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Since /v/ is now open, I guess it is time to relocate here from /hobby/.


>Playing HOI4
Can we just make this a grand strategy general?


This. I play HOI4 like the casualfag I am, but even I know people like the prequels a lot more.


Hoi4 is like Skyrim. The only good thing about it is the mods.




I think it was delayed again. They are releasing a teaser on mayday with all the South African War factions though.


File: 1608527535451.png ( 1.06 MB , 1600x900 , sovietrepublicmay1944.png )



>Soviet Republic

True Communism


File: 1608527535711.png ( 261.08 KB , 542x497 , dugin hoi4.png )



I think I've heard of this mod before. What's the name?


Ok, I'll bite, as someone whose first HOI was IV, what is the problem with it compared to the previous entries?


HOI4 is rather dumbed-down compared to DH and HOI3


Well, from what I've seen that's true, but is that really a bad thing? Those games seem absolutely impenetrable.


Yes it is indeed bad. I liked the crunchiness of HoI3. HoI4 basically plays itself.


File: 1608527536284.jpg ( 363.66 KB , 1024x640 , stalin hoi logistics.jpg )

Is this really good gameplay though? You're not fighting the enemy, you're fighting your own logistics assignment. The game should not force you to do things the head of state would not really be deciding and IMO that's basically what HOI4 does. The exact granular details are left to the computer to simulate you having subordinates.


>seem absolutely impenetrable.
they're actually pretty straight forward
try a proper wargame like Gary's War in the East for a "fug I have to have an open manual next to me when I play" experience


It's called strategy for a reason, surprisingly enough logistics is 90% keeping your armies supplied(read: Hannibal losing 28 of his 30 Elephants and 26 000 troops crossing the Alps). I remember some Soviet general on logistics and he basically said: "Think of all the ammo an army would need for a month in the worst possible scenario. Now times that by 10. That might last a division a week if you're lucky.". That's one of the things I find lacking in HOI4, you're able to build the individual equipment instead of filling a quota but somehow it feels a lot worse, maybe cause it's been dumbed down to the point where rifles, uniforms, engineering equipment etc is just now "guns" and you just throw factories at it and boom problem solved. Or well actually that's an overarching problem actually since the stuff that's supposed make deciding which factories do what has gone out the window: resources, aka a fucking tank needs ball bearings, don't have that can't make them, but tungsten and chromium and shit is now a constant, you don't have an influx or anything, no stockpile. I remember submarines were a lot more deadly not because of their BS stats in naval battles, but because they could run a country's stockpile dry and cripple them, that's called fucking strategy, HOI4 feels like just oversized tactics and painting simulator, shit like Total War and BI help alleviate it a bit, hell BI is even trying to add stockpiles back but HOI4 is such a barren base game that it almost cannot physically support it.

It feels like just EU4 battles but slightly more developed in a sense and then that in WW2 on a grandscale and boom: HOI4.


HoI also has a huge problem with the axis never really having resource issues, which has gotten worse and worse with each new game in the series


I mean in HOI3 I would without a doubt always run out of rare resources as Germany, but somehow the biggest historical issue that the Germans faced irl they never seem to have a shortage of in both HOI3 and HOI4 and that's fuel and oil. HOI4 is definitely worse than HOI3 though since again, resources are just static and constant, you always have +4 oil somehow, it never fluxuates through demand or convoys of oil being sunk, it only might be used in a production line or go red for a few seconds cause the trade supply goes down for a few seconds but then goes right back up again. Also the convoy system in HOI4 is just retarded, somehow something like the UK which has rubber in say Malaysia doesn't have to ship it to a factory in the UK because it's in its own territory….somehow… but trade from Estonia to France requires convoys. How the fuck does the stuff get from Malaysia or Africa to the UK? Who knows.


I guess I see what you mean, I suppose I agree with you that you should be able to stockpile resources and that there should be more limitations on what resources you can get and what you can build and so on. But there's a reason why they copied the EU4 formula, because of the ease of use and the fact that players could actually sink their teeth into it.


I think It's called "Long and Happy Life," if I'm not mistaken.


File: 1608527575382.png ( 8.88 MB , 3780x3780 , gospeedmap.png )



/leftypol/ themed mod when?


Well what are your ideas for one?


File: 1608527579330.png ( 211.11 KB , 624x210 , coldwar_compliation.png )

Anyone have any thoughts on who would succeed Stalin in a timeline where the Allies launch Operation Unthinkable and the Soviets push them out of mainland Europe?

I personally do not like the alt-history thing of extending peoples' lives when they died from semi-natural causes (e.g. Zhdanov still dies in '48 and Stalin in '53) though Stalin living slightly longer and going through with his removal of Beria, Molotov and Mikoyan was something I considered. Additionally, can suppose that the Soviets performed better in the war overall, so certain people like Voroshilov might not have fallen from favour over the course of the war.


>Mussolini is a Muslim
>Lovecraft and friends set up a King in Yellow cult in New England
>France being even more retarded than normal
>The Incans being Monbols
This mod is cursed.


I fucking hate byzboos


Beria takes over. Enters a power struggle similar to OTL and rallies the governments of the far more numerous in this timeline fraternal republics to his side under the promise of more autonomy. Basically RSFSR vs the rest of the soviet block, eventually resulting in a small armed confrontation, similar to August coup, where the forces loyal to Beria take out the old party opposition. Liberalization of how the WPO works (perhaps WPO and USSR merge into a watered down version of the former, basically a unified EU of sorts, just with more centralized power). In an attempt to prevent another bureaucrat coup the system is democratized along Stalin's wanted lines. With a lesser influence from the bureaucrats OGAS gets more consideration, basic structures to establish a rudimentary internet are slowly being established. With far more political power in the hands of other fraternal republics, their representatives and leaders rise to more power. Beria dies of old age or some health issues after a decade or so. Now you in theory can make any important left-wing political figure of that time the new general secretary. For the memes I suggest Bordiga.




Anyone know where I could find pirated updates for the 1.9 baseline HoI4? For some reason my pirate site doesn't post them anymore, and the newer mods don't seem to work now (TNO demo is scuffed, with the ideology wheel blending all the colours together, while >>840 crashes half way through booting).


I am specifically referring to 1.9.1 and 1.9.2


Nice that they’re trying to emulate the look of TNO in this as well.


Will Molotov survive this? I was thinking at the end of the war the allies might be desperate enough to nuke some cities in retaliation and now a new denuclearization treaty is the reason the stockpile of both sides are much less than today. How would the revolutions in LatAm, Asia and Africa be handled? The US could be much more supportive of Condor and the Batista regime leading to a prolonged and Vietnamization of the revolution there.


Are there any mods that allow me to play as Lyndon LaRouche



IIRC, you can do that in Red World as one of the American remnant countries if you go NatBol, I forget which one though


how do anons here feel about the alt-history of kaiserreich?


Overall but a lot of the lore comes across as forced "heckin' wholesome 100" bullshit, like SuccDem Austria-Hungary, or the Longist faction which makes no sense. Like yeah, I'm sure some anti-racist SuccDem with a large catholic following would be super popular in the segregated KKK dominated deep south. Also the subreddit is braindamaged.


*Overall fine


>lets try HoI4 again
>oh hey Germany has hundreds of industry and is outproducing everyone else with no effort
>Germany loses 10 million men but has no problem replacing them
the Germoid wank has gotten worse and worse with each new installment of HoI
I understand the need to give them a boost given the game limitation but this is just ridiculous
soviet overhaul when


>soviet overhaul when
You're just asking to be hurt. I can already predict it:
>Focus tree starts with split choice
>Start the purge / Generals prepare coup
>Purge path is basically not even reworked, perhaps even gets Solzhememetsin le cursed meme path added to create 1984
>Coup path gives you shitty alt history focus paths:
>Trotsky meme
>Return of Czar (bonus points if female) so the monarchist story dev could masturbate some more
>Le perfect blessed Kerensky democratic path
>Even more cursed funi Fascist Rodzevsky path


>an industrial tree? no why would we include that?


>playing vanilla


Can I install Kaiserreich on a cracked HOI4 game?


If the versions line up. Currently I am cucked from playing any mod it seems as my version is wrong, but when it was the fresh one, all would go great. You can always try by going to http://steamworkshop.download/ and then pasting the link of the workshop mod you want. It will then let you download the raw mod files. Then you create a mod through the new start menu tools, paste the files in the new folder and start the game.
Foster is the best CSA choice


Could anyone maybe offer help resolving my game version issue screwing up mods I mentioned in >>1688 ? I just got a cracked Allied Armor patch and downloaded the freshest mod versions, however they all crash half way through with a message saying something about map definition errors. The game default works. Is the Allied Armor version simply incomparable with mods? Or were the mods not updated yet and I should try reinstalling them? I really want to try >>840


I've never played any of these games before and my PC is kinda shit.

Which one should I pirate?


File: 1608527733624.jpg ( 63.98 KB , 770x568 , 1592496220791.jpg )

>EU4's latest update makes the HRE so ludicrously overpowered that the entire balance of the game is in ruins
>HOI4 wanks off Germany so hard that it overshadowed East Asia in the update designed to fix East Asia
>Every other Grand Strategy game is infected by "look at my le epik großes deutsches reich haha" fags
Wheraboos should be executed


This is why I think Kaiserreich is pretty cool, "What if Germany won WW1?" is a clever twist on HOI4's "What if Germany won WW2?"


>my PC is kinda shit
Darkest Hour, paradox games become increasingly unstable the longer you play them and the more shit ends up on the map


TNO's got a release date at long last, 21st July


it's gonna get delayed lol.




File: 1608527851659.jpg ( 67.71 KB , 640x645 , TNO_Red_Star_RIsing.jpg )

TNO is right around the corner boys! Who are you all going to play first? I'm kind of split between WRRF and Bukharia Komi.


where can I find a torrent for la resistance?


IGG games has the latest release I believe
And it's hosted as a torrent over on the pirate bay as well, if you don't want to use their normie download methods.


>TNO is right around the corner
lol no


What will happen first, controlled nuclear fusion or TNO release?


Unless the CEO of energetics buys premium bucks to autocomplete ITER in next four days, then TNO is coming out first, though it will be lacking quite a bit of content at first.




Bruh, it's literally coming out in 2 days




Kagonovich remaking the USSR and piss on Bukharin’s grave with his fanfic The Red Order: New Dawn of Eurasia.
It’s still fucking bullshit that the ANC and the other African communist militias won’t get content at launch.


As far as I get it, the ANC is never going to win, as they will simply get crushed between the RK's and SA. As I understand, the actual socialist paths for the region will only come about after the war when either the Huttig's Empire, RK leftovers or OFN mandate collapse in revolt from national liberation movements.
Personally I'm sadder that there won't be any content for reunified USSR until second release.


File: 1608527866342.png ( 63.23 KB , 209x172 , Liquidate.png )

loled at the new focus in the Tukhachevsky tree.
sometimes I forget that the porkster is from actual Soviet propaganda and not just a meme


So recently the devs discord leaked that the following Russian states and paths won't be featured in the release:
People's Revolutionary Council
The unrevealed path for Magadan (but not the whole country)
All non-unifiers, besides Onega and Zlatoust
The rest of unifers and public's darlings, from WRRF and Sablin, to Rurik and Tomsk, to Omsk and Tsar Mikhail, to the Father and mysterious paths of Komi, will be included in release. They should have put it longer in the oven. The thing needs heavy sub modding to even irons out the libtardation like “muh Stalin worse than Bukharin you guyse”, “African communists are actually nazbols that will never win”.


We did play a major part in popularizing it though.
>“muh Stalin worse than Bukharin you guyse”
Bukharin fucked up so hard most of the planet is fascist.


no, you're getting it all wrong, the sovjets themselves predicted the internet and memes, they specifically created a this meme so we leftist of the future could keep shitposting.


File: 1608527869018.png ( 445.67 KB , 4974x2519 , TNOContent.png )

Found a map of which countries have release content on their R*ddit.
It's not fully accurate; I know RK Madagaskar should be colored.


Ostland and the JapSphere seem to have some interesting factions nobody seems as hyped as they should be about. Ostland has Meyer and that despot spy guy, as well as le revenge Jew. And the Sphere has to deal with colonial issues, zaibatsu, mafia, rebels etc.
It's out at 00:00 board time (UST) btw. Five and a half hours.


>Ostland and the JapSphere seem to have some interesting factions nobody seems as hyped as they should be about
Well, those actually were going to be my second and third playthroughs: one as Vituska who hopefully gets overthrown, and one as Okinori Kaya, who is pretty based in my view.




File: 1608527869641.png ( 898.25 KB , 1200x1200 , mfw5.png )



File: 1608527869832.jpg ( 87.23 KB , 620x435 , jmacaque.jpg )

they're late late LATE LATE late LATE


just started on kaiserreich, whats the most based country to turn communist?





>TNO just released but steam going under maintenance fucked up the uploading



I did the US with the CSA but it's easy and China with the left KMT which was a little more complicated but both play troughs were fun and had a lot of flavor.


File: 1608527870548.png ( 39.89 KB , 810x103 , Capture.PNG )

Is this why I can't download it? Stupid fucking downloader isn't showing me an obvious way to get it onto my computer.


I checked the mod files, the steam download failed massively and the commons folder (where all the nations and shit are) was not included with the upload cause of a fuckup on the steam workshop's end


Right but I literally can't download it, is everyone else having that problem or is this new retarded "upgraded" launcher going to make me spend hours cunting around ripping out the whole fucking game just to play a mod?


I figured it out. For some reason workshop spazzes out if you subscribe to something new after doing a download earlier. I just unsubscribed, restarted steam, then subscribed again.
As usual the "tech support" for this simple fix was faggots suggesting you do anything from delete all your mods to install a new operating system.


>When your computer acts up so you have to forcefully shut it down, which means that HoI iv needs to be re-installed…

For fucks sake….


Verify integrity of games cache/file


I'm going to ask for a favor guys. Any of you know where to get an easily accessible cracked version of HoI4 that for a fact can run mods (specifically TNO)? The one that I downloaded has this issue >>1690 and I believe it is the files fault.


To expand on the error I'm having, it always crashes when loading and states that there was a "map definition error". I checked online for solutions, which recommend to reinstall. That didn't help. Some guy had posted his gamefiles which I replaced mine with, but that didn't do it either. Also it's not a problem with launching a mod, it seems, even though vanilla works, when I tried pasting the TNO files on top, it would have the same issue.


Little update. Tried getting the IGG version. Turns out its the same codex crack as the one I used before. Also fails to load the map and crashes.


File: 1608527872066-0.png ( 1.1 MB , 1032x584 , image (1).PNG )

File: 1608527872066-1.png ( 1.07 MB , 1030x582 , image (2).PNG )

ngl that was a total let down
>civil war as Vituska
>manage to secure my borders for the most part and just have to stop the SS recovering
>finally stomp SS
>secure all the south
>only me, the legitimate ruler, and the pretender left
>in a forced ceasefire with mr legitimate
>no border with pretender
>can't break ceasefire
>only 2 years in
>have had no focuses left for months
>he finishes the pretender
>gets half my land
>cant do anything
>not even any events
>just rack up debt and garrison demands that massively outpace supply because game has a fetish for 0 manpower
>that's it, that's the game
Don't bother playing minors, there's fuck all content.


File: 1608527872398.png ( 2.23 MB , 1920x1080 , unknown.png )

victory comrades!


File: 1608527872574.jpg ( 207.94 KB , 1509x884 , tfwnoTNO.jpg )

Good for you…


Which version do you have? Check fitgirl or IGGgames (IGGames?) for 1.9.3


I have a CODEX crack of 1.9.3 allied armor. Got it from a regional site. Today tried the IGG one, but its just the same CODEX iso file.
Just checked fitgirl, but unless I don't know how to look for it, they only have 1.9.0.
It seems this problem was prevalent, as there are some reddit threads about it, but none of their fixes help. Guess I'll have to wait till the PDX release another patch.


you need to update your version comrade
>I tried pasting the TNO files on top
that would do the opposite of help, the way the code is set up has TNO override base game files which it has dependencies for. You will need to get HOI 1.93, install it via codex.
for me the basegame launcher doesn't work, so I set the mods I want in the launcher, go into where I installed the game, and just launch the executable with admin permissions and it launches fine.


