this is an FPS and the idea that you have grind to unlock basic gameplay like some pseudo-rpg is retarded.

I can invest 30 hours and still not have all the weapons in the game because of the super slow drop system that stuffs your inventory full of a billion useless crates. In fact I'm pretty sure I have put in more than 200 hours over 8+ years of ownership since it was the first game I owned, and I still don't have all weapons. It's kind of odd how casual and unfriendly it is. DOTA is a good example of the opposite approach - completely casual unfriendly due to how complex it is, and yet paradoxically also welcoming to newcomers since all heroes and gameplay is unlocked from the start so you don't need to grind for anything.


You can get all the unlockable functional qeapons for TF2 for like 30 cents if you trade for it via metal


>go through the hassle of 3rd party sites
You mean the free to use, no fee, instant trade, can trade any other weapon or scrap metal for all normal items in game site like scrap.tf?


Not core gameplay
>Man Vs machine
Has a free to play version, the paid version is only different in that you get a cool cosmetic at the end

>Pay money for cosmetics

God forbid a game makes money for their server
If you want some cool hat, just buy a key, trade it for 50 refined metal with some bot on backpack.tf and then buy some regular cosmetics at like 1.5 ref each. The irl price of most hats is 3 cents.

Alternate weapons aren't even required and pretty much all of the "essential" sidegrades are unlocked from achievements. It also helps against choice paralisation for new players.


I don't want to lick the boot anymore, comrade but I must tell you the greatest and best part of TF2 is it's engine and the shooting with all 9 classes.

Even with the item servers gone I enjoy the game. Stranges, Hats etc are pretty much vanity or to feel part of the "trading" ecosystem.

I am sorry you did not enjoy TF2 but I think you should give it another chance. The best things about it don't cost money.
The gameplay, The maps, The custom servers, The stupid chaotic community, The voicelines, The ragdolls, The jigglebones, The temporary truces, The little games people make up inside the tf2 itself.
All of these can be enjoyed by just joining any match and shooting other mercenaries. It is a relic. It has many flaws but damn it I still find it fun to rocketjump, trap people or meatshot the enemy time by running around and wasting their time. It is infinite fun for me.

I won't tell you to feed the mega corporation that is valve. Because honestly it doesn't deserve or need any money. But dang it they made an absolute classic that will never die. No matter the cases and bloat.

The core stock gameplay is the best thing about Team fortress 2.


File: 1608527525242.jpg ( 11.91 KB , 350x350 , Slavery.jpg )

Will we ever see a libre TF2 clone? I gave up on this cancer ages ago but I did enjoy the gameplay.


Be the change u wanna see I guess?
I've thought about how cool FOSS TF2 alternative would be before too,
but I really haven't seen any movements towards making one.
I'm no programmer though and I certainly don't know if you are anon, so right now the best there is are community dev'd TF2 subcommunities.
Like these guys https://creators.tf/


I will have sex with you for your hats.


Note: I will not sex you extra for themed cosmetic sets tho!!


DO NOT PLAY TF2, or CS: GO for a while
I do know the exact details but some api or keys got leaked of the steam platform.
A lot of insane hacks like taking control of your pc is happening.

These rich bougie scums who hire hackbots and run several servers deserve the firing squad for causing people even more trouble during such global lockdown.
People are losing jobs left and right, and some kid could potentially cause his family's only mode of remote work to be shutdown permanently.




Oh thank god. The source code leaking sounds true.
Be safe everyone.
If you want to be extra cautious then install the offline bot mod from game banana if you need to scratch that fix.



Weeelll on the bright side doesn't that mean we can now get a FOSS tf2 easily?
a la >>155
Or is it not 'that kind' of source code leak?
Whatever that would even entail.




Apologies ladies and mentlegen.
Keep fragging


They added a statue of solider in various maps.
I don't have pictures on me now and also there's some new main menu music


File: 1608528091772.jpg ( 24.38 KB , 268x268 , steamuserimages-a.akamai.n….jpg )

A fascist fragged today. Did you?

Anyone got tips on making a communist solider loadout? Would be pretty funny to turn the most patriotic burger character into a RED army lad


Blessed thread.




So why does Heavy hate the Soviet government? Is he a literal kulak?


Idk his family got sent into the gulag or something I think


new unusual taunt effect gives you friends
>implying you'll ever pull this effect or be able to trade for it


if you want to look at the new weapon skins and hats added


how do i play heavy better? the rev up is so fucking slow and without a pocket it is so hard

i literally can't into positioning on pubs, roam and get backstabbed and ambushed

how do i play better alone?


dude just hold down m1 bruh how is even hard lmao just hold down m1 and press w wtf imagine asking for advice on the easiest character in the game hahahaha

switch to Tomislav for your primary it's what everyone uses


Heavy is fucked in a fast paced arena game such as TF2, so if your team is retarded and can't watch your back you aren't going to have a good time in pubs as Heavy.

The class is balanced but he's also kinda boring. Just try to not stay out in the open and always rev up when going around corners.


This is clever as fuck.


No Kozotsky Dance? Someone post a good version right now!


>The only people still sticking around nowadays are people who don't want to buy games, and those who have too much of their money invested into the trading economy.
Or you know, people who enjoy the fucking game?? TF2 is one of the most fun and unique FPS of all time, it has great base gameplay and offers something that no other game can replicate.
>Overwatch is a million times friendlier on the wallet (surprisingly enough for actiblizz) and appeals to the same audience
It's also a horribly balanced and unfun mess of a game that is nowhere near the masterpiece TF2 is.
>CSGO provides the alternative for those who want a more serious and balanced f2p FPS.
How are those even comparable? Counter strike is completely different from TF and always has been.


