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What the hell was gamer gate? Did any of y'all participate in it? Was it a good thing or bad thing?
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Now you can put your leisure time into actual good games instead of MMO treadmills.


One of the points, that didn't need any specific cases of individuals nor corruption is the Review Score Inflation (RSI):


&ltMaybe you, like many others, have been noticing it:

&lt Mediocre and/or painfully flawed games score 8/10s.

&lt Decent but not really great games score perfect 10s.



This is something that easily can be quantified, as we have +40 years of game reviews to run statistics on. Of coruse a normal distribution curve doesn't have to be symmetric. But if it's biased towards the sides, it's something to take notice of.

Video games have an inherent flaw compared to other media. Namely it can be broken beyond fixing. You could theoretically give a fair review of a book where the back suddenly breaks and all the pages just falls out, etc. But a game that's unplayable will get bad reviews, even if the bugfix is theoretically simple. Then there's the flaws in video game journalism. A lot of them used to not even have a degree in journalism. And if you take hours a game can give divided with the cost and compare it to a book, then bribing the journalists are really cheap.

Of course music journalism is also easy victims to making puff piecies instead of proper reviews. But I'm still waiting for the serious consumer journalism muckraking piece of why Microsoft could get away with the Red Ring of Death-scandal.

Svenska Dagbladet in Sweden used to review video games. But they had no real zest for it. Then some woman complained about video games not having some kind of Valiere Solanas or something. Totally ugh!


Ah, it can be curbed by the magazine etc stating what the different grades means. The swedish magazine Interface had a guide to it. Then you can have a diversified grading where the music/sound design and graphics gets different grades etc.


>if i call everything irrelevant it becomes irrevalent.
>yeah the child is getting raped but its only rape if someone is seeing.
>if i call a chair a table it becomes a table.

when you are so dedicated to defend child porn that you transcend basic communication.


>being against pedos is facism.


First of all, socialism doesn't presuppose commodities being produced in the first place.
Second, socialism is about regulating societal productive output, not dictate whatever people do with their free time.
Maintaining an organization whose goal would be to specifically be up everyone's ass checking if they don't produce "bourgeoisie degenerate fantasies" is pretty fash.


File: 1608527875502.png ( 42.21 KB , 454x764 , (you).png )

ok sargon


batko is that you?


amazing athiest is still a brocialist socdem actually, unfortunately he buys into russiagate


imagine being so shit that you manage to lose a UKIP seat in an EU election.


Not an argument.


File: 1608527928932.jpeg ( 113.97 KB , 600x435 , No room for Nonces.jpeg )

Different anon but I am indeed a "retarded moralist faggot" It disgusts me that you can even find it in you to defend an eroge game about raping children, let alone to dedicate such a sustained and delusional rant defending such a game, in an attempt to normalize it. Drawing a direct comparison to the classic novel "lolita" of all things. Frankly I think the lack of shame or self awareness you have displayed in this thread, in your quest to defend simulated child rape from human morality is likely indicative of incurable disease of personality. The fact that such a game would even be developed in the first place seems only appropriate of the moral decay wrought from the excesses of our amoral ruling class, great proponents of the love between adults and children, as long as it is sexual rather than the familial bonds enjoyed before the atomization of the family unit and all encompassing alienation.
The fact is that you may take offense to the censorship of this child rape eroge, rather than the game itself, you may consider yourself separate from the morals of human civilization, but you are in fact living in a society where you are expected to recognize and conform to societal morals, in this case near universal ones. You will be made to respect these morals, as is everyone else, through social pressure and ostracization up to the threat of legal problems and intervention from the community or the state. You may find problems, someone as vocal as yourself, whom evidently would shamelessly like to have sex with children, if you decide to ever take your opinions public. Really it is in your, and everyone else's best interest to seek therapy for these dangerous delusions, rather than subjecting others to them.


>People can do whatever as long as they don't reinstate private property
>being against pedos is facism.