Did you try clearing out Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod ?


aah, as long as I have some way to make the install run I don't want to go poking it, lest it crumble to dust by my tech-ludditeness.


I (>>2856) meant to reply to >>2854
Didn't realize someone else had replied while I was looking for solutions lol


Make sure you play with this soundtrack mod for TNO btw lads
HOI OST kills the mood


I muted ingame sound and had the ace combat osts going on in the background


I used that exact version, so that is not a problem.
>basegame launcher doesn't work, so I set the mods I want in the launcher, go into where I installed the game, and just launch the executable
Exactly like my experience, except it crashes half way through the loading bar.
I did, and it didn't seem to help. All I would leave in there were the mod folder and some dlc enabler that appears when clicking the mod "on" in the dowser menu.

Personally was planning on running "The Battle is Going Again" and "Stand up Great Country" in the background for my first playthroughs.


>Exactly like my experience, except it crashes half way through the loading bar.
hm, does it do this if you don't use any mods?


Nope, works perfectly without any. Hence I was interested in what would happen if I merged the TNO and baseline files. Since it didn't work, I am asooming that the problem is not with the mod, but some data inconsistency or something between the two.


Have you tried removing all the mods, loading into the vanilla menu, quitting, then adding the mods again? Sometimes the game likes being loaded up in vanilla once after an update before running mods.


No. So you'd recommend to delete the mod folder, or just reinstall, then launch Vanilla, and then add the mods?


Then it sounds either like an issue of the mods themselves being downloaded or an issue with the game parsing mods. I'd try deleting the mods, running it vanilla, quitting, reinstalling the mods from scratch, and seeing if it will run the mods then. It can be an issue with steam workshop not downloading properly or an issue of the outdated engine being finicky.


Ok, I'll try that right now, see how it goes.
Btw, where did you get the mod? I downloaded using https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/ since the direct download on the subreddit didn't seem to work in the morning.


I bought the base game on sale for ultra cheap and I use the steam workshop to download mods, since the CODEX is functionally the same as the steam version it reads the mods downloaded by the workshop just fine without needing me to do anything else.


oh, and if I remember right the game didn't work earlier today because of some technical issue, redownloading the mod's most recent version is prolly a good idea.


Well for me removing the mods is just unticking them in the launcher.
You should get your cracked vanilla version of 1.9.3 and attempt to install the mod manually on it, I don't know how you've done it so this is how I would do it:
Try and source a proper TNO installation, here's one I found that sources it from workshop:
Follow this to install:


and one last thing, if you still have the version of the game where you overwrote the base game's files with TNO, just delete that install and get a fresh one lmao, cause that definitely would have destroyed the install


Yeah this if you've actually full on copied over the files instead of putting them in the mod folder you've goofed. On the bright side if you've done this our suggestions will actually help, if you've installed the mod files in the correct location I have no idea how to help you.


Ok, so, I tried reinstalling and all, but it still doesn't work. Here is the entire process I did:
>Uninstall HoI4, purge anything pdx related on PC.
>Delete TNO files and get new ones.
>Install using CODEX iso file.
>Start the game, get one save done as well.
>Install the pdx launcher.
>Using mod tools, create a TNO folder in the mod folder of pdx files.
>Copy everything but the .mod file (the launcher created one inside and outside of the TNO folder already) to the mod folder from the zip of TNO files.
>Enable mod
>Manually start HoI4 as launcher doesn't work
>Starts loading, all the tips, pictures and UI elements are TNO
>Crashes on 4/10 of the progress bar with the map loading error
All of this is the same as before.


I honestly don't know then, its probably something on paradick's end, some kind of optimization thing.


I was thinking, could it be some problem on my end? It has been like 2+ years since I reinstalled windows, and perhaps some sort remnants of older HoI4 dlc's are screwing things up?


Oh btw they reuploaded the mod an hour after the initial upload because steam corrupted the files due to server maintenance.
Meaning the original upload will crash no matter what, and if you're working with the files that got uploaded at 7PMEST yesterday, you're gonna have to redownload for the fixed version.


I have done that. Also this happened to other mods, I just didn't give much thought about it before.


At this point it might be quicker for you to either
A) Run it in a virtual OS if your PC is good
B) Partition and play it on that


File: 1608527879766.png ( 1.17 MB , 1035x582 , Capture.PNG )

sad moment


>India, Vietnam and even fucking Cuba haven’t had any content
Fucking bullshit. I want to see the Cuban revolutionary army helping the ANC and Idi Amin wrecking Nazis allying to the new 4th Internationale!


Don't play any orange nations either, only the green ones have reliable amounts of content. Most of the 19602-1972 content (writing, art, design docs) is done apparently, they just have to implement it into the game and they're doing that before they add any later content.


How is Adolf Hitler still even alive in the 60s? That nigga would've been fucked by then.


He'd be in his early 70's, not that unbelievable.


Frustrated painter didn't had Alzheimer, he had Parkinson, I can't believe they missed that. (Maybe in that mod he has senile dementia, i haven't touch HOI4 in a long time)


Also he died in 1945, not 1962. What a bunch of amateurs.


Think they talked once about how they knew Hitler wouldn't live that long, but needed it for the story. Their explanation was that Goering's personal doctor had a grudge against Hitler's doctor and crashed into him with a car, killing him. Then he himself was arrested. Thus Hitler and Goering both became healthier as both of their shitty doctors were gone.


What was wrong with Goering's doctor?


Only because of a leg injury, the doctor gave Goering so much painkillers and morphine that the fad bastard got addicted.


Only because of a leg injury, the doctor gave Goering so much painkillers and morphine that the fad bastard got addicted.


Cracks me up how the TNO community refer to him as "Voring Göring"


File: 1608527886186.png ( 18.81 KB , 240x127 , Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at ….png )

in '62 he would be 73 not to old


>nazi Germany
>state atheist


I think he's talking about how his doctor had him speedballing meth and diazepam and shit, which is why the doctors discussion came up.


tbf it is alt history some maybe in that time line Hitler never became a methhead, also by 62 he has really serious dementia, which is rare for people in their early seventies.


Is it true that in TNO you can get Gus Hall into power?


I guess? The L-NPP leader was never revealed, so perhaps its him. However, since my mod don't work, I can't say for sure.


It is a strange mod, on the one hand the gameplay is reduced to a visual novel, but because the althis scenario and plot is retarded, you also have to shut down your brain off.


Yes, in the 1972 election. He will try and probably fail to reform the USA into socialism


You definitely can get Gus Hall to be president but you have to royally fuck up both the African and Indonesian wars while ruining the US economy to do so. And even if he wins, he would have to declare a civil war to get anything done since congress will never pass anything with a “radical” in power.


I really don't get why the mod team decided that US will never have an unconstitutional takeover. Most obviously, something akin to business plot is quite possible to happen, arguably even now IRL, and especially so if TNO NPP-Y/L wins. Aside from that, both of these NPP factions should in theory be able to start a civil war, because the country is just so fucked, so the decisions to say "no civil war never ever can't happen no no" seems a bit silly.


Tbh I think a Civil War in America is gonna be a possibility in the 70s or 80s.

The mod takes place iver the time span to basically only get two presidential terms in.


Another annoying part is that the dev team still consistently pain Kaganovich’s ML fanboyism of Stalin under a bad light. It’s like they willfully ignore that Stalin was instrumental in mobilizing the USSR into beating the Nazis in OTL.
Also they somehow forgot about Tukhachevsky’s pagan obsession which was one of the big reason he got purged in real life.


I never got the impression that anyone in the post-soviet hellscape was ever put in a good light - they were either ruthlessly pragmatic from their situation or idealistic and unlikely to succeed (and the game mechanics try to make it so you don't speaking as someone who played Sablin). Especially mind because this is an era where Stalin got sidelined out of power and assassinated, so his fanboyism for like a low-level bureaucrat can easily be seen as questionable.


He probably wrote just as much about the economics of the USSR as in our world. I can see that he would have fans.
Still wondering whatever happened to Trotsky though.


I think it was said he was assassinated with a sledgehammer by the Bukharinites


File: 1608527937643.png ( 830.76 KB , 561x935 , Yeltsin.png )

>I never got the impression that anyone in the post-soviet hellscape was ever put in a good light
ackshually Yeltsin is kinda gigabased in this timeline.
Or at least he does all the same stuff as real, but given the circumstances it works out well instead


what is the best USSR unification path in TNO?




Sablin or Bukharina (Komi)

Anyway hey all, I have played a bunch of games now with my friend, I took lots of screenshots, does anyone want to hear about them or not bothered? This mod is coolio though.


Why not


Tukhachevsky. Zhukov is kinda cringe. Especially when the devs hobbled anyway of peaceful unification outside of their pet factions.
This is the biggest thing that ruins the mod for me. If most region unifiers are under the same ideology, wouldn’t that open the chance of unification anyway? The other is how the fandom and even the devs misunderstood the whole point behind Speer being still a fucking dirtbag even in the reformist path. Anyone with a brain could see that the reformist path basically full face say that fascism and liberal democracy is still just two modes of superstructure the porkies can turn on or off as a dime. The only sane path has always been the DSR, the bloodshed at first is completely necessary. Paying your sins of genocide is still better than being oblivious to the legacy of your “democracy” being built from the ground up with the blood of slaves.
&ltNot choosing ultra visionary socialist path
Terrible taste.




The way Russian regional peaceful unification works in this mod is one unifier annexes the other unifier. Obviously there are some governments which would not want to be absorbed into another one for various reasons. And even if both sides are communist they may still consider each other to be "revisionist".
You have the option of peacefully unification as long as you aren't playing as lunatics like Aryan Brotherhood and the AI region bordering you also chooses peace.


>It’s like they willfully ignore that Stalin was instrumental in mobilizing the USSR into beating the Nazis in OTL.
Do they? The point of divergence in this timeline is Stalin quickly losing power to Bukharin in the 20s. This was followed by much slower industrialization compared to the OTL 5 Year Plans, allowing the conditions for a Soviet loss against Germany.


Most of the fanboys and some of the devs keep going “huh duh, actually Kaganovich bad because yada yada Stalin = bad gulag evilz purga” while ignoring the nuances entirely. Panther even went on to say that Kaganovich is worse than Yahoo!’s because “reasons”.


Did a Markov chain write this post?


> Yahoo!’s



File: 1608527970353.jpg ( 47.74 KB , 680x720 , 700927056ce8f3ff38626867cc….jpg )

Lol I also chose the Zhdanov path originally (blind run) cause I thought he seemed like less of a schemer than Bukharina. But it turns out I got bamboozled that's for sure.

I went back to play Bukharina's route to see if it was less cursed.


LMAO maybe it was autocorrct from 'Yagoda'?


does anyone know if the Calm Before the Storm mod has the German Civil War path? I heard you could win as the KPD if it happens.


It doesn't have one yet


Yagoda. Shitty autocorrect.


File: 1608527980590-0.png ( 2.29 MB , 1920x1080 , MAF.png )

File: 1608527980590-1.png ( 2.84 MB , 1920x1080 , whoops im late to the weil….png )

Did I unite all of Africa?
What did it cost?


File: 1608527981064.png ( 2.29 MB , 1920x1080 , ME.png )

also cursed ME for fun


Yeah but their is no content form him yet


not cursed at all


File: 1608527982247-0.png ( 13.52 KB , 100x88 , crimson_shadow_focus.png )

File: 1608527982247-1.png ( 267.5 KB , 531x585 , YEMEN.png )

The TNO devs kinda ruined TNO in two ways. The first way they ruined it is by making a conventional WW3 impossible. The second way it was ruined it was by shoving their liberal bias into everything. Making it unfun to play if you don't agree with them. Compare this to Red World a mod that was created by a liberal (until he died, f) however the created decided to make people who were both good and bad in every ideology. While this might not be perfectly realistic it makes it more fun to play. Meanwhile in TNO almost all the communist factions are pure strawmans. Speaking of Red World here is some teasers. The Red World FanForc is pretty good IMO, I'd recommend it.


>Meanwhile in TNO almost all the communist factions are pure strawmans.

How are they? Bukharina (Komi), Sablin, Siberian Black Army, Zhukov/Tukachevsky, and probably plenty of others have blessed and good socialist/communist paths. Now, are the devs anti-tankie, yes, but frankly that's not wrong.

Also, as for making a conventional WW3 impossible, WTF did you expect in the nuclear age?


>Kaganovich bad because Stalinism bad, but when Tukachevsky do it it's good.
>Zndanov is bad because looking forward to the future is MKULTRA.
>DSR bad always and stopped existing the moment Speer got onto power because plot.
>ANC can't exist because we say so.
>America automatically lose if radical get to power. No you can't have a civil war in the US. Fuck you!
>NO South America because US imperilaism in the region is not relevant


Not to offend the MLs or anything but I think militarily if Tukachevsky had been allowed command the USSR would have not been BTFO in the early stages of the war.


>as for making a conventional WW3 impossible, WTF did you expect in the nuclear age?
it turns the game into a interactive story book rather than being a game


>the USSR would have not been BTFO in the early stages of the war.
naw, they would have. It was down to the material issues. The soviets had just undergone a massive military expansion, which was the real reason for the crippling shortage in officers and NCOs.
They also were doing a huge technology update across the board with new armor, weapons, radios, and the like that their forces weren't fully trained on
Then finally, the soviets were out of position, their defensive lines got dismantled to be moved up to the new border but weren't by the time the Germans actually attacked.

tldr, the Germans attacked at the worst possible time and in the worst possible moment for the USSR, a year earlier, or a year later wouldn't have seen such success on the part of the German military


>Also, as for making a conventional WW3 impossible, WTF did you expect in the nuclear age?
Their were plenty of times IOTL where a conventional WW3 could start and finish with no nukes being droped.


Like when?


1956 and 1964


its literally all fascist


TNO is fine by what I played, there are obvious meme countries but all of the "bad" socialists are generally pragmatists rather than acting out of evil, which is the delineation between the more "idealist" forces like the Black Army and Sablin from say, Yagoda.
Most of that could literally just be explained because its the first release rather than just biases lmao


Why those years specifically?


>Most of that could literally just be explained because its the first release rather than just biases lmao
The mod has been in development forever. They have had more then enough time to create content for every country 20 times over.


Red World was made by a monarchist who inserted monarchist paths everywhere, even in places where it makes no sense.


Bruh the mod has literally thousands of events and focuses that all need to be coded, I doubt it's that easy


He was a good general but he only get popular due to the purge. Back then he only got purged because he’s a pagan and that’s kinda dangerous with that much political influence. Plus the expansion of the red army and the anti-Japanese garrison would still exist at the early stage so not much would’ve changed.


File: 1608527990703-0.png ( 1.08 MB , 1200x534 , unknown1.png )

File: 1608527990703-1.png ( 191.08 KB , 1200x310 , unknown2.png )

File: 1608527990703-2.png ( 395.54 KB , 445x586 , unknown.png )

More Red World Teasers
>Back then he only got purged because he’s a pagan and that’s kinda dangerous with that much political influence.
Paganism is wierd but it's not dangerous.


>demolishing the whitoid house
Holy fuck based.
>paganism is not dangerous
Not to Stalin clearly.


What do we think of the libsoc path in Britain's post-English Civil War?


my god, burgundian Russia is a trip and a half


Pretty terrible; very liberal like the rest of the mod if I'm being honest. Sabotaging the actual leftists in your organisation in the name of 'democracy' and 'stability' meanwhile selling out entirely to the OFN.


What Russians paths have content post-reunification


didnt the modder die? is someone bringing it back?


yeah, a fanforc mod was made and they are adding new content


None, that is 20 year content, they all only go up to 1972 (like everything)


What year is this?



Literally the first paragraph….

>So in the dev stream it was announced that the canon outcome of the second WRW was that the Russians would be stopped before reaching Moscow, as the US would bail out Germany before they got to that point. I personally think that this doesn't make much sense.

Bruh, just fucking bruh


Good, honestly these Nazi victory mods do a lot of whitewashing when it comes to America despite its influences on the creation of Nazism as an ideology

Hopefully people will start to rethink how they view America in real life


I love the superevents


File: 1608528002309-0.gif ( 1.35 MB , 150x210 , MIDNIGHT.gif )

File: 1608528002309-1.png ( 1.04 MB , 1416x672 , 47yu5uz6qch51.png )



What does this mean?
t. passerby


It is the worst path for Russia in TNO mod for HOI4. Sergei Taboritsky is a Russian monarchist leader who thinks Alexei Romanov (the Tsars son who was killed by Bolsheviks in 1918) is still alive. He can rise to power in the West Russian state of Komi and create an absolutely brutal dictatorship straight out of 1984 in an attempt to "purify" Russia in preparation for his arrival (which will never come). There is an ingame mechanic where there is a clock which represents his sanity and things get worse as it approaches midnight.


