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I honestly do not get their obsession with what character will get into smash.


Giant marketing machine + a bunch of puberty-addled fucks who will happily slorp away at Sakurai's stinky unwashed dicklet if it means they get to fantasize about Shantae getting in or whatever the fuck (But mostly the former). It's meaningless considering that no matter how many fun new characters they add to the roster, you will still be playing Ultimate, dashdancing will still be trash, every half-fun situational movement option will either be patched away or horrible to execute because of mountains of buffer and input lag, you will never be able to DJC, parrying will still be ass, and you will still have to fight gimmicky characters who win just by spamming one or two moves and waiting for their win condition to come up.


Which /v/ are we talking about here.


Giving Smash free upboats and publicity while making sure some gosh darn LIBTARDED character dosent get in


they’re just the most welcoming threads to any type of video game genre. you can talk about anyone from Doomguy to Travis Scott to Minecraft Steve. it’s not that deep.
threads specifically talking about one game or one genre will always be slower and niche for obvious demographic reasons.


theres a lot at play here, but one of the reasons besides the marketing stuff is that smash arguments are basically the regular /v/ arguing over games condensed into a single thing, arguing about which games are relevant, irrelevant, which characters are literally who, etc. It's arguing about how things you like are amazing and things you don't like are awful.

Competitive smash for modern smash games will never evolve until Sakurai realizes that you can allow complex mechanics to exist in a game and not have it effect casual players that much at all. He doesn't need to have it be melee 2, but hes so afraid of alienating people that he just won't do it.


Honestly, i feel like on some level the issue isn't specifically Sakurai not liking complex mechanics or high level play (although that is possible, considering the pull game directors seem to have within Nintendo), it's just that the game is much easier (and cheaper) to design and balance this way. It took a while for Project M to reach a state where most of the roster was fun, unique and somewhat playable in all matchups without too much over-centralizing broken stuff like Kirby's inhale or release Mewtwo, and that was with having Melee as a blueprint and only 43 characters available.


nah thats not it, or rather not entirely the reason since it's certainly a possible factor. It's actually how he sees things, he thinks it'll alienate people. Don't forget that in smash bros brawl he actively designed the game to be anti-competitive. It would certainly take more effort and resources to balance, it wouldn't really be so much of an issue to just leave in mechanics and let things just play out, since that's pretty much how the melee scene happened.


Is Steve good?


It's a popular video game and people like to see what character gets in. Where's the confusion?


"/v/" is derogatory at this point so either 4chan's /v/ or its dozen spinoffs with the same retarded culture.


I don't get why people are angry the character from that game for little kids is going to get added to a game for little kids with a bunch of characters from other games for little kids.


It’s a good game and anons have nothing better to do since Nintendo doesn’t want to fix their joycons drifting so starting drama is the next best thing


the game's roster has become a huge part of the game's marketing. also, there are only 4 more characters left to be revealed so people are worried that their most wanted won't get in when the dlc ends.
he's pretty good online

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