File: 1608527932482-0.jpg ( 140.49 KB , 768x570 , occupy 1.jpg )

File: 1608527932482-1.jpg ( 142.81 KB , 765x488 , occupy 2.jpg )

File: 1608527932482-2.jpg ( 591.16 KB , 896x1487 , occupy bookshop.jpg )

You need the context to understand what happened.
You have the lazy man, the apolitical one, the one who just want to grill, who is happy having bread and circus and just want to be left alone. He won't complain as long as you let him have his bread and his circus.
In our case, video game in the circus of the youth.
We have a thing called video game journalist to cover the topic. Not many people read that but it exist.
Now, over the courses of a few years, it went from what you except gaming journalism to be to insane socjus. Articles were about how to help trans people to feel more integrated, on how to fight racism, on the patriarchy. Gamer just want to play game, just leave him alone. Video games producers got hit too, and politic began to be insufled in games. It created a lot of discontent on the whole gamer population.
The exact same thing would happen if they had to play as a poor German kid in Poland being opressed by the evil Jewish Pole.

The last drop was the censure on every social media, including reddit, including 4chan's /v/? including 4chan's /pol/ of one minor affair about an exchange of sexual favor for good review.
Gamers dislkied that, and did pretty much nothing.
Then all video game newspapers said, the same day gamers are dead.
Gamers disliked that, and did pretty much nothing.
Then some of the feminist behind it went to the UN to talk about how sexist gamers are, and medias gave coverage only to the socjus.
All while the gamers just sat on their chair and tried to get their circus.

Long story short: the socjus movement always receive entire millions when they need some money, always get news coverage from a fortune 500 company when they need it and never have any problem with the justice even when they do something illegal like fake bomb treats or planting spybots on their website.

By pure coincidence, it was just a few year after pic related…. when the American left went after the banks and Obama could not send the cops to beat them back into submissions without ruining his PR.


>when the American left went after the banks and Obama could not send the cops to beat them back into submissions without ruining his PR.
What? Yes he did, and it didn't ruin his PR.


>3 walls of text of fictional encounters curated to push this gamergate hysteria

Games journalism has always had paid reviews and off topic clickbait. Having articles talking about socjus doesn't matter at all if you just want to play games, in fact the only reason it got so much attention is because of this alt right gg hysteria.
> The exact same thing would happen if they had to play as a poor German kid in Poland being opressed by the evil Jewish Pole.
>having articles about social justice is the exact same thing as nazi propaganda.
>the last drop was the censure on every social media, including reddit, including 4chan's /v/? including 4chan's /pol/ of one minor affair about an exchange of sexual favor for good review.
>muh /pol/!
The hysteria was already in full swing, being a manufactured hysteria, this whole thing was a 24/7 propaganda mill of fake rage just over this one fucking incident of this game developer sleeping with a reviewer that got salty and aired their laundry online.
Internet communities including /pol/ started censoring gamer gate hysteria because it broke their rules, because of flaming, or because of spam.

Please re-prioritize your life if you are still salty over this. I've been playing games since long before this shit started in 2014, and I've had 0 salt over it because I realized the whole thing is manufactured outrage and just chose to do literally anything other than take the bait.


>a reviewer that got salty and aired their laundry online.
Your facts are way off here. It was her boyfriend that was tired of her cheating on him and gaslighting him, and he wanted to warn others about her including the married man she was fucking with.


what a cuck


Are you nerds still talking about this boring shit?

Shut the fuck up you bitchy fags and do something else


For some reason, I haven't seen anyone mention that other post about ZQ. A reddit comment from a small, progressive game studio that said that ZQ had done something to harm its business. This was back when GG was still experienced by its participants as a movement of "liberals" and that game studio was a small but significant player early on.

What was their name again? All I can remember is that they tried running a contest for GG to draw a POC character in a power pose or something. They had a tumblr for that.


Was it something related to the Honey Badgers? I can't remember.


She's done a billion and one backstabbing things to people she's worked with, but one of them was this liberal feminist group called The Fine Young Capitalists trying to support women in games development. She got involved at first and then tried to smear their reputation as transphobic.


File: 1608527962486.jpg ( 94.26 KB , 1280x720 , EdYmuTPXYAA_F2h.jpg )

Oh hey, cool, we have a /games/ board, time to check this
&ltOh son of a bitch.
No, goobergate was never good, even from the beginning it was a reactionary chimpout that was built from the ground up by the right to obfuscate issues capitalism caused. Halfchan wasn't perfect before by any stretch, but that absolutely killed the fucking site. There wasn't anyone or anything to actually support in that movement, and it was overall a massive fucking waste of time from the very beginning with pretty much nothing good coming out of it.
like what the fuck is this shit? No, they can keep their shitty mascot, there's no reason to try to co-opt their shit. It's embarrassing, goddamn dude.