Really curious. Is this game simple to get into? What's the gameplay like? The most strategic game I played was Shogun 2.


pretty steep learning curve in my opinion, once you figure out vanilla though it feels shallow but still loads of fun


Pretty correct to how the US is now.
Lmao. Canon is a spook.


Burgsys Russia - extremely cursed. With Burgundian system just National Soycialism with posadist spartan characteristics.


File: 1608528005293.jpg ( 72.59 KB , 715x576 , Ebn3kcNUYAAdhNg.jpg )

Thousand Week Reich out this weekend
You are going to save the Soviet Union and then lead the crusade against fascism aren't you anon?


There is something close to it. If President RFK is too socdem then he can get assassinated along with his vice president and someone from the far-right wing of the NPP will take over. He is third in the line of presidential succession so he blackmails the Speaker of the House into not accepting the presidency.


I'm the guy who can't get the mod to work, so I'd like to avoid the larger spoilers, but is it possible to avoid this coup or to get the party back under hardline-socdem control after it? Also, is RFK the most left-wing president that isn't considered a "failed path" or are there other centre-NPP candidates that are more left wing?


There is a hidden variable which increases the chance of assassination with every progressive reform and with every decision that says "Kennedy will be seen as a more liberal president". So you have to compromise with the far right on some issues and sometimes take decisions where "Kennedy will be seen as a less liberal president" to balance things out.
If the assassination does happen, the coup leader does not run for re election and a center NPP candidate can be elected in 1968/1972. If RFK is assassinated before 1968 election then a more radical socdem, Michael Harrington (who IRL was a founding member of the DSA) can be the 1968 NPP candidate.


Go to rutracker org and look for it, I ran tno on it just fine.


this instruction helped me, I've got the mod there as well.


I'd never heard of TNO before though I enjoyed OWB and KR

Why are there Dirlewanger memes on the official subreddit?


File: 1608528009041-0.jpg ( 70.4 KB , 750x1011 , YeltsinOMCKoids.jpg )

File: 1608528009041-1.png ( 2.11 MB , 1725x1166 , TNORussiaCompass.png )

File: 1608528009041-2.png ( 2.02 MB , 1920x1080 , TNODream.png )

Because Leddit gonna Leddit fren.
I've seen 'intellectual' apologism arguements for IRL Kishi on there, [b]who is evil in the real world for all the same reasons as in game[/b].
Obviously he didn't do order 44 shit (as extremely) as an American puppet irl, but all the horrific tragedy inflicted on Manchuria was real.
And some fucker was saying Kishi was okay because 'america needed him in charge to ensure real "democracy" would exist in Japan, and that it wouldn't fall to viscious Communism.'
This fucker somehow not putting two and two together to understand that maybe putting genocidal aristos in charge to ensure "democracy" by killing le gommies doesn't make it democracy at all.
Sorry for ranting, but you reminded me that there's looooots of 'enlightened centrists' on that sub who simp for the postwar fascist apology from the Western democracy because 'it resulted in the least amount of human suffering' tends to be their insane line of reasoning.
And there's also overt fashoids who just don't get it of course, as always.


So I'm playing this a bit. How can I see and/or edit the unit composition of my units in the field? The figures standing on the map? Because sometimes it's not clear which of the templates is the actual unit on the map.


>And some fucker was saying Kishi was okay because 'america needed him in charge to ensure real "democracy" would exist in Japan, and that it wouldn't fall to viscious Communism.'

Wait, what? got a link?

Also, how the fuck do you get 3rd pic to happen?


Everything is.. normal?


It’s out now!
Retards there unironically think that the US saving the Nazis canon is good. They’re beyond saving.


File: 1608528010554-0.png ( 73.17 KB , 1476x895 , retard1.png )

File: 1608528010554-1.png ( 92.68 KB , 1551x893 , retard2.png )

File: 1608528010554-2.png ( 91.98 KB , 1444x839 , retard3.png )

Yeah here's the thread screencapped, as I refuse to link to r*Ddit;
'there was simply no movement for democracy in Japan so Kishi had to be put in charge,'
meaning there was a fucking massive Communist and Socialist opposition to the present government and American occupation, but them ruling the country is unacceptable because they aren't American lapdogs.
Truly some of the most vile argumentation I've witnessed from a Lebbitor.
and I am not the argumentor just an fyi I just saw this insanity under a Kishi meme and was thoroughly perplexed.

As for the dream, it's not a real event just some meme somewhat put up there as well by editing the map and throwing in an event that's just text and doesn't actually do anything.


You can change the symbols of the templates to make it easier


Business idea, submod for Old World Blues (Fallout themed mod) that replaces Caesar's Legion with a communist country, maybe call it the People's Commonwealth or something


There’s already a communist faction in the mod though. The Chinese neomaoist army refugees in California. The better idea is to make a submod expanding their focus trees and some idea into making a force representing all of America.
Further more the Legion is a great enemy to face.


>This fucker somehow not putting two and two together to understand that maybe putting genocidal aristos in charge to ensure "democracy" by killing le gommies doesn't make it democracy at all.
no, that's just standard lib thinking


File: 1608528011377.png ( 145.75 KB , 458x477 , pink wojak.png )

>can't invade because world tension is under 90%
>can't join the civil war i started because it's under 50%
Fucking Red Flood


Pretty much this. “Lib though process” is a jumbled mess of contradictions with a singleminded goal of protecting the status quo at all cause.


>Further more the Legion is a great enemy to face.

Well I mean in that like Nazi Germany in vanilla, they always win without outside intervention


Any of you played Fuhrerreich? Is it any good?

Nazi Germany is ridiculously overpowered in vanilla, and this is further frustrated in MP when every little wehraboo faggot in the server wants to go fascist. Funny when you stomp them all though.


File: 1608528012933.jpg ( 482.47 KB , 1920x1080 , 20200831203246_1.jpg )

TWR's out.


I'm tired of reading, I just want to paint the map for gods sake.


Red Flood is still glitchy as hell. Might be the most unstable HOI4 mod.
Still kinda bullshit how TWR’s America is still the same as OTL.


True, but I really want a Caesar's legion with communist characterisitcs


Who are "ultravisionaries"?


How does the world compare with TNO?


Technocratic socialists with a hard on for science and research.


By 2018 socialism is even more fucked than in OTL.
>The Soviet Union died a horrific death
>Korea is united under the military jackboot of Syngman Rhee
>India got splitted up again
>Vietnam is nuclear armed and ever vigilant to another Chinese invasion
>The KMT won the Chinese civil war so it's basically OTL's Russia
The dev of course is a lib.


File: 1608528014852.png ( 1.3 MB , 2443x2215 , unknown.png )

more teasers for red world


>playing ultravisionary Komi
&ltnot even many actual failed Soviet projects like Ekranoplan, OGAS, cellphones or smart homes
&ltget retarded shit and CIA projects instead
What the actual fuck?
>Malenkov and Beria being Super Soviet Bros


Who winning in Russia in TNO is pretty much the "Happiest most wholesome im gonna post this on the subplebbit for upboats" ending?


>Playing Komi
>Anything else but muh literal satanist GAS, GAS, GAS, YOU'VE GOTTA TURN UP THE GAS guy


File: 1608528056820.png ( 330.01 KB , 539x406 , saddam iran.png )

Bruh moment


Comrade Valery Sablin of Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic if he implements Libertarian Leninism


Ekranoplan is in the ultravisionary route


>befriend Iran
With poison gas!


File: 1608528058009.png ( 145.75 KB , 458x477 , pink wojak.png )

>Turkey asks me to join Stahlpakt via focus
>doesn't work because Turkey is set to "can't join factions"
Fucking Fuhrerreich


I have the most cursed mod idea ever…

We take..
>Valkist Germany from Fuherreich
>Accelerationist France from Red Flood
>The Holy Russian Empire from TNO
>Legionary Romania from KR
>Whatever cursed nation from any mod we can find

And we put them in one mod and call it Hellworld.


File: 1608528060265-0.jpg ( 22.87 KB , 156x210 , Fuhrerreich Pio_Filippo.jpg )

File: 1608528060265-1.jpg ( 23.86 KB , 156x210 , Fuhrerreich Bordiga.jpg )

>>The Holy Russian Empire from TNO
This is like thirty years out of time with the rest of the picks, also Valkist Germany is probably less cursed than OTL/TNO since they're hardcore cultural chauvinists rather than genocidal ethnofascists. I don't even know if they believe in Lebensraum, which if they don't makes them less cursed than most realistic alternatives to the Nazis since it was popular before Hitler was even relevant. I don't know what their historical path is though so I could be wrong.
Also the green Valkist uniform is pretty cool. Buy one get one Fuhrerreich Bordiga free.

If we're mashing timelines together though the most cursed Germany would probably be Thousand Libtard Reich's SS-Ordensstaat Germania


>Kishi’s Japan from TNO
>Lovecraft America from Kaiserreich Redux
>Imperium Turkey from Unification Wars
>KMT China from TWR


>Lovecraft America from Kaiserreich Redux
Does that mean an America ruled by fish people/cthullu cultists or is literally HP Lovecraft running America?

If its the latter thats too unrealistic even for a submod of KR, Lovecraft IRL subsisted off of cold beans and cheese for months at a time because his wife was out making a living for them and he was too incompetent/scared to figure out how to cook and too uptight to go to a shelter for soup

There's no way he could ever run a country, even in some meme timeline where the average IQ was reduced to 50


I think that the classic KR America Business plot path is the most cursed. At that point it is literally US from Fallout. Perhaps it lacks the insane fascist shit of Pelley or Lovecraft, but I'd argue the more down to earth cursed of corporate totalitarianism would make a better fit.


File: 1608528061060.png ( 647.8 KB , 1920x916 , byzantium.png )

>Look up newest HoI4 DD in vain hope that it will be something good
&ltRemember Byzantium? IT'S BACK! IN FOCUS TREE FORM!

What? Why? Just what the fuck? This is levels upon levels of fucking hysterical. First, the fact that it is going to be another minor pack, meaning Italy and USSR are once again getting jack shit, along with other stinkers like the out-of-date Poland. No, instead they focus minors, and to add insult to injury they will, of course, have to add a retarded meme path. Does anyone on the dev team realize that this is a WW2 game? Or did they just threw in the towel since Black Ice outdid them on that front while KR and TNO outdid them on alt history, so hey, why not just stroke personal fetishes of resurrecting dead abominations for the epic reddit meme?


Are they not doing USSR too? The next big update is called Barbarossa.


I checked through the wiki DD page. It doesn't seem to define a name of the update. Also this was said by one of the devs in the comments when asked about USSR / Italy
>Country packs as we wrote are for minors. Bigger expansions are for revamps etc. At least thats our plan right now.


>can't do one of if not the most important country of WW2 that hasn't been updated in almost half a decade, we've got a cow to milk!


I don't go look up this stuff, but when I saw 'developer diary - Greece!' in the Steam interface I instantly rolled my eyes. All the minors are shit to play and unfun. Whyyyyyyyy even try with that shit. It's embarassing how much more effort mods put into even basic stuff like focus trees than Paradox. There's mods that have thousands of unique focus icons in them and Paradox can't even give unique icons to the majors trees.


OpenGSG when?


>google it out of curiosity
>someone actually started on one


Tried playing Red World, damn there really is like no democratic socialism paths in it are there? I should've known better, actually feeling a bit tilted.


My honest opinion is that the game makes the most sense pre-nuclear proliferation, no matter what you do to it. All the mechanics are built around the world war era and it's just jank and nonsense breaking out of that setting. I'll let mods like TNO off because they've made a large part of the game revolve around not nuking each other to bits, but the biggest mod on the workshop, Millennium Dawn, doesn't give a shit if you fire a hundred nukes off at each other, which I get the impression Red World is like from hearing about it. It's unrealistic and silly. The game just isn't built for it.

If you like democratic socialism, [b]just install Kaiserreich[/b].


I guess. I've already played KR though and it's pretty similar to vanilla in many ways. I just wanted to try the other total conversions I guess.

Sucks that Sons of Mobius (Sonic mod lol) doesn't come out til like June 2021


Computer generated politics will never be as interesting as meat politics. Even CK2, a game about politics, makes it hard to care about your immediate rivals and even your own family.
A political simulation with many other players might, but it's hard to get invested in some code generated character that only lasts for an hour or so in an eight hour game.
Being similar to vanilla also isn't that bad in my experience, it lets you have more fun than heavily railroaded events and paths, although vanilla itself does suck.



The SS anthem is too catchy

>tfw not aryan enough to survive your self inflicted holocaust


Red World still uses the base game mechanic of 1940s/50s style strategic bomber delivered nukes


How does 1000 year Reich stack up to TNO?


Pls sir I get overwhelmed trying to build competent Navies in HOI4, leave the proper logistics to the serious map games and let me have my Falais pocket in the English Midlands generator


File: 1608528064071.jpg ( 63.75 KB , 948x710 , 1452550216213.jpg )

Navy in HOI4 is easy, just set one set of ten dockyards to build submarines, and the next ten to building destroyers, and repeat until you have no more dockyards, put all the subs under one admiral (preferably with the submarine wolf trait), set their sea regions all around your enemy's coastlines and shipping lanes on convoy raiding and press 'split in half' until they cover the whole region, set the destroyers to another admiral (preferably with blockade runner trait) and set them to all your regions and shipping lanes on convoy escort, do the same thing as above, then if you have any ships left over, send them to the closest port to usual naval combat with the enemy, then set them to 'strike force', set their regions to the nearby combat zones.

Then your subs will murder enemy shipping (you will probably lose a bunch but that's normal), your destroyers will murder enemy subs, and your strike force will sail out whenever your subs or your destroyers get into a battle that they can't win immediately and blow up whatever is attacking them. This also means that your battleships and carriers will sit in port most of the time and so won't be burning fuel constantly.

You can thank me later.


It’s okay. But it’s kinda piss easy to stomp both the RoC and the Reich with the Soviet Union returning.


>Sucks that Sons of Mobius (Sonic mod lol) doesn't come out til like June 2021
>look it up
>it actually fucking exists
Holy shit lmao. Funnier is that, judging from the reddit teaser, there actually is a sensible reason why Sally joins monbol gang, I'm dying.


What do I do if I suck shit and made an awful useless navy that’s also already fucking massive and fucking up on the high seas? Were it not for the Brits holding the Channel we’d have lost by now.


What I always do is use subs, even if I have hardly any dockyard output. If I can churn out lots of subs, sometimes I also throw in some destroyers to help them spot things.
Level 3 subs are so OP they're banned in lots of multiplayer games, if you find yourself with so much research you can't find anything to get and want an OP navy it may be worth getting them early.


Oh yeah and here's a real protip I only noticed recently: When a doctrine says it will give you a 50% off research bonus, what's not listed is it also takes a year off the early research penalty, it only tells you that when you hover over the time listed on the description box for the piece of research after you've clicked it.
Always make sure you're up to date with your research before doing the focuses for time bonuses, because the time saved is pathetic and a waste if you're doing current year research.
I find 2 years early is the sweet spot, this can be really useful in 1937 when there's absolutely fuck all to research.


Hold on then should I be rushing down researches I have bonuses for?
I didn't know about the reduced ahead of time penalty, does it make sense to rush for Panzer 4 as germany after taking the first NAP with the Soviets for example?


Yeah that's what I've been doing, specifically Panzers, noticed it in Fuhrerreich


Is there any way in TNO you can play as Enrico Berlinguer? Every time I try I get thr military coup


We seriously need a sub mod for Italian and Japanese communists as well as a civil war for the US. The fact that the devs being libs that avoid these path at all is so fucking annoying. The community is no better.
>Hall and Yockey leaks came out and have Hall BTFO’ing both the Alphabet soups epic style and replacing them with NKVD with American characteristics
&ltREEEEEEREEE HOW DARE HE!!! Who will kill civil rights activist now!?!?