What is your expert analysis on why Valve doesn't solve the bots/hackers issue? I want to hear from communists

Is it a revenue issue? I just don't buy the "valve is a hippy company and they just work on stuff that interests them" proposition


File: 1619594232653.gif ( 225.64 KB , 220x124 , tenor.gif )

i'm training to be able to do them
squats then pistol squats and soon i'll be a irl taunter

>When the time comes we will Kaztosky Kick over the graves of our enemies… in minecraft 24/7 ACHIEVEMENT SERVER !rules in TF2


TF2's code is old and a mess and they get enough money doing fuckall, why put effort when that won't make them earn more money?
Since devs can choose what to work on they'd rather work on stuff that's more popular (CSGO and Dota2) or more innovative (VR).


File: 1619623854289.png ( 133.24 KB , 268x574 , Screenshot 2021-04-28 08.2….png )

This was my best try with soldier


File: 1619672417417.png ( 296.33 KB , 495x695 , note is fake, coconut is t….png )

Kino. I never paid attention to the communist red star and thought it was just another japanese promo item.

Relevant gameplay from 2011
I love old tf2 commentary videos, they are comfy, I need to find a way to search youtube according to year.

>TF2's code is old and a mess
It's not even funny how true this is. Literally saw this post after a day of posting.


>note is fake, coconut is true.png
I'm faaaairly certain there's a comment in the leaked code that is pretty similar to that on some function.


post pls
how do people look at tf2 code?
facepunch users had a tool that you could use the games files itself to make a dress up program


Tf2 (and csgo)'s code got leaked last year.


>tfw more kills on strange kukri than strange sniper rifle
Professionals have standards
but i'm not a professional



what random crits does to a mf


random crits give me the best laughs in the game


I want this in the game so much bros like you don't even believe


Why do you want it anon? What's special about it than the others


File: 1622714723964.pdf ( 3.85 MB , 67x118 , Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf )

This is the ideology of Valve
What do you think about it?

Idk where I got it from


After reading this check any interview from (ex-)employees saying Valve works pretty much like high school with personality cults and the popular ones having the final say on everything.


File: 1622765321860.jpg ( 261.08 KB , 800x494 , dust_2.jpg )

90% of valve has a stick up their collective asses, and the other 10% are just happy to be there
Most of the best stuff from valve games is the user created content


>It is a pseudo-flat structure where, at least in small groups, you're all peers and make decisions together," she said. "But the one thing I found out the hard way is that there is actually a hidden layer of powerful management structure in the company and it felt a lot like high school. There are popular kids that have acquired power in the company, then there's the trouble makers, and everyone in between.
>I was struggling in the company to make a difference and to make the hardware group move forward. We were having a difficult time recruiting folks. We would interview very talented people but they would be rejected by the old timers at Valve as not fitting the culture.


>Greg Coomer


File: 1622802029953.png ( 137.43 KB , 409x380 , Screenshot from 2021-06-04….png )

Hello Gordon!


i love badwater basin so much
really fun map

hate that third and fourth point tho

what maps do you like


All pl maps have awful last points but I guess that's intentional.
If I had to pick one my favorite would be Gullywash.


what is the economic system of team fortress 2
the trading and all

people play it like a capitalist game, no?


File: 1624425819761-0.png ( 78.14 KB , 244x1543 , 110 keys.png )

File: 1624425819761-1.jpg ( 51.01 KB , 500x389 , 1508197881828.jpg )

This is the greatest trade offer i've ever gotten
the money from the keys i could make would make up for an entire month's salary in my country's currency

and this is just the spelled items and a quicksell

i did not sell because i have no bank accounts but to think just my sentimental collecting and hunting bots back in 2015 when i started paying has now become an actual collector's thing now

TF2 trading wasn't all that wasted I guess
I love this game so much. I love every aspect of it.



summer update with some new hats and lots of seemingly updates to help beat the bots

voting system revamps


player's can't change name during matches which helps dealing with bots but also ends the funny nickname changes people used to do during matches :(

fucking attention mongeres ruin everything


File: 1624793774402-0.png ( 95.47 KB , 236x359 , DAAAAAAUGHAAAAGH.png )

File: 1624793774402-1.gif ( 803.57 KB , 250x270 , 1566275593031.gif )





I won a key in a raffle
What's the most fun I can have with it?


Oh man I feel like reinstalling steam now.


just fucked around for 3 hours in a community server with instant respawn, rtd and everybody talking on the mic

laughed so much
then we chilled doing rancho relaxo while some guy streamed music

i love community servers man

do it if you can


File: 1625122588312.jpg ( 509.22 KB , 1920x1080 , community servers.jpg )

getting rickrolled in 2021 on insta respawn 24/7 tf2 achievement mincecraft !freeitems server




File: 1625380508578.jpg ( 116.21 KB , 947x941 , 1526741492170.jpg )

welcome back






bro the fucking red triumps theme is stuck in my head today
i didn't even play official comp today

it's been years
we should play together


Come join a pug bro.


but i've been a controller player for 5 years
i only have been using a mouse for 3 weeks

aren't pugs serious business



What y'all favourite HUD? I liked Star_ hud and evehud and rayshud


Also ToonHud


ASAP tell me your favourite STAR_ and jerma playing TF2 videos

it's an emergency

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