>if i call everything irrelevant it becomes irrelevant.
Whether the author was trying to make a rape simulator, a critique of the perception of rape, a troll game, or whatever his reasoning was, it's pointless to look into since the product is a reflection of culture which makes it replicatable. The ideas being re-presented by various people in different forms of art (hence why I had a problem with the argument of the book getting a pass but the game is a problem).

>yeah the child is getting raped but its only rape if someone is seeing.

How it's being presented here is that it's nothing short but just a fancy tool to play with game models with a shitty visual novel attach. It fails to be a simulator that would give rapists a kick and it fails to say a single thing of the subject itself since of the actions being so disconnected.

It's by definition junk food that doesn't deserved to be remembered at all, if you read my post you would understand, if anything, that I wasn't defending the game.


Gamergate was a first mass reaction to corporations using idpol as a method of censorship for their gains. It started as some people noticing the incestuous relationship between game journos and devs and ended with both sides foaming from their mouth about danger of each other views safely forgetting the initial reason.

No, gg wasn't coopted or founded by "right" or whatever, if you say that, that means you take your info from shitlib mainstream sources. While there was noticeable presense of them, it was mostly because that on the other side there were liberals that americans like to call "left".

In fact it was only one of the many instances of corporation censorship happening, just the most noticeable one. Right now if you wanna see it happening again, i suggest reading some IT news, specifically about open source. Like Richard Stallman being fired from his post as FSF director because of some idpol politics, or putting pressure on Linus Torvalds same way, or getting rid of many guyd from OSI that support anti corporation stance. Porkies are using sjw as a tool for getting rid of the opposition. And gamergate was just an instance of that, but with a much bigger blowback than anticipated.


I just didn't pay attention to it lmfao. I already gave up on the eternal shitposting back in 2013 to give two fucks about that place. It was so unbearable I didn't touch /v/ again until 2015. It didn't feel different to me at all since my 2013 departure. /v/'s lust for falseflagging and rampant shitposting did far more permanent damage than the elections or this shit, in my well respected opinion.


File: 1608528111549.jpg ( 80.02 KB , 655x643 , 1535100623128.jpg )

>women and minorities only exist in real life if they are relevant to the plot


File: 1608528111721.gif ( 2.49 MB , 1100x1000 , 4f39c3583bcc90e772c0999651….gif )

>What the hell was gamer gate?
Long story short, it was a movement that became too big for 4chan itself(which M00t noted that he did not want movements on his site and noted Chanology was a mistake) and was relegated to 8ch and the rest of the internet. This was in protest and ethics of games Journalism. Journalists are usually slimeballs no matter what and are usually bought and paid for. But what made this special was the fact it became a rabbit hole of secrecy and organizations and various other things that kind of spawned a civil war on the internet. E-Celebs, Social Media accounts and various accounts where either for Gamergate or for censorship and various other practices.

You had news media like Polygon, Vice, and various other articles being written that Gamers were sexist and video games are dead etc. This prompted a reaction from normalfags to join in as well to try and fight off these organizations. It ended up falling over time due to the purity spirals but i learned a lot. There are still news outlets like Nichegamer and even other places that have been reporting and fighting the good fight on the internet.
>Did any of y'all participate in it?
I was at the mid point about 2015-2016 when it was hot and 8ch was indeed on fire. But due to schizophrenic paranoia and constant talks about politics and censorship and banning users who were criticizing the fact /v/ should be about games or some of the censorship was off and they were basing things without really researching at times, it kind of slowly collapsed. I left after that. There was classical liberals, communists, and yes even conservative right wing types as well.
>Was it a good thing or bad thing?
I would say it was good because i noticed as Gamergate wore on i began to notice the downward trend of pandering instead of making a good game, and also the fact of why things from Japan were being censored or altered when it did not need to be. Where it was the "Localizers" from the company that is pretending to translate the games that are coming here. In Burgerland it's just a lot more prevalent and adding things that do not make sense, or making alteration censorship for those who are adults and can make their own decisions. It's sad that for a country that call's itself the "free world" or even the "Greatest country on earth" it has devolved into censorship and alterations by the American versions of the Japanese companies or even organized shaming campaigns by gated community dwellers with too much time on their hands. I can only hope this begins to end eventually as i would like to just enjoy video games without having to hear something was altered, changed or had a day 1 stealth patch applied like Fairy Tail(when Koei Tecmo said there would not be any censorship and was censored on all platforms for panty shots).