You can't, but that path may be added in the future
So for now you are stuck with monarcho-Eurocommunist Italy under Pietro Nenni.


The dev team and the community are full of liberals who screech about how Hall was an evil Stalinist


critical support for the Eurocomms against the Unity Pakt


Yeah someones gotta make the whole mod a lot less liberal and a lot more of an actual video game instead of a visual novel.


You can't really represent a Cold War scenario in a game designed for WW2 type conflict without turning it into a visual novel.


I just don’t get this at all. Stalin didn’t even fucking came to prominence in the TNO timeline, why keep obsessing over this idiotic point? Even more contradictory when most of his content have Hall trying to fix a country that has gone to shit while fighting a never ending tide of fascist friendly neocons, which is wholesome as hell. Even the guy’s inauguration event is fucking great.
Another thing that absolutely grinds my gears is how they keep painting the monarchist cunts that cooperated with the Nazis to genocide the Soviet Union as some kind of good guy. No matter how much you regret it, the blood stains of betrayal still exist.
A lot of people had tried adding new super events that have awesome shit like:
>Korean revolution under Kim Il Sung
>Japan in civil war with communist students movement joining in the fight against Kishi
>Content for African leftists fighting the OFN with Abrams turning full Heart of Darkness
The French resistance clearly needs content, but they’ll be ignored in favor of “muh De Gaul free france!!!”. Just like how Cuba gonna be sledgehammered.


They also did this Lazar Kaganovich. His second focus trees are alright but his third focus tree does a complete 180 and makes him into a cartoon villain.


>Another thing that absolutely grinds my gears is how they keep painting the monarchist cunts that cooperated with the Nazis to genocide the Soviet Union as some kind of good guy. No matter how much you regret it, the blood stains of betrayal still exist.

Which guys were they again, the ones from Vyatka, right?


>Evola's Italy from Godspeed


Fuck your degenerate fascoid family probably fucking deserved it, should’ve killed all your fucking grandparents so you would not exist

Why do rightoids think I’m supposed to give half a shit about them or their worthless fucking inbreds? A rightoid’s whole family could be gunned down in front of me and I’d still be a communist. Do they have protagonist syndrome that makes them believe that their lives or their family are supposed to mean a damn fucking thing to us?


As always liberals insist on proving why they are unworthy of life outside a jail cell.


File: 1608528075845.png ( 296.12 KB , 890x767 , sakai.png )

Absolute meme shit here.
Both monarchs have this. I'm afraid. They even have Vyatka later ruled by the unironic anti-semite that wrote the gulag achipelago because why not.
Gotta have dat STALIN BAD REEEE


>They even have Vyatka later ruled by the unironic anti-semite that wrote the gulag achipelago because why not.

Fucking hell, that's news to me, how's that cunt treated in TNO?

Also, that pic is pretty kek


File: 1608528076010.jpg ( 1.94 MB , 3960x2496 , Larouche_PAC_Poster.jpg )

Comrade-Leader LaRouche will invade Canada and England to finally bring an end to the tyranny of the British monarchy, finally achieving the victory of the American System.


Himmler puppet that pretend to help the Russian Empire but actually just manipulated to caused the doomsday. Another thing annoying is that both the monarchist and fascist get buff in development of nukes even the traditionalist Hyperborea with Slavic priests but not Zhdanov's Scientific Soviet which is bullshit.


I really don't get why he isn't officially in TNO. Guy is on the same vibe frequency as the entire mod, but no, you piglets can't have it! This is a serious mod! Now let me explain how Kovner is totally realistic and… WHAT? YOU THINK HE IS GOOD? WTF I'M GONNA KYS HOW CAN YOU STAN KILLING NAZIRINO COLONISTERINOS?

But in all seriousness, these are the main flaws of TNO:
1) The devs wanting to pretend that they are mature and realistic while also refusing to cut their own auteur retarded shit like Kovner or all the retarded meme paths in Russia that are just Panzers STALKER fanfic material.
2) Devs clearly being biased as fuck towards progressive Democrat type of politics. This wouldn't too bad if they openly said so, but once again they hide behind their shield of "IT'S REALISTIC U GUYZ". And sure, when they reply to wehraboos it is a correct argument, however it falls completely flat when it comes to "Germany can't go left-wing", "US can't have a successful far right or left government", "Oh yea, all [insert communist organization] were just murdered, so there is no path for them", "In cannon second release its the centrists who won in all places", and most of all the entire shitshow where all Authsoc leaders to the left of Bukharin are le ebil dodalidarians, because their paths weren't even written by someone with a negative reading of Marxism (eg people like Ceslav Milos who actually understand it but oppose the conclusions), but libshits who just decide to whack their strawmen.
PS, I am the anon that still didn't get the mod to run, so maybe I am exaggerating some flaws
PPS Is Suslov at least based? The description seems to indicate him as such, but did the devs fuck it up later down the line with some "oh no, he is actually a power maniac who creates 1984"? I don't want a complete answer so I wouldn't spoil too much for my eventual playthrough, just a yes or no.


File: 1608528076548.jpg ( 120.56 KB , 654x935 , Catgirl Meinhof.jpg )

>Second spoiler

Not entirely sure exactly as I haven't played as him yet

Wouldn't mind trying out the Goering path for Germany, but apparently that's bugged as fuck

Submod for DSR when?


Kek. I'm glad they sprinkle a bit of silly and wholesome stuff around, otherwise things can feel way too depressing.


Actually, that pic anon posted was fan-made


We should actually try to make up a focus tree for Sakai without the autism of the main dev team on the DSR. That’ll be fun.


Suslov is 'ok', that's my overall impression from what my friend told me

Also, I think there are a few too many 'le evil tankies' authsoc paths, but, IDK, I feel like most all libsoc paths are good. Which, selfishly, I'm okay with since that's pretty much just how I imagine my own politics.


File: 1608528078890.png ( 153.54 KB , 305x300 , 5e561508a872bafe117ecb06bc….png )

>When you're playing Red World as UAPR, and you're going down John Foster's wild ride and intend to join the Warsaw Pact
>USSR selects Putin as chairman
>Goes down the keep the Union path
>Also means that the USSR declares war on China
>mfw USSR declares war on China


File: 1608528084530.png ( 430.65 KB , 724x1233 , leftypw.png )

Lmao theres a leftypol branch in that new mod millenium dusk


Any of you guys played the updated Cold War mod? USSR has some really shitty debuffs to production, and it's also really easy to expand. I've invaded Jugoslavia and Afghanistan and intervened in Korea & China without the West doing anything.


Has there any way to fix 1.9.3 for the mods yet? Literally every mod i tried gets crashed halfway through the loading bar.


File: 1608528087276.jpg ( 207.94 KB , 1509x884 , tfwnoTNO.jpg )

Holy shit, finally I am no longer the only one here with this problem.
As for a solution, I tried everything bar reinstalling windows.


HOI4 mods worked well for me before actually reinstalling my system. It maybe has something to do with that.


Have you tried unsubscribing from all the mods and adding them from scratch?


>Millennium Dusk
>That Jack Ma leader of CPC path
Based punk rock “socialism”.


Guys, brainlet question:
I've downloaded Hoi4 1.9.3 and it works just fine but EACH and EVERY mod i try to apply to it simply doesn't work. What should i do to fix this?
(The mods i'm interested in are Millennium Dawn and Thousand Week Reich)


what folder are you putting them in comrade?

after that, make sure you run the dowser exe, go down to the mod subsection, check the mod you want running on, and then go to the hoi4 exe and run the game (assuming you pirated it like a good boy)




Did and it does not work (atleast with Millennium Dawn and TWR).
If i do so, what should i write in the launcher settings?
Right now they are at
"distPlatform": "pdx".


Kek, one of the latest teasers has Donald Trump be a democrat with Richard Spencer as his running mate, and Obama is a Communist and has Angela Davis as his running mate lmao


You shouldn't write anything, I don't think. You just go to the game folder, open the dowser.exe and enable mods there.


Change the "pdx" in launcher settings to "gog"
Also the .mod file for each mod has a line with "path="
Make sure it says "path=mod/[MOD NAME]"
The mods should always be in the "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/" folder


File: 1608528090139.png ( 5.72 KB , 312x38 , 1.png )

Example for Millennium Dawn


Did it, and now Paradox launcher tells me "this mod is not present on the disk".
The mod in clearly in "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/".
Now what?


Did you put it in a folder with the mod name or just drop the contents into /mod/?


The latter


The mod most likely needs to be in a properly named folder, matching the path specified in the code.
>Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/Millennium Dawn/
Dragging and dropping the mod contents into /mod/ isn't something the code knows how to find


Did it, same result sadly


Ah, sorry man I've never had to do it myself so I can only guess.
Best ideas I can give is to perhaps try a HOI4 modding discord, or google your error messages (with "hoi4" if you're getting unrelated results).
If you try a discord use the search function for your errors first as if they're common they'll probably have been given a few walkthroughs on fixing it already. You don't have to register to browse/search most of them (although some autists run "alt checkers" which punish people for not registering lol)


File: 1608528091557-0.png ( 535.92 KB , 720x405 , sablin.png )

File: 1608528091557-1.jpg ( 641.44 KB , 2900x2300 , 5blar8kpdma41.jpg )

File: 1608528091557-2.png ( 79.17 KB , 312x410 , wzgtezwpmml51.png )

Recently played Wholesome big chungus epic Sablin Buratiya except I did the EBIL AUTHSOC path here are some things I noticed:

The game and its events clearly make the Libsoc path "the one you should choose". The difference between the ideological paths in Buratiya's tree is between what I term the "idealist libertarian Leninist" libsoc path vs actually understanding the material conditions of warlord russia pragmatic leninist path (authsoc).

The problem with the libsoc path is that you don't get any negatives for choosing the libsoc path which completely disregards the material conditions and realities of warlord Russia. Whereas in the authsoc path you get berated with events saying pretty much "you used to be better then this", "You've turned into Yagoda" and other really depressing events where Sablin emotionally breaks somewhat. It came across as really biased to me to the point where it hurts the narrative of TNO overall.

Anyways what are /leftypol's/ thoughts on Sablin vs Yagoda? I prefer Sablin but I'm fine with Yagoda's party tree.


File: 1608528093021.png ( 97.14 KB , 1386x717 , The New Marx has triumphed….png )

Fucking libs.


recently did the AuthSoc Sablin myself. Definitely agree with your perspective on how it seems many flavour events depict how the authoritarian measures are little better than what Yadoga or even some of the fascists were doing. I particularly remember some event where a guy sees a voting station but it's just for party members and he remarks on how nothing has changed regarding democracy. I've seen other people commenting on the LibSoc wish fulfilment thing too, as you have next to no negative modifiers by the end of the game.

Also got most of the way through a Yadoga party playthrough. Seemed like the party options were just like the actual socialist options, whereas Yadoga and the state are just ebil NKVD who will give up anything to maintain power. Like I think the state tree for Yadoga is just dengism with NKVD characteristics.

Any other Russian warlords you done that you enjoyed? Think I've done quite a few at this point. I found Samara and the Aryan Brotherhood pretty boring. WRRF was alright. Omsk was fine, though a little tedious with some mechanics. Tyumen was super bugged when I first did it so gave up halfway through. Siberian Black Army was okay, felt it was a bit more nuanced with the LibSoc wank through that path, as in events mention issues here and there.

Overall I think that the whole formula of every warlord basically having two paths is decent but I feel like the internal conflict is always so flaccid. Like one faction triumphing over the other just feels like a matter of course, there's no punishment for choosing one over the other and the country just accepts the new faction. Maybe it's hard to model but I think all the trees being so formulaic means that after playing one warlord, you've basically played them all and can just expect a change in flavour and different colour pie chart.

Regional and super regional stages are also boring as shit. Just sitting and going through your tree while you prep for a boring ass slog against the other regional is dogshit.


File: 1608528094723.png ( 1.33 MB , 1360x768 , realniggamoment.png )

le hoi4 mod maker


>This is the guy sperging out about you supporting Kovner


Nuanced AuthSoc Sablin submod when?


Nigga has some good taste


What about Komi, that nation has quite a few paths to go down


Nuanced Bukharinist Sablin is not enough. We also need nuanced Sablinist Sablin where if he is too lenient, reactionaries take advantage of it. The IRL Bolsheviks experienced similar things shortly after they took power.


Oh yeah, didn't think of that

Nice trips aswell my friend


I thought Sablin's path was alright considering what we usually get out of HOI4 mods - I think mechanically the devs try to push you towards authsoc because they tend to have much stronger benefits, but since HOI4 is so easy to play for me now there was basically no incentive for me to not do libsoc things except where my personal judgement made me consider otherwise (sparing the NKVD for instance). I think that the Sablin path relies to heavily on a binary rather than a gradient - both the libsoc and authsoc paths should be kinda grueling and take considerations as to what you want to build your country into, what you want to prioritize, ect, but most of the time the authsoc and libsoc paths in a given period are just parallels of each other with libsoc usually getting slightly less useful bonuses but more wholesome events. what I think would be more interesting is if the libsoc and authsoc paths were intertwined - but they represented mutually exclusive focuses which contextualize what either side wants to do in the given situation. like, its an open question, "what should we do about the infrastructure of Siberia", maybe the authsoc option should be "centralization and industrialization to improve it in the long run" which gives you focuses on building factories and stuff, but the libsoc is "community divestment and mutual cooperation" which would give you infrastructure and resources, that kind of thing.

Overall I think the whole "Am I just becoming Yagoda" should be a relevant thing, but it should be less about if you favor authsoc or libsoc, but more about if you enforce your given path through violent means. maybe there are events where the party you aren't going along with dissents and tries to force a compromise out of you, and the Yagodan path is about repressing them and eliminating dissent to fix the problem now and basically make the two sides into your puppets, or you could go for trying to compromise between the two parties, make pledges to fulfill parts of both agendas, ect, and try to walk that political line - and that is the metric by which Sablin considers if he is just another Yagoda or not. Because, I quite like how Sablin has a lot of chances to just give mercy to people - be it Yagoda himself, the Japanese puppet-Tsar guy, or whoever else, and I was rather sad that plotline got dropped. Instead of dealing with like, actually integrating the Black Army SSR into your country when you conquer them, you just get an event which says "yay we did it" if you are libsoc or "we liquidated them" if authsoc, when they should be a polity with their own demands which you have to accommodate if you want to integrate them, be you authsoc or libsoc, or you could just go Yagoda and take them out.

Overall though, for basically the first of it's kind as a narrative campaign in HOI4, I really liked it. It can use improvements, but this is the mod's tentative first steps.
>Like I think the state tree for Yadoga is just dengism with NKVD characteristics.
That is true of most of the loyalist post-USSR states since Bukharin was the successor to Lenin, not Stalin.
I don't think the libsocs are ever implied to be too lenient with reactionaries, they more or less gulag them in the same way the USSR proper did.


File: 1608528097828.png ( 12.13 KB , 271x142 , tnomod rules.png )

what else can you expect from those who believe in horseshoe theory


I can understand what all of you guys are saying about maybe there being some penalties for libsoc routes, but at the same time, is it really wrong to portray libsoc as better when it kind of is better? I would argue that showing restraint in exercising power is almost always the right thing to do.


Anons, is there any non lib non fash Hoi4 streamer out there?


Woodstock maybe


This. His stream shitting on the r*ddit mod was gold.


woodstock primarily. I've seen some "non-political" ones but they are quite small and do HOI4 as more of a side thing really.


He seems fash adjacent to me though, even if non libpilled.
Is he a socialist? (Already subbed to him)


>He seems fash adjacent to me though
What makes you say that?


The fact that he takes frequently mods from 4chan does not bore well


>all of 4cuck is fascist
Not really. Still post from /tg/ and /co/ from time to time. Mostly for getting megas.


he seems left-ish although not ML. Probably some flavor of demsoc.


Which mod was that?


File: 1608528103112.png ( 548.52 KB , 538x597 , 03cadtdyf2q51.png )

Kek, found this on the DSRFunny subreddit


if I love playing as "radical socialists" and agree with much of their policy in KR what does that make me?
also refusing to play TNO until they make the UI less cancer


File: 1608528103532.mp4 ( 1.68 MB , 160x210 , Himmler's speech.mp4 )

Look at this I found on there. Inspiring stuff.


IIRC there's a submod which brings the vanilla HoI iv UI back


>if I love playing as "radical socialists" and agree with much of their policy in KR what does that make me?

It's fairly vague, but I would argue 'libertarian socialism' is a decent descriptor


File: 1608528107625.jpg ( 31.56 KB , 600x600 , bush.jpg )

i think the DSR would be a better if it was some weird merging of factions between anti-capitalist minded national socialists (IE strasserists/brownshirt types) communists and maybe some liberals minded types from the student movements, perhaps you could see a few paths branch off from this including socialists and strasserists teaming up to kill the libs (and vice versa) with different groups and leaders ending up in power


Honestly, a submod idea I have for TNO is to Wolfensteinise it, as in bring in characters from the Wolfenstein games and add in tech that came from the Wolfenstein games (Seriously, imagine if Lysenko or Zhdanov could actually make Super Soldiers)


How can you do that when the whole reason for the dev including them is just: RAF BAD!!!


NTA, but meh, fuck what the devs think


> perhaps you could see a few paths branch off from this including socialists and strasserists teaming up to kill the libs
Kek, sounds based


>The speerite.
Also known as Nazi-Dengism.
>The Boring man.
What if "lets just pretend nothing is wrong and hope it all goes away" was an entire ideology.
No guise this shit actually works i swear it'll all be good after the 2nd 3rd 4th night of the long knives. and third coup attempt and civil war.
>The Goering.
Actual Nazi economics.
print MEFO bills using gold you steal off of other countries and call it economics.
>The guy that would be in Atomwaffen if he was born today.
Just as LARPy doomed to fail and insignificant as his real life counterparts.


Anyone else having trouble with the HoI IV launcher lately?


The whole DSR path is kinda retarded. It feels like an attempt to make a Khmer Rouge type faction in the GCW. It also stinks of the muuuuh both sides liberalism present in this mod.


I think the devs made an interesting point where they said Nazi rule would probably warp the idea of socialism or Marxism and all that but still the devs do nothing with it other than "le epic mass killings hahahaha"


I disagree. Speer in essence is still a straight up Nazi that endorses slavery and the system of racial exploitation and genocide. While Deng on the other hand is a social democrat pretending to be a communist.
Even the gang of 4 in TNO are authoritarian liberals who build their “charade democracy” from a foundation of human corpses. Liberals and fascists are the same people, the only differences is the liberals still try to have a pretense to suck up to capitalism.


Wait, I thought that Speer gets rid of slavery, at least officially?


File: 1608528114581-0.jpg ( 574.46 KB , 2560x1440 , 20200821222239_1.jpg )

File: 1608528114581-1.jpg ( 559.16 KB , 2560x1440 , 20200821222014_1.jpg )

File: 1608528114581-2.jpg ( 848.09 KB , 2560x1440 , 20200821225530_1.jpg )

Yes he does.

And look, I can understand why you would feel morally conflicted about Speer's route since it's basically rehabilitation of Nazi Germany (basically; reform rather than revolution), but out of the available options it's clearly the best one.

Also, if you get the 'gang of four prevails' ending by not totally abolishing slavery until the slave revolt happens you get a truly blessed ending where you basically compromise with the slave revolters to go full socdem while killing the hyper-fascists

It's definitely liberal porn but fuck it, I liked it.




>It's definitely liberal porn but fuck it, I liked it.
I hate it exactly because of this. Liberal porn in real life all turned out to be fascists with “election” in countries where the proles is forever cucked under the boot heels of porkies while thinking they’re free as they die and starve. Look at what happened to Thailand, Singapore, or any country that “democratized” after US backed dictatorships. It’s still the same party, putting the same corrupt people but now with backstage dealings and fraudulent elections where communists are banned and “suicided” because reasons while neofascists get to roam free.


True, but is it really supposed to be realistic? 3/4 paths in Germany lead to continued Nazism afterall, and Speer will basically never win as an AI, so it's implicitly wish fulfillment.


Anyone here played Okinori Kaya? From the teasers he seemed like a pseudo-communist in his policies, if also a Japanese imperialist at the same time. So, is he any good, or just a 1984 totalitarian despot or some shit?


Speer AI is bugged. When controlled by AI he never takes action against the megacorporations and always allows Schorner to crush the slaves.


He’s a corporatist. His entire goal in breaking up the zaibatsus is not to make the economy fully planned, but to destroy their independence in ease of incorporating them into the state itself. The porkies behind the zaibatsus will just be controlling the government as well rather than wasting their their time in competitions, forming an iron heel of monopoly. It’s the central tenet of corporatism.

Unless you’re an American or a Dengoid, this is not socialism, it’s more akin the Belgium Congo than anything else. Socialism is not when the state does stuff, especially when it’s still for profit in the case of corporatism.


I thought he was able to go hardball and create a fully planned economy that would be in the hands of the Japanese bureaucracy, no?


You could argue that was the AI working as intended, lol. But what I meant was that AI Speer will almost never win the civil war.


Is it still based upon the profit motive, extreme level of commodity production in the arms industry, facilitating even more imperialist exploitation of the Co-Prosperity sphere? If the answer is yes then Japan under him just a nationalist version of walmart or amazon.
Sad to see people here still compare technology-based plutocratic corporatism with cybernetic socialism. Even sadder to see idiots saying mega corporation planning is a good thing with calling out the pitfalls of the bourgeois ownership of the MoP and how it affects planning overall.


File: 1608528119092.png ( 497.55 KB , 706x694 , politicpoweremergesfrom.png )

What do we think of Yagoda? Would you choose his faction over Sablin's?


Only if Bessonov came to power afterwards


Yagoda is basically retarded in trying to be a continuation of the government that provably collapsed and failed rather than adapting to the situation somehow. His use of fear on other comrades as well prevents any kind of ideological flexibility, so if he did ever run into a situation a la the late USSR where the stagflation hit, the inflexible bureaucracy would fail to ever meaningfully address it, so any number of charlatans would try to seize on the government's ineptitude to be revisionist. At the end of the day his USSR would be the irl USSR but worse and would probably collapse faster.
>Would you choose his faction over Sablin's?
lmao no


Alexander Solynetzin definitely isn't portrayed positively in TNO if that's what your concern is. I don't recall if his real-life anti-semitism comes up during his path but he's shown to be the most evil, reactionary, and repressive of Vyatka's three potential chancellors. Plus there's the revelation later on that he's (unwittingly) being used as a pawn by Himmler to further his schemes, which is a bit of a bruh moment on Sol's part. I never got the sense that the devs have any fondness for Solynetzin given that he's generally written to be an asshole.


File: 1608528122623.png ( 174.84 KB , 2000x1333 , Com_Nippon.png )

It's mentioned in some of the flavor text concerning Manchukuo that Kim Il Sung and his partisans are still active in the 1960's, so it feels like some kind of Korean communist uprising is planned for a future update. Ho Chi Minh is already featured as one potential communist rebel that can successfully BTFO the Japanese empire, so it stands to reason that other paths will follow.

I would also love to see what the TNO equivalent of the Japanese "New Left" looks like. Assuming he hasn't been Order 44'd by the Kenpeitai, what is Inejirō Asanuma up to in the TNO world? Is he a popular dissident leader of some kind who's coordinating an empire-spanning, pan-Asianist socialist uprising with comrades in China and elsewhere?


>what is Inejirō Asanuma up to in the TNO world?
Wasn't he part of Tojo's cabinet OTL?


Was he? His Wikipedia page doesn't mention that if that was the case. Apparently he was elected to the Diet in 1936 but he retired from politics until the end of WW2 because he disagreed with the empire's foreign policy decisions.


Huh, could've sworn he was


>Even sadder to see idiots saying mega corporation planning is a good thing with calling out the pitfalls of the bourgeois ownership of the MoP and how it affects planning overall.
this probably comes from a misreading of people's republic of walmart


so i just downloaded tno

which russian nation is best suited for reunifying soviet union and pushing back the nazis?


WRRF either under Zhukov or Tukhachevsky.
If you want good feelings the (Libsoc Sablin mixed with some Authsoc stuff)


Just so you're not disappointed, you can't actually push the German puppets out of Moscow or beat the Nazis in the TNO version that's out now (the first ten years only).


What I find most interesting about Yagoda is that the reforms that happen in Irkutsk occur regardless of Yagoda. Despite it being possible under his domain, the changes happen in spite of his repressive nature, even after he consolidates control. Also, if you spare him as Sablin, he ends up admiring to himself that his efforts were meaningless. This is what I love about TNO, it is easy to condemn Yagoda as a psycopathic dictator or a mistaken yet well-meaning Soviet politician but the point of Yagoda is to tell a story of what it is like to survive in TNO's Russia. I much as I personally prefer Sablin over him, I honestly think that the narrative of Yagoda is second best stories in TNO other than Speer continuing the status quo.


File: 1608528133896.png ( 822.72 KB , 1017x651 , An error occured.png )

Hmm yes, an error has occured

(Seriously, it's been like this for nearly a fucking week now and it's a fucking pisstake)


They broke the game anyway with the Bosphorous update, if you capture an airbase (or one of yours gets captured) all the planes in it get deleted now instead of moving elsewhere.




File: 1608528134782.png ( 62.26 KB , 500x146 , 1427329616563.png )


I have no idea how they did that when the DLC doesn't even add any new mechanics


File: 1608528134867.png ( 388.26 KB , 800x771 , society.png )

playing radsocs in HOI4 basically made me an anarchist since they were the most fun syndie path
is that bad?


>is that bad?
Nah, I personally prefer to go down Totalist paths myself


The problem I really have with the new order is despite the mod developers claims of being “Impartial to everyone but the Nazi’s” in regards to ideology it’s very easy to see their liberalism and actual Idealism showing When we get to things like The “HECKIN wholesome Sablin v Yagoda” or the entire subplot of the SocDem-Populist party in the US being “German agents”

Like Sablin is portrayed as the “New Lenin” when in fact he does shit that Lenin…Just didn’t fucking do…Because in their attempt to make Sablin And with him the ideology of Libertarian socialism as wholesome as possible They whitewash Lenins actions as well


File: 1608528137538-0.png ( 598.94 KB , 862x789 , memesredux1.png )

File: 1608528137538-1.png ( 919.45 KB , 1024x812 , memesredux2.png )

Thoughts on Kaiserredux? I love it like Red Flood just for the memes and cool flags alone.
Anything aproaching communism is bad for them. Even when their liberalism made their minds into a bunch of self-contradictory garbage of mental gymnastics.
Take the whole Hall presidency for example:
>Hall demolishes the FBI and CIA.
&ltNo not the hecking FBI and CIAorinos!!! How would our "bastion of democracy" protect ourselves from other differing ideologies!?!?
>No worries. He'll replace them with the NKVD with American characteristics. America is safe.
&ltNo you aren't supposed to do that because Soviets=BAD => NKVD=BAD!!!


>SocDem-Populist party in the US being “German agents”
Nigga, what?


He's talking about NPP (which are in part supported by Germany, at least the Yockeys)


Another funny depiction of the gommies asides from Hall and all the "EBIL HECKIN UNWHOLESOME NOT REAL SOCIALISM TANKIES" in Russia is the (Planned) content for the potential communist uprising in Germany which can form the "DSR" (Which is basically the DDR but led by the members of the R.A.F) Which literally seems to boil down to "The T A N K I E S are just as bad as the nazis because they have 're-education camps' where ANYONE they suspect of being a Nazi sympathiser is worked to death"
Which is fucking stupid considering the DDR never fucking did that and went as far as to allow the actual returning veterans league of Wehrmacht soldiers to form their own political party and hold seats in parliament

Also since making this post i've played Tyumen since the idea of Cornman being a Stalin loyalist instead of a critic sounded funny and yeah just as i expected
>State is so cartonnishly and totalitarian everyone is made to have state forced marriages and eat nothing but stale loaves of bread.
Like wow real true and groundbreaking critique of Marxism-Leninism.


>>State is so cartonnishly and totalitarian everyone is made to have state forced marriages and eat nothing but stale loaves of bread.
The fuck?


Yeah as part of Tyumen's repopulation campaign the EBIL AUTHSOC TANKIES decide to enforce state mandated relationships. TNO is a lib mod so does anyone here really expect a unbiased Authsoc path that isn't just liberal dribbel.


File: 1608528138992-0.png ( 3.36 MB , 1920x1080 , world communism 1.png )

File: 1608528138992-1.png ( 3.06 MB , 1920x1080 , world communism 2.png )

did somebody order world communism?
also the new dlc is just focus trees lmao


2 things:
1) Is there any place where i can find HOI4 with the new dlc inside?

2) Seeing socialist electoral victory in Bolivia if some anon is capable why don't we design a focus tree for them lol?


>1) Is there any place where i can find HOI4 with the new dlc inside?
Legally is your best option, so steam or directly from paradox, but I'm pretty sure there's a cracked version of it somewhere

>2) Seeing socialist electoral victory in Bolivia if some anon is capable why don't we design a focus tree for them lol?

Would be based if someone did lmao


To be fair they where really good focus trees.


File: 1608528143689.jpg ( 119.56 KB , 1600x800 , lib yagoda.jpg )

>like The “HECKIN wholesome Sablin v Yagoda”

Actually the devs have specifically designed the Sablin-Yagoda story to show how Sablin is both undermining Yagoda's efforts of stability in the Far East and also that Irkutsk can reform even if they defeat Sablin. The whole Sablin v Yagoda thing is not a black-and-white as you make it out to be, that's why Sablin-simps are often mocked (at least on the sub plebbit anyway) for being an idealistic wrecker.

> he does shit that Lenin…Just didn’t fucking do

For one, Sablin can be a lot more authoritarian if you go down the bukharinist path, or an idealistic libsoc puppy who wouldn't harm a fly. How Sablin is represented is down to the player to decide, not only the devs. It's called 'good storytelling'.
>SocDem-Populist party in the US being “German agents”
I may be wrong, but I believe this is a reference to the American anti-war movement which was full of both far-leftists and, obviously, nazi-lovers that ended up being infiltrated. I have not played the US yet so I dunno.


>Muh perfect no purgerino
>Well, akshullly if you follow specific Yagoda path then it will have very little state terror

I love how its the purges and the "mean cursed" stuff that is a measure for success in the eyes of basically the entire HOI4 mod community. How about a better question, which one, if any of them, has an actually socialist economic program?


>I love how its the purges and the "mean cursed" stuff that is a measure for success in the eyes of basically the entire HOI4 mod community

Yeah imagine that, it's like they haven't brainwashed themselves with enough esoteric psued apologism to believe 'uhm actshually when a state with a red flag does massive state terror it's progressive and good'


Based and can contain every example of existing within 1% of the USSR's lifespanpilled


You do one purge and they never let you live it down!…


Most of them are Bukharinists. Only a few of them like Kaganovich, Zhdanov and Tukhachevsky gave even a crap about planned economy.


Let's turn this on its head, shall we?
>Alternate reality
>Panzer makes TNO, but libsocs and authsocs are switched as to which is idealized and which is demonized by exagerating history.
>Be every libsoc country:
&ltAnarchovich, my son, you are now choosing a country path. Will you:
>Pick the blessed idealized authsoc version and become a "Stalin did not a single thing wrong" type tankies utopia with no oppression and a perfect planned economy (the correct choice you idiot, don't you know in whose favour the mod is biased?!?!?)
>Compromise on libsoc even more and become socdem, the ultimate blesserino goodboyorino
>Or pick [physically wretches] the libsoc path and murder every single nun, burn every ciltural monument that you perceive as reactionary and buldoze every church while working to death any captured opponent to your ideology. Oh and also your leader imports Burmese child sex slaves.
&ltSo, anarchovich, I think the correct path is obvious. Also do bear in mind that we will ban you from our subreddit if you deffend the libsoc path or try to disrespect our vision for the mod.


File: 1608528145743.jpg ( 455.85 KB , 1840x3264 , 1457419237800.jpg )

But that's not what 'libertarian socialist' represents. Number one, you are conflating it with anarchism which it isn't, it's orthodox Marxism but libertine. So while yes you could present them as having 'excesses' like the people going out and murdering nuns because the state doesn't have enough control, them having an organised campaign of political slavery wouldn't be 'libertarian'.

Now look, I think TNO goes a bit overboard on the anti-tankieism, but ultimately, libertarian socialist paths are presented as better and more 'blessed' because they are. I mean are you really that surprised that people find doing political repression and murder to be a bummer?

Authoritarian leftism has been a failure in historical terms. Now of course you can say that libertarian leftism hasn't succeeded either, but at the very least it fits modern 'sensibilities' better.


File: 1608528146393.gif ( 12.39 MB , 522x640 , Felix.gif )

You missed the wider point. The whole existence of authsoc / libsoc is just plain stupid, as it suggests that authoritarianism is a choice. Other HoI4 mods at least do ideological categories differently (like KR with totalists/syndies/radsocs (which is also bad, like how radsocs represent both KR Maoists, anarchists and dengoids)), but they also do the same thing with "cursed" paths being a choice. Literally no one (unless they are schizos) wants there to be a super strong KGB and NKVD chekists (reminder that allegedly Dzerzhinsky would weep after signing each new list), it arises from the needs of the situation. You either shoot the reactionaries, or get overthrown, shot, dumped in a ditch and have your legacy, even if you had not did any such things, become one of "le ebil" baby eater due to propaganda. Similarly, the excesses of the NKVD, as well as the raping of nuns in my Spain example, is something mostly out of your control. The question is not one of how to avoid it and find the perfect blessed white goodboy path through history, but how to ensure that these excesses are minimized and remain unimpactful for the future. Also, for a modern example, look at the US riots. People die, buildings burn, retards take the chance to start looting and many small business owner lives are ruined forever. BUT THERE CAN'T BE ANY OTHER KIND OF RIOT. BECAUSE IT IS A FUCKING RIOT, AND RIOTS ARE VIOLENT. And their violence and "badness" doesn't change that they are a good phenomenon in the wider historical scale. To bring this back to TNO, no, there isn't anything really wrong with Sablin, but the intention behind him is. With him you get the best result and the least unnecessary casualties, obviously the correct choice for any socialist. But it is completely unrealistic to expect this to be anything other than a power fantasy. Sure, it might be realistic for the setting, but the setting is nothing like real life. Also, this is the reason why Frostpunk is the single most "tankie"-pilled game that exists, because it accepts the fact that, yea, when situation is shit enough, 1984 is justifiable AND the moral thing to do (unless you are some kind of Kantian deontologist baby).


lmao, that is just ultimately a problem with games, that there is always a level of proficiency you can reach which exceeds any limitations and thus allow you to outperform and perfect strategy to the point where consequences are fairly easily avoided, save for some games designed explicitly against denying that.

as for the authsocs being shit, it is more a case of them all being revisionists themselves by following the lead of Bukharin and really just having a shittier state of affairs overall for it than it is anything else, their socialist aims are ultimately, for the time being, really not doing anything else than be custodians to capitalist development in Russia and limit the exploitation to a degree that is acceptable to the working population, or at least enough of them to not push for major overhauls of the system (through people like Sablin, ultimately). Authsocs could just as easily be called "auth" because they embody an authoritarian imposition of capitalism for the sake of development as opposed to "lib"socs who apply a more stalin-esque national development without capitalism as central to the state's function in said development, and thus ultimately providing a better quality of life through greater hardships in the short term but having more fruitful results long-term, which is hilariously how the libsoc focus tree for Sablin is, as the authsoc path usually represents compromises and the crackdowns needed to enforce those compromises with capitalism, and libsoc is more national development of the country without it, with the associated need for internal development and rationing which pays off in the long run.


Good. Tankies, esp those on Reddit and twitter, have never added anything of value to online political discussion. Either they get banned or you have them sperging on every single thread ruining all discussion.


>When you have to verify the game files every time you wanna play the game



yeah HOI4 is oddly unstable when it should have no reason to be, its like the most simplistic paradox game


Thing is that it was working pretty fine until they updated the launcher before 1.10 got released


yeah, I noticed its buggy for EU4 as well. I had to do a clean reinstall of HOI4 to get the new OWB version to play, this shit is the worst.


>I had to do a clean reinstall of HOI4 to get the new OWB version to play
Oof, haven't tried the latest version of OWB yet myself, but that sounds like a massive pain in the dick


the only real libsoc nation is SBA so ig it's anarchy?


NPP in of itself makes 0 sense as it combines Linbergh fanboys with succdems and tankies
Realistically it should be dying by the start of the game with R-Ds only available but I can see why they'd hold off to have content earlier on


Oh boy, so I played the new Old World Blues update, and uh

>start as the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel

>make the plays leading up to Operation Sunburst (the Mojave BoS/Mojave NCR war that happens before NV) by siding with Veronica and aligning ourselves with the minor factions to get more manpower, which we translate into more power armor divisions and gap-filling militia forces
>operation Sunburst begins, Veronica is a military general who gets up to 5 attack, 2 defense, 7 planning, and 6 logistics
&ltHardin meanwhile gets 8 attack and 2 everything else
>all under MacNamara who I optimized for maximum equipment retention and capture so whenever we need weapons, the NCR brings them to us
>handily win the war so hard that hardly 4 months passes, the NCR is totally kicked out of the region and I prepare for my next moves

>New Vegas was caught in a civil war between The Kings and Mr House so I opportunistically pounce on them, winning the war easily and expanding the territory of the BoS

&ltall the while Legion is massing at the Dam while we are doing repairs and training to fight the Legion
>war finally breaks out, manage to make initial push into the weather surveillance station
&ltfor anyone who has never played NV, it is a lot more than a weather surveillance station
>activate the fuckmassive robot army under the base and use it to handily crush and annex the Legion (except Lanius' territories for some reason but whatever, I am sure it won't come to bite me in the ass later)
>begin securing the Big Mountain and Sierra Madre facilities to get the tech within, all while restoring Hoover Dam to full capacity and using it to power the whole of the Mojava

>suddenly, a message

&ltNCR declares war on the Western BoS
&ltonly halfway through securing Big Mountain, but if the NCR is coming for one BoS splinter they will inevitably come for us all
>decide to justify and declare on the NCR to alleviate some pressure off the Western BoS, dedicating the whole of the military to be ready for a strong initial push
&ltwar declared against NCR, initial push wipes the floor with their shitty troops and leads to nearly 10k losses in the first month of us joining
>things are going steadily, the NCR is surely doomed with the combined might of 2 chapters of the BoS complimented with a robot army to destroy them
&ltsuddenly, I hear: Robo-scorpians, attack!
>Big Mountain's think tank unified with Mobious to stop the BoS' exploration of Big Mountain
&ltthen, another message: Lanius' Legion declare on the Maxon BoS (a relatively small midwestern BoS splinter)
>decide I have to jump in to save the Maxon BoS, suddenly putting me on a 3 front war

>completely reorganize the army into new task forces; one assigned with containing the NCR and holding our gains thus far until our army can be solely dedicated towards fighting them again, another assigned to crushing the Think Tank and securing the last secrets of Big Mountain, and a last one assigned towards cutting a bloody swathe through the Remanent of the Legion and saving the Maxon BoS

>duplicated the division templates and specialized them for each enemy, giving the NCR and Legion task forces flamethrowers and Gatling lasers, while giving the Big Mountain task force rocket launchers and tanks to fight the robo-scorpians
>NCR task force manages to hold after some triage and falling back into 3 province bottlenecks and are able to hold off the hoards of NCR troops, easily becoming elite veteran soldiers for their constant combat experience
>Big Mountain Task Force manages to cut right through the robots quick enough to take their capital and end the war quickly, allowing me to re-dedicate them to fighting the NCR
>Legion Task Force manages to push through the river dividing our territory from the Legion Remanent and meets up with the Maxon BoS to mount a decent defense, and with some extra troops from the Big Mountain Task Force, manage to slowly push them back
&ltthe Texas BoS, after wholly reunifying Texas, ends up sending massive amounts of volunteers for the fighting and begins to push another advance on NCR territory
>after a large assault pushing through junktown and the Glow, we manage to reunite with the Western BoS and close one front of the war
>meanwhile, with the Legion front, the Maxon BoS manages a decisive victory and encirclement after a failed naval invasion by the Legion Remanent, collapsing their battle lines and leading to them getting overran and capitulating
&ltthe Maxon BoS then dedicates their veteran forces to fighting the NCR

>literally the whole fucking gang minus the East Coast BoS are now attending the "who can kick the NCR's ass the hardest" contest

&ltthe NCR's entire ranger corps gets destroyed during the Battle for Baja, leaving them only shitty infantry and motorized
>a slow grind leads to a steady collapse of the NCR, with a sudden civil war starting between many factions like the Brahman Barons and others leading to their even faster downfall
&ltmeanwhile, the Mojave BoS becomes canonized as a true chapter and becomes the Helios BoS
>the Helios BoS restores the Hoover Dam completely, restores Helios One to full capacity, reactivates several nuclear power plants, rehabilitates long-abandoned US military bases, and restores the infrastructure of the wasteland
>Elijah manages to find the quantum matter re-constructors of the Sierra Madre, affording him basically unlimited resources and easy production which, when coupled by the hilarious power output of all the power sources they have collected, allows the Helios BoS to end all resource scarcity in all BoS held territory
&ltspeaking of, like 1/3rd of the continental US was held by the BoS at this point lmao, ranging from the whole of California to Utah to Texas
>the civil code of the BoS held territories was simple: surrender any and all advanced technology, and live a life of unparalleled luxury with no resource scarcity and abundant power

>basically, created a post-scarcity society ruled by a military caste of dudes in power armor and robots that ensure that advanced technology never falls into enemy hands again

also, you know Roxy, that robo-dog from Big Mountain? Veronica adopted it.


Is Godspeed dead now or what?
>libsoc is more toward collectivization
>authsoc is bukharinists
This is not really true though. A lot of authsoc paths in the game are for the complete doing away of any of Bukharin’s failures with planned economies. While a lot of libsoc like Bukharina continues her father’s mistakes with more liberal social values and others still wanting to keep private property.
On the other hand, looking at the teasers for Hall, he’s very much anti-NEP because the devs is still going on about how Hall is “da ebil tankie”.


>Is Godspeed dead now or what?
Which mod is that?


File: 1608528180361.jpg ( 423.75 KB , 3049x1547 , GodspeedMap.jpg )

I think it's still alive.
There was a teaser posted on their R*ddit about a month ago.
Slow going as ever though.

Godspeed: A Flame for Winter
It's an althist mod whose premise is that the world has diverged in all manner of minor ways since the Vth Century,
thus resulting in a world incredibly different to our own.
It's sort of like a TNO in terms of custom systems and storylines and stuff, it's not just map-painting, which is why its dev is so long.
There's more to the premise if you wanna go read their dev diaries, but that's all I've got.


A few hilarious things from that mod:
>Khmer empire never fell to Vietnam and Thailand but still got conquered by the French
>The British isles is completely subjugated under the French Angevin Empire
>The arabs colonized Italy and Spain
>the HRE exist alongside the actual Roman Empire
>Marx never met Engels so he never wrote Das Kapital before some HRE agent murdered him and Jenny
>The Ming Dysnaty never got off the ground and instead the Yue is at the reign, controlling California
>Most of the First Nations is still alive


>Marx never met Engels so he never wrote Das Kapital before some HRE agent murdered him and Jenny
Damn, it really is a cursed timeline


how do you even say that


Shtraf-ko-lo-nie U-li-ma-ro-ah?


File: 1608528182085.jpg ( 41.77 KB , 359x428 , Wv4ocP8.jpg )

Sounds incredibly rad. Honestly, I like how the Mojave Chapter came out of the update, and it really makes a fantastic alt-New Vegas: What if the BoS won and became one of NV players at the table. People would (rightfully) bitch about yet another Brotherhood as a major faction, but here it could work:

>BoS doesn't need any handwaves why the Legion can sabotage shit left and right compared to the NCR

>fantastic contrast between two new, extreme ideologies, high-tech nigh-religious elite but few soldiers using technology to propel themselves to the top vs roman larpers using human wave tactics and gorilla warfare alongside social indoctrination, as opposed to the all-rounder NCR
>BoS with a successful Elijah at its helm could make an interesting role as antagonists, remember that Elijah is not neary as genocidal as in canon, but still incredible ruthless even by the standarts of his faction.

Overall, sounds pretty fun.


File: 1608528182787.png ( 1.54 MB , 3049x1547 , Godspeedmap.png )

Here's the updated map if anybody's interested.


>the really small free territory in Russia
Makhnovist gang?


in a lot of ways Elijah is a less retarded version of Mr. House, a man who is unrivaled in his brilliance and in a position of power to use that brilliance to help people, and he chooses to do so. Unlike House though, who just wants to recreate a turbo-autistic capitalist dictator state, he wants to create a fairly utopian society where people's needs are met so long as they follow the code of the BoS, namely they cannot own any advanced technology like laser weapons or power armor and beyond that allow people to basically govern themselves. He wants to actively advance technology again rather than merely just study it, he wants to renew the infrastructure of the old world and use it to incentivize compliance with the BoS rather than use outright force to force people into compliance, ect. But at the same time he leads basically a military autocracy with hereditary elements - a friendly autocracy which means the best, yeah, but beyond what is afforded to them by the BoS there is very little in the way of individual freedom, and the BoS is still too insular to accept prospecting outsiders into their ranks if they show an aptitude for understanding pre-war tech or what have you.

Still though, it would make me pause rather than say independent vegas is better as you do in the base game. I might unironically support the Elijah dictatorship under the conditions of a BoS victory at Helios One, as long as Veronica was still around for the prospect of reforming the BoS in the near-future.


There’s Been some teaser about the Russian revolution. It also started much later than OTL.


File: 1608528185325.jpg ( 803.17 KB , 2560x1440 , 20201025192223_1.jpg )

Why would you support some tinpot dictator when you can bring blessed cyber-primitivism to the wastes and restore nature?


very jealous of the indian countries in this world. Looks more real than ours.


>doki doki literature leader
god what cursed nonsense is this


Kek, if Robot City gets annexed (by the Hang Dogs for me) then Doki Doki and her people come to you as refugees. You can either do a factory reset on them (how could you) and turn them into support robot equipment and cannibalise them for parts for yourself, or embrace their uniqueness and give them citizenship, with Doki Doki joining you as a general in gratitude.


File: 1608528188109.png ( 798.19 KB , 806x717 , 1603650771329.png )

Someone on the dev team has an unhealthy obession with rogue AIs, methinks.


Is the "Chicago Chapter" in this mod? and if so whats their ideology?
Basically in one of the least well known games of the series (Tactics) you play as a member of a brotherhood chapter that got lost in chicago and its outskirts.
In the good ending(s) this chapter reforms recruiting all the villages and tribal groups and after your character defeats the games antagonist and saves whats basically the Svalbard seed vault + The Human Genome + Old books and science holotapes and shit. the region reforms into basically a peaceful isolationist society helping whoever wanders into their territory


File: 1608528189785.png ( 3.08 MB , 1920x1080 , everything is bigger in te….png )

even texas is bigger in texas

for context, I was playing as the Texan BoS going into forming the Republic of Texas, and the Texan economic union is made up of Texas, the Maxon Chapter, Painted Rock, and the Republic of the Rio Grande

Chicago isn't a thing (yet), but they will inevitably pop up in future updates. So far we have the Western BoS, Mojave Chapter, Washington BoS (edgelords from the Fallout Bible I think), the Maxon Chapter, the Texas Chapter (and a possible split from them in the Alamo Chapter), not exactly BoS but the Desert Rangers can join the BoS which de-facto makes them a chapter, I think there was a mod focus tree for the Shi that lets the Western BoS turn the Shi into a chapter, and that is about it.


speaking of future updates though, I wonder if they will adopt Fallout: Maimi's idea of the Enclave holding the area roughly around Guantanamo in Cuba having a massive fight with the locals who want to push them off the island.


Same mod that can make the Shi-Chapter can also turn New Victoria (monarchy on the island in the north) into one.


File: 1608528190801.jpg ( 69.47 KB , 972x608 , hyun ae maid.jpg )

To be fair there is millions of rogue AIs in the Fallout canon, and also they're a cool concept. If you don't have a rogue AI girlfriend you're a loser frankly.


A fun idea of mine is that if the NCR manages to unite the whole of the US they should just declare all of America to be 'California'. In a world without meaningful hard boundaries, California is an ideal not a place, same with Texas. I guess if you wanna be a loser there should be the option to reform the US too and stuff.


File: 1608528191160.jpg ( 103.91 KB , 744x1073 , 1600256464342.jpg )

I actually agree with you 100%, although I wouldn't say that they are that many rogue AIs, these do exists, and I think is mightily underrated in canon. Especially if consider the conversation with the ZAX-AI in Fallout 2, who goes into their pre-war status, which is actually mentioned in Twin Mothers' starting foci (namely, the creator of Diana, even though she is technically a cyberized robo-brain, regularly visiting her and supplying her with "reading" material, since AI's lack of motion and acting ability inflicts them with various psychological illnesses like in humans. In that sense, a genuine hats-off to the devs.

Still kinda funny how AIs and Semi-AIs kinda outnumber both super mutants and ghouls as country leaders. You have:

Semi-AIs (robo-brains, uploaded humans etc.)
>Mr. House
>potentially Valentina Rosado (as the Lady of the Bells after defeating Tlalocs children)
>Cerberus (secret route for Shale's Army; The Master Mk.2 but with an AI at their helm with the circuits working as its bones and muscles)

>Tlalocan, his 4 "children", and Ollis (reconstructed Tlaloc under Rosado; alternative to the above)
>Doki Doki
>MODUS, judging from the teaser in WARDENS focus tree
>Callix (not a leader persay, but is the AI in question regarding Cerberus)

Feel that way about the Enclave Reborn mod thb, pretty much a majority cream themselves at "le epic US-restoration", the Nevada is our Home path is underrated.


you also forget all of the lads from Big Mountain, since they can rebel as their own separate tag from the Mojave BoS' focus tree where they secure big mountain for its technology.


Yeah, like obviously the end goal for 'civilisation building' nations like the NCR, Texas, Rio Grande, and plenty of others should be to eventually reunify the entire map, but to me it's a big let-down to just reform the USA or Mexico, like surely the average wasteland dweller would have some resentment towards the idea of the United States since that country is primarily responsible for the shithole world they now live in. I feel like whatever unified country would be made should have a more 'authentic wasteland identity' and be more relevant to wastelanders.

Also this is partly unrelated but what the fuck do people see in playing as Lanius' Cohort or the Legion in general? It seems like at least 1/2 of people who played the new update played as Lanius from the bug reports. Why does anyone want to LARP as playing someone who only wants to bring misery and slaughter to the world?

>Still kinda funny how AIs and Semi-AIs kinda outnumber both super mutants and ghouls as country leaders.

There should definitely be more ghouls, but to me most Super Mutants are not really capable of 'nation building' and should probably be more represented as a passive threat that roams through established nations. On that topic, the wasteland seems way too safe and civilised in general, there should be a lot more effort needed to 'pacify' it.


File: 1608528191960.png ( 64.94 KB , 433x274 , Tomsk.PNG.png )

Thoughts on Tomsk in TNO? I think the salon system would be an interesting idea, personally.


Either cringe contards, libs or succdems. Not a based unifier. Better then some other Russian "democracies" but still not leftist.


Isn't there some sort of "Novgorodist" faction that is half direct democracy socialists and half authdems?


There's the humanists who are socdems who want direct democracy, unions, cultural and press freedom, they want everyone to know how to fire a gun, and they want a big army to defend themselves from germany


File: 1608528193123.png ( 380.72 KB , 349x451 , 1586258407826.png )

True. I also just read that as Diana, you can create a new puppet nation lead by Odysseus, the electronic warden of the tibbetan prison and starting location of Van Buren.

>what the fuck do people see in playing as Lanius' Cohort or the Legion in general?
Eh, plenty I guess? Either they are completionist, simply like the lore/aesthetic, and others are /pol/kiddies.

>to me most Super Mutants are not really capable of 'nation building'

I don't see why some more couldn't exist, especially considering the path Bethesda went down. Also, they already are like that in OWB, the only "nice" faction is the Austin Unity, everyone else consist murderous fuckers.

>On that topic, the wasteland seems way too safe and civilised in general, there should be a lot more effort needed to 'pacify' it.

What exactly do you mean? You mean gameplay or lorewise? On the later, NCR is mostly free of raiders be gamestart, same with Legion (even if their definition of free is mostly "it ain't raiding if WE do it"), but I do think that frontier nation like New Vegas should at least get maluses and events regarding, say, Fiends. Although, Rio Grande DOES have something like that, namely the centurion of the first Legion army trying to cause trouble because he got BTFO in their big fight, and doesn't want to return a failure, with all the negatives that come with it. And Lone Star has do deal with pro-Legion groups (who can take over).


>what the fuck do people see in playing as Lanius' Cohort or the Legion in general
Different playstyle, focusing on loads of troops with generally shitty equipment but with very powerful specialized units which you can use to break up specific points and cause mass-encirclements. I though the last update's Caesar's Legion was neat in how you could either centralize the state around Caesar or almost make a Pantheon of other people you conquer, which plays into how the legion functions as a military body and can modify how they act through allowing you to research different tech, and even having there be differences based on the pantheon you've made when the inevitable civil war comes as Caesar dies.

But relative to the lore of NV it doesn't make a lot of sense, to Caesar the Legion isn't meant to last much further beyond the destruction of the NCR, it is more meant to stop the NCR from more or less making itself the next United States and inevitably leading to a second nuclear genocide, then collapsing completely into the NCR and hoping that out of that fusion comes something not as assuredly doom-causing.


>it is more meant to stop the NCR from more or less making itself the next United States and inevitably leading to a second nuclear genocide

Is that actually stated or just fanon?


its inferred from Caesar's dialog and some cut content, but pretty heavily implied in-game too with how he laments the reliance on technology to fight wars inevitably leading the NCR to weapons of mass destruction, which was part of the reason the NCR was in the Divide, and why the Courier carried the device to the Divide which inadvertently set off the nukes.


I guess I just don't have a lot of patience for people who argue stuff like 'look I know these are obviously and clearly the bad guys but if I make some shit up to justify it what if the obvious good guys were actually the bad guys?'


well the whole point of New Vegas is that there aren't really any good guys, even people with more utopian aims tend to either have a dark past (Arcade Ganon) or are warped by the circumstances of the wasteland into something else (Father Elijah) or even their utopian outlooks can negatively affect people around them (Daniel from Honest Hearts). While the NCR may have a semblance of democracy, it is heavily corrupted by brahmin-barons who own more wealth collectively than the whole NCR and dictate employment in the country who often butt in to make executive calls over government and military policy - leading to expansionist policies and wiping out indigenous peoples to make way for settlers and plantations for those rich elite, much like what happened to the Great Khans. Not to mention their military is getting full of itself and their power to the point where people like Hanlon are throwing entire generations of Californians into the meat-grinder in the Mojave while cutting costs on equipment and gear to the point where Camp Forlorn Hope is down half its men and are stuck with breech-loading shotguns and barely functional handguns while the Legion openly crucifies their comrades not even a stone throw away from their encampment, knowing that they can't do anything to stop them and will never get enough supplies to regroup. In that sense Hanlon is completely right in how the NCR has basically given up lives for profit and gluttonous lifestyles for the richest among them. The military staff and the president is such a clique of old, rich goons that they, no fucking kidding, fly into the Mojave on a stolen Vertibird like they are the fucking Enclave, which those fuckers probably wished they could be. At this point they've likely done enough genocide of wastelanders to easily usurp the Enclave's position of head dickwads.

House is a technocratic capitalist who says he has high hopes for humanity, but its clear even looking outside his own doorstep that that leisure is only afforded to those that are useful to him - Freeside is an open shithole outside of New Vegas while inside of Vegas its a den of debauchery and rich assholes fucking prostitutes. When asked about the Wasteland he basically has open contempt for it, showing that all he really cares about is New Vegas, and just plastering New Vegas (Freeside and all!) over the landscape as much as possible. Basically recreating shitty gated communities with gaudy entertainment everywhere.


>Not to mention their military is getting full of itself and their power to the point where people like Hanlon are throwing entire generations of Californians into the meat-grinder in the Mojave while cutting costs on equipment and gear to the point where Camp Forlorn Hope is down half its men and are stuck with breech-loading shotguns and barely functional handguns while the Legion openly crucifies their comrades not even a stone throw away from their encampment, knowing that they can't do anything to stop them and will never get enough supplies to regroup.
Thing is the game goes really easy on people put in this situation, the more you dive into the scenario the darker it gets. For example Russians put into the meat grinder in the Chechnyan war resorted to taking civilian hostages to negotiate their escape out of the warzones, and an old friend of mine who was in KFOR used to buy ammunition on the black market so he could shoot people he had decided were war criminals (ironically most likely becoming a war criminal himself).


File: 1608528194595.jpg ( 44.53 KB , 537x534 , What in the goddamn.jpg )





File: 1608528195019-0.jpg ( 68.99 KB , 509x557 , ahwzk0.jpg )

File: 1608528195019-1.jpg ( 103.6 KB , 510x561 , ahwzk1.jpg )

File: 1608528195019-2.png ( 529.59 KB , 510x563 , ahwzk2.png )

TNO's gonna have some kind of Halloween event, it seems. Things have never been "well" in Burgundy, but they're about to take a turn towards the worst.

Don't forget how everything House promises about the future is practically just marketing, if you look at the greater picture. Before the events of NV, he's been aware and capable for 121 years, but hadn't really done anything at all until he spotted the NCR poking around the dam 7 years before NV. 121 years.
He could've built several empires in that time even with what little he had, considering he threw Vegas together in under a decade. But for whatever reason, he didn't do so until competition showed up. So whatever grand design he promises for the future is to be taken with a pinch of salt, seeing that he's so deeply into a capitalist mindset, that he will literally do lifetimes worth of nothing with his near-immortality, as long as there isn't at least the promise of some kind of pseudo-currency in doing things. When he talks about "the good of humanity" and creating "a better future", he's speaking of a product he'll sell mankind at a price free for him dictate, not some kind of philanthropy or altruism.


So… wait. Does Germany just nuke Burgundy like that and its over? Is this one of the possible endings for the second decade when Burgundy collapses? Or is something else going on here?


No. This looks like this may be a Halloween update (Which i hope they leave in the game because taking it out after Halloween would be fucking stupid) which alters the events of the game significantly and either involves Burgundy infecting everyone with the coof and them having to cure it or Burgundy creating some zombie plague and releasing it into the general population.
All these events seem to be taking place within the first year of gameplay since Hitler, Nixon and Ino are all mentioned.
The chain of events according to the leaks seems to be
>Burgundy intentionally causes a "Rabies" outbreak in france
>Burgundy causes a "Smallpox" outbreak in Germany
>Either Germany or Burgandy themselves drops a nuke on Rodomo for as of yet undisclosed reasons
>Burgundy "goes dark"


Only correct ending for Tomsk libs is them shitting around all day with their epic poetry and music while ignoring the plight of the working class leading to the formation of the Siberian soviet




what the FUCK


File: 1608528197533.jpg ( 72.05 KB , 640x652 , 5twc9s71o4551.jpg )



I’m more hyped for the ultravisionary leak. Kardashev Dyson sphere ahoy!


Where is that from? The portrait looks almost like a legit paradox version.


I tried playing Kaiserreich again but after EaW and TNO and OWB it just feels too similar to vanilla to me. Alas.


Yea, its weak naratively. But from a gameplay perspective I don't think I've had a better or more fun HoI4 game than CSA > Civil War > letting Internationale get stomped > Stoml Canada > Take back Europe.
Heard but didn't play. I thought it was KR-tier. Is it more akin to TNO?


Great War Redux mod


CSA and American civil war in general was great, but I'm playing as Japan now and it's like, eh, this is okay but it's a lot like vanilla (and I don't get to fight the USA).

EaW is dank in my opinion, it's a total conversion with an all new world and nations which is interesting to me. Though in fairness I am a brony/furry so you might not get as much out of it if you've never watched MLP.


File: 1608528199515-1.jpg ( 685.57 KB , 1920x1080 , cyberpunk-hd-wallpaper_102….jpg )

I'd honestly love to see a HOI4 mod set in the future, probably some time in the 2040's or 50's and be about WWIII. You could have all sorts of wild political factions running around like American and European neo-fascists, cybernetic socialists, Dengists, Islamists, Landian accelerationists and so on, plus most of the war wouldn't be constricted to Europe and occasionally Asia.


I had an idea for a mod in the distant future with the ecological collapse of earth ongoing, and the world tension meter is replaced by an ecological devastation meter. most ideologies in the mod tend to either raise it or be ineffectual at lowering it, so the only really viable ideologies are a handful of leftist and ecologically extremist ideologies which mainly focus on bringing down the rest of the world through war to stop the oncoming ecological collapse before the earth becomes doomed.


IIRC there was going to be a mod somewhat like that (Although set in the 2030's) but as far as I'm aware, it's pretty much been cancelled

Personally I wouldn't mind a alt-history mod where the CPRF came to power in '93 rather than Yeltsin


sounds gigabased


Sounds like cool ideas however I would caution that HOI is built to simulate WW2 era warfare (yes I know it's hardly that accurate in that sense either but whatever) and doesn't represent the modern world well.


Could be cool. The most divisive part would be developing the China tree and other socialist countries. How would the mainstream red capitalism would developed in terms of global integration, internal ML reformists, violent left revolutionaries, reactionary/liberal/communist labor unionism and such.
The US should see a huge expansive tree about the failure and doubling down of neoliberalism, to the point of merging together unlike under Pinochet Chile but with an even more powerful monopolistic panopticon by huge corporations.
I think we can make it more unique by giving each of the major corporations an actual faction to play with territories replaced with influence zones, company towns and bought out subservient governments.


File: 1608528200753-0.png ( 509.29 KB , 523x590 , db44g.png )

File: 1608528200753-1.png ( 448.79 KB , 510x565 , m53f.png )

It keeps getting worse.


I would love a HOI mod where there were a bunch of corporate states. I wanna conquer the world for Eurocorp.


Shit add Neotokyo as a nation too. Just all cyberpunk shit.


Wonder what will come of this. I seriously doubt that they would go all the way and make a branching game path that factors in Corona, 1962 edition fucking everyone's shit up. I'm guessing it's just gonna be zombies without a chance to avoid an eventual game over.
Also my prediction is that this is somehow caused by Burgundy, and after Halloween will be another Random Shrimp Event that has a chance to GG your every game.


TNO has the right idea in that you shouldn't aim for realism but instead fun and varied mechanics which are a vehicle for an interesting narrative.
Personally I had planned for China to be lead by basically a green-Maoist coalition after international trade became harder to do with constant year-round tropical thunderstorms and hurricanes leading to a decline of markets as an effective way to build up national industry leading to the resurgence of Maoism. Their main struggle would be fighting a limited war with India and trying to translate it into helping a CPI coalition revolution in India as well as negotiating the reunification of Korea now that the US had become so unstable that they pulled out of all their military puppets and eventually dealing with a resurgent imperialist Japan.

America would be tettering on political collapse after successive elections across the nation being fraudulent and some political assassinations and would likely break out into a gradual civil war, starting foremost in the rural areas of the US where different militias would break off and fight the federal government, who would try and centralize in major population centers to survive, until those population centers too fall into civil war and the federal government basically ends. for a while it would just be different ideologically aligned militias fighting against each other, but over time united fronts would form and it would become a civil war proper where there are a few different possible outcomes depending on what coalitions happened - IE there could be a rightist victory, a rightist-ecoextremist coalition (ecofascism basically), left victory, left-ecoextremist victory, or just an eco-extremist victory (albeit this would be the hardest).


(and of course the greens are a part of the Maoist coalition because China proper still has emissions to deal with and part of the Maoist mandate is improving national air quality and researching green technology).

Early game China is basically going to be the only one reducing their contribution to the end-of-the-world meter, but by the end more countries would contribute to it if everything goes right.


Another cool idea is to use an overlay of the earth ice melt flood map with most of the polar ice gone with the normal map so that we can add in a geo engineering mode to reclaim the land. This can give any nation the ability to change the terrain bonus as well.
This would make the Siberian zine a huge bread basket and industrial powerhouse while most of the temperate zone have huge debuffs. This can lead to hilarious events like the Chinese neo-Maoist succeeds in building a sea wall and reclaiming the Beijing flood zone or moving their capital to the west.
Another one would be copying the “anarchy” mechanic in TNO but replace it with something like “barbarism” or “neofeudalism”. As a country failed to address the environmental problems, it will slowly head closer to this state where you automatically lose the game.
How fascist should India be in this timeline? I suspect the CPI (ML) and CPI (Maoist) can finally put aside their differences to secede Kerala and Bengal.
Also China at the start of the game should still be under Xi or the many of his protégés.


The game engine does not support changing the map while playing the game. So the only option to represent that is to have every low lying area as a separate state depending on elevation and gradually transferring those states to a blue colored dummy country as the sea level rises and vice versa as sea level falls.


File: 1608528203760.png ( 2.69 MB , 1529x1071 , 4ztk7hiwk8w51.png )

OWB devs are dropping small teaser for the next update (which will now come more often, albeit smaller), and we are getting chinese communist ghouls from Colorado.


Bruh, how the fuck is Luism supposed to work?


in other TNO news.
New update will apparently finally add some content for Nazi mittleafrika and a way to stop it collapsing.
Along with two possible outcomes for nazi congo in the event it does collapse and two different outcomes for the Boer republic (Assuming Afrika-Schild beats the RSA earlier in the game)
They can either go LibSoc under the ANC and join the OFN or stay apartheid and join the unity pakt by the looks of it


Or just open the game with those areas as dead lands that can only be conquered through focus trees.


>The one you have to play as to get libsoc SA
Ah, yes. Accelerationism wins once again it seems.


>ANC cucking themselves to the OFN
Fucking why? Just give them a boost in stats and keep them the same as before with a developed focus tree for libsoc and authsoc with some meme path to please the redditors.
>still no Asia content or Cuban
Fuck libs.


>still no Asia content or Cuban
Or South American for that matter


Have you played Tomsk?


Cold southern springs is coming out soon I think so that‘ll be changing


File: 1608528205711.png ( 2.06 MB , 1920x1440 , owb.png )

new roadmap for OWB


Speaking of OWB, how do you purchase new equipment and weapons in 3.0?


I think to trade with organisations, you now have to have those organisations in your trade hub. Which means they have to be linked to a trade hub that already has the organisation (via a trade route) and then you have to pay a bunch of caps to get the organisation to come to yours. Even then it seems like the only things you can buy are temporary buffs, no idea how you buy equipment now.


Oh I found it, it's in the drop down menu at the end of the upper left button bar (where coring etc is), go to the 'organisation marketplace'. However, you still need to attract (ie bribe) the orgs first.


yeah, it helps to build up infrastructure around trade posts and have loads of money to bribe them


The new California secession teaser for Red Flood. have the fucking Accelerationist Scientology of Bodin and Hubbard vs Upton Sinclair. What the actual fuck?
And as always the focus tree art is a treat to behold.


is their any submod for the new order that extends the russian unications to have a war against germany or atleast to take over moscow?


no but you can just use the console command "nocb" and do it for the sense of completion. it will say something weird about Burgundy and Brittany joining the war but you can ignore that, they won't actually.


What's the easiest way to pirate the latest Kaiserreich and HOI4?


there is a way to get the DLCs if you have a vanilla copy of the game, since the DLC verifier doesn't actually try to verify shit
from there you can download mods from the workshop normally with your cracked dlc and steam won't give a shit.


>The Virgin “HECKIN WHOLESOME” Wilson Commonwealth.
>The Chad David Stirling 2nd Cromwellian Revolution.


It seems Stirling and Chesterton and Montgomery May get some content during the next update as well.
>Montgomery coups thatcher or the Libs if they capitulate to Germany to much and don’t take Cromwell back.
>Stirling is basically the “Bad ending” for HMMLR if they fail to get any of their policies passed and the government basically collapses.
>Chesterton seems to be the same for either Maggie or the LibDems with the National-Front getting more popular each time one of their bills fails to pass Parliment.


The humanists are unironically pretty based, the decembrists and modernists are ok, and the bastillards are cringe


Last comment on TNO for now.
For any Burgundy bros it seems they've finally fixed the South Africans AI behaviour during their war so Muller dosen't just instantly capitulate them after a month by taking cape town.
Which means getting the war to last long enough that Huttig does the gamer thing should be much easier.


The AI took a month to launch the nukes. You just have to capitulate them before that. Japan is the easiest to invade and killed by either China or the Soviets because of this.


I thought nukes were supposed to get launched automatically if you step on their cores?


iirc the only country this dosen't happen to is Goerings germany but like the other anon said you have to capitulate the other world power in a month or its game over.


Oops. I killed the thread. Go here now:




Can't be rotated?


>kills hoi4 thread
>just use the darkest hour thread


they're both gsg threads in general


As the OP of that thread I meant it to be for any grand strategy game, which is why there's a link to a Vicky 2 mod there. Just didn't know what picture to use, sorry for any confusion.


File: 1608528227248.png ( 277.79 KB , 579x431 , ADC2BB97-E32B-48F1-A7CB-2D….png )

How do you do fellow transgenders?


>pirate captain from the Spviet animated Treasure Island


File: 1608528282716.png ( 173.56 KB , 521x445 , Smug anime faces aint got ….png )

So how about that Heydrich redemption arc?


File: 1608528362799.png ( 13.32 KB , 528x102 , 286761e85a916d09afa55560b8….png )

Post TNO discord ban messages


File: 1616031777579.png ( 552.62 KB , 1442x772 , olubvrp6xsj21.png )

Never played kaiserreich before, how accurate is this?


They hated him cause he told them the truth


lmao legend


Fairly accurate, in some poll higher up the thread Huey was voted as like the second favourite civil war winner


Libtard circlejerk socdem 100 monarchism
Market socialist liberal
Literally who
Heckin' modernized monarchism
>Legion guy


I guess it's changed or something since i last played KR but in DH era KR and the first drafts of HOI4:KR Codreanu and the Iron guard are basically the settings equivalent to Nazi germany (KR romania is totally dismantled after WW1 basically and basically the entirety of Wallachia despite being legally part of romania is under german enforced demilitarisation / corporate control)

PuYi is pretty much just the Monarchist / reactionary path for China, Not much else to say.

You obviously get willy no matter what as germany unless you SPECTACULARLY fuck up the aftermath of black monday iirc

Mahkno is a Mutualist in this timeline and raises up a massive army to try go full black napoleon on all of europe. take from that what you will

Huey is an Anti-Communist SocDem.
Carl is either a SocDem or a NeoCon


Does anyone think its a bit iffy that in TNO "Vagner" is seen as the more "radical" and "race-science enjoyer" leader of the Aryan Brotherhood when his whole grift is claiming that "Aryan" is just "Anyone who is a gigachad" basically While Velemir despite calling himself "the high priest" just puts the actual nazi theory on its head and calls it a day?


Huey just won the civil war when I'm attacking canada and then he treatens me for annoying canada and starts attacking me. what happened to the "everyman a king"?


The Red Order mod looks sick ngl.
(linking because the image is too YUGE for the website)


Seems like Suslov-Zhdanov alliance is going to be the based path.


>Literally who
That's Charles Curtis, Herbert Hoover's Vice President.


Based and Red Napoleon pilled
Based and Orthodoxy pilled
Kinda average
Average but something tells me the rest of the tree will be insanely based


"1950s: Stalin believes that a global Communist revolution is now inevitable, and proposes the creation of "neutral" states in Manchuria, China, France, and Italy to reduce tensions with Japan and America. Believing his leader has gone soft, Beria and the NKVD attempt a coup, but are defeated thanks to the help of Bulganin. Beria is assigned a large chunk of Germany to serve as a special state for the NKVD which promptly does de-nazification that would make the DSR blush. The USSR's expansion, and their pursuit of idiotic projects like a massive baltic-white sea canal finally results in a economic crisis, which it handles by doubling down on communism and instituting basically slavery in the occupied territories to erase the peoples "debt to socialism". America supports right-wing groups in some places against the Soviet Union, and left-wing ones elsewhere against Japan. Independent communists in Yugoslavia, Spain, and Turkey form the Triumvirate. All great powers have nuclear weapons.

1960s: Stalin is in failing health. Zhukov, Khrushchev, Molotov, and Kruglov get ready to rumble. Bulganin plays Speidal. Game starts."

So it's TNO but with the Soviets in place of the cartoonishly evil incompetent bad guy? Yeah really sounds awesome


About Zhdanov, just saying, but TRO, is pretty much "What if USSR won WW2 in TNO 'verse instead of Germany" and Zhdanov does some whacky shit lmao




Is this the mod's actual lore? When i searched these words i stumbled upon this https://www.reddit.com/r/TNOmod/comments/a77d5v/the_red_order_last_days_of_eurasia_allied_victory/, which doesn't seem very official.


No it isn't. The lore is that the USSR wins WWII and Germany gets Morgenthau'd. THere are three world powers: Bukharin USSR, USA, and Anglo-France who are becoming like modern america with conscription to keep their empires alive.


So I am guessing US is like an isolationist failstate that tries to live off its Pax-Americana imperialism?


File: 1616417305458.png ( 116.68 KB , 226x223 , sonic gun.png )

Tell me a HOI4 mod/country to play RIGHT NOW, it has to be good, I've already played most of the big ones


Red Flood Germany


Done it, also I felt that Red Flood is a bit too barebones/silly


Thousand Week Reich, Nationalist China?


Why do you say that? I've played TWR twice and China never did anything interesting, are there fun options?


TNO Komi Suslov


Nationalist China and the US are now tied for the position of the most boring countries to play in TWR. They haven’t even implemented the communist exiles path yet which sucks.
The Legion in OWB (both east and west) is pretty good all things considered.
Agreed. They focused on Accelerationism way too much. The German paths don’t even have any cool shit like supporting German Oklahoma once the US collapse. Plus every time they fight with an AI controlled France it’s always a curb stomp unless Russia joined the League Solar.
But then again, it’s an expected result when machine guns and artillery of an industrial army face a bunch of crazy hedonists/militarist art fetishists/naked tribal retards. If anything, the main Nazi analogues should be from the east and not France.


That sucks. I played UK in TWR and that was also pretty damn boring.

As for the Legion, IDK maybe one day but I'm a bit too much of a bleeding heart, fuck the Legion.


To be fair, the original scenario for TWR was so boring that it could be entirely summarized by “and so democracy wins, oh and Vietnam is North Korea I guess”. That’s also why the new reworks have already removed the dick biting incident that canonically killed Beria in the fanfic (because huh duh rapist Beria is an overused, tired meme).


>not restarting the dialectical process to diverge humanity from recreating nuclear armageddon by uncritically following the path of fascist america
shiggidy diggidy
also Legion is the only "major" West Coast power which has a focus tree atm because the NCR is getting reworked. The mod is at a weird spot where it got so carried away with its own side content that the main event has been underserviced lmao


>>8352 (me)
Oh, and the West Coast BoS will probably also get a rework since they are still going to have something akin to the "Steel Deal" scenario where the NCR basically hires the BoS to go north and literally just purge all the Brahmin Baron kulaks on their behalf in exchange for advanced technology.


>literally just purge all the Brahmin Baron kulaks on their behalf in exchange for advanced technology



File: 1616508391249.jpg ( 74.92 KB , 756x426 , caesar int fallout new veg….jpg )

Also Caesar is a brainlet that doesn't even understand what dialectics means, he's a dumb person's vision of a smart person.


well there was 3 routes to go with Ceaser

what they went with, which was a layman's understanding of Hegel to get across the underlying foundational ideas of Legion to laymen so they could recognize that its not just a roaming tribe but a tool towards a specific end

the /leftypol/ option, which would be to write and record like 3 hours of dialog about what hegel is to explain to the player, containing all the nuances about the different expressions and interpretations of hegelian thought and how they interlink with the wasteland at large, resulting in so much audio that it would cause the consoles of the time to explode trying to process it all

or the asshole option of writing him to talk about hegel with an advanced understanding of it without ever explaining it to anyone, just making him look like a douche canoe to most people and only have weird internet philosophers ever understand and appreciate the connotations of the things he is saying


File: 1616511712718.png ( 815.18 KB , 664x883 , women of the ncr poster.png )

My point is that you're naive to think that Caesar is doing anything but say big words to try and obfuscate the truth of what he is, which is a vulgar slaver that created an empire of dirt because he personally wanted to. You can't compare him to Marxist-Leninists if that's what you're thinking, hell I'm not the biggest fan of M-L but even I could never do that, he does nothing for his 'people'.

I actually just went back and watched his explanation again and it really isn't impressive, the NCR might not be a perfect democracy or the perfect system but it's the best the wasteland has by a long long way. Caesar says that he's resetting civilisation back so they can start again but there's no need to do that, advanced science and technology still exist, at least in part, and so much of the world has been destroyed that you can't just go back to zero and start again. Even Caesar himself, who bans most technology, is a hypocrite who hoards an AutoDoc for himself due to his cancer. He can't live by his own ideals because he believes himself to be the 'great man' of history, his conquest isn't about making the world better, the fruits of it are enough testament to that, his empire is about his ego.


>you're naive to think that Caesar is doing anything but say big words to try and obfuscate the truth of what he is, which is a vulgar slaver that created an empire of dirt because he personally wanted to
The Legion isn't really meant to survive the process Caesar wants it to go through - it would be the foundational piece for the start of new national conceptions after it finally collapsed and left behind an institutional inheritance to the peoples that would result out of it, allowing for the development of human civilization in a new direction away from the NCR or more generally the Old World, hoping that the fascism and nuclear genocide of the USA is not recreated as it would inevitably be by the NCR. Even by the time of New Vegas, NCR is increasingly having its civilian government gutted and replaced with a caste of Brahmin Barons and corrupt brass who utilize the civilian army as a tool of imperialism and conquest with utter disregard for the livelihood of the soldiers under them. They are recreating the societal conditions that lead to the United States to begin with, a campaign of genocidal colonialism coupled with a form of national exceptionalism crowned with a capitalist economic system that will always push forwards the frontiers and lay waste to communities in the name of making profit. Hell, when the President of the NCR arrives on the Mojave, he does so in a Vertibird flanked by fucking shocktroopers like some 2-bit enclave knockoff. And the NCR itself is more than willing to accept nuclear diplomacy by the time of New Vegas as well, because you get idolized by them for nuking the Legion at the end of Lonesome Road. The NCR is a virtually inevitable failstate for humanity, just recreating the same systems and eventually the same failures as American already provably did.


It's like the purist enclave but Ruguanist


You can't make the argument that 'the NCR is fascist' when the Legion are 1000x more hyperfascist. Why shouldn't the NCR expand outwards when their rule is mostly benevolent and better than what nearly anyone outside of the NCR experiences? It's worth noting that the Bitter Springs massacre is treated like a big deal (which it is) and a repudiation of the NCR's values when literally every tribe that the Legion conquers suffers an even worse massacre and that's just normal business.

Yes the NCR shares characteristics with the USA, but the Legion is also a two-bit knock off of the Roman Empire which also fell catastrophically, and not to mention that Caesar is a dumb LARPer who is viewing Rome through the prism of American historiography which idolises Rome as an inspiration for America.

So sure, the NCR's old world values might eventually lead them to failure, but the Legion is already coming apart at the seams by the time that New Vegas happens, after Caesar dies there will inevitably be a bloody power struggle which threatens to unravel the whole Legion and/or lead to civil war, and no matter who wins the battle, they won't have the same understanding as Caesar about why he supposedly started the Legion, and will inevitably just act like a generic power-crazed tyrant ruling for personal gain (arguably that's what Caesar is anyway but there would be even less theoretical underpinning).

Basically everyone in the Legion is either a slave or disposable cannon fodder that live in utter squalor, whereas most people you talk to about the NCR have good things to say about them and that living in the NCR is better than living anywhere else, the people who have grievances are mostly either bandits or raiders, or farmers and other settlers who don't like that they will have to live under the NCR's authority and their rules/taxes. Which is understandable I guess but the wasteland can't just survive forever as disunited town-states.


>when the Legion are 1000x more hyperfascist
Fascism is not just mean authoritarian people, it is a manifestation of right-wing aligned forces coalition against the forces of a popular left-wing movement within the context of industrial capitalism. None of those things exist by the time of NV except arguably the NCR against the Followers.
>Why shouldn't the NCR expand outwards when their rule is mostly benevolent and better than what nearly anyone outside of the NCR experiences?
They don't just come in and shake hands with local tribals, they wipe them out and settle those areas with their own people. Bitter Springs is just one local example but the Khans were displaced more than once, along with different tribes like the Jackals and Vipers who are now hiding in the Mojave to get away from the NCR. Can we even