It's odd that i would be considered right wing or facist but i would put myself as classically left or Libertarian nowadays.


It was like a nuclear bomb of e-celeb bullshit was dropped on 4chan that day.

Fuck /v/ermin for being the catalyst of /pol/ and the damnation of English-speaking imageboards. moot did NOTHING wrong.


Maybe you should just kill yourself?


anon sincerely please kill yourself in real life. I feel compelled to bully you and make your life worse if ever our paths may cross. stay away from kids you chomo psychopath freak. See:


The fuck is this?


>Fuck /v/ermin for being the catalyst of /pol/
You can blame moot for that, not /v/ users.


I feel like it blew the cover on how news addicion, psyops, and SEO works by being incompetently executed. Gamergate glowed so hard it caused a broken masquerade event, and the right has bled ranks since.


Damn, I forgot I made so many good posts in this thread. Necrobumps are pretty gay tho, anon.


gamergate was 4chanlets finding out that gayming journalism is built on cronyism and corruption, only now with feminoid flair


this thread gave me cancer

reactionary leftoids whining "b-b-but what about muh cartoon children!"

bunker always was fucking shit


You will never be a man.


fuck off idpozzler, I have XY chromosomes


Women are born, anon

Men are made


File: 1698780023255.jpeg ( 15.96 KB , 474x266 , gas.jpeg )

>Men are made
you mean like when ellen page made herself a man?

so inspiring kek


Nah, she's a mental patient forever stuck in the uncanny valley

And she's going to find out the hard way that life is easier as a woman


File: 1698780646624.jpeg ( 37.95 KB , 474x660 , page and her stacy.jpeg )


She's a millionaire actress with a Stacy girlfriend.

She could be a fucking attack helicopter if she wants and she still would have better life than 99% of people.


That is not a Stacy, she's just tall. Regardless once blonde stops getting attention on social media for dating an abomination she will be fucking Chad post haste.


>>12037 >>12038 >>12039 >>12040 >>12041 >>12042 >>12043 >>12044
Reading this thread and seeing the sudden autism score drop to transcusations and seething over some grammy singer that just started his transition.
Something novel died here, and search engines killed it.


File: 1698798468762.jpg ( 69.99 KB , 1024x701 , c7936604c5b71d670f269e83a6….jpg )

>That is not a Stacy, she's just tall.
she's a Stacylite pushing 30s

>Regardless once blonde stops getting attention on social media for dating an abomination she will be fucking Chad post haste.

you don't know shit about sexual selection


pick up any feminoid journal. That's why they are whining how sexual competition is hard on muh w*men

Yes, it is hard. Yes, they get pumped and dumped. Yes, there are not enough top-status Chads. Yes, it's gonna get even worse as w*men are now more educated than man.

But it's all because the dumb cunts PHYSICALLY can't date down lol. It's because they are fucking biological automatons.

A w*man LITERALLY can't date down to save her life lol.


The culture industry having the effect of mentally fucking up the people that work in it, is not controversial. And celebrities doing radical shit to them selves for attention, fame and fortune is not new either.

Nobody bats an eye if people think a celebrity lost it, but somehow this doesn't apply equally depending on their identities.


oh fuck off cunt

this thread is horrendous - a bunch of spiteful norgmoid right-leftoids dogpilling on some loli enjoyer.

when enjoyer OWNED them, reactoids descended into the beast-like incoherent bloodthirsty ramblings

arguing about ellen page is a massive step up compared to that absolute embarassment


There's clearly more than that though, and people were able to focus on the subject and spoke with some dignity. Nearly every reply at least a paragraph or more long and aimed to say at least one non-boilerplate thing to expand beyond the boilerplate. Isn't it wasteful to fail at least that bar?
This shit is what people in the 1920's thought 2000's slang would sound like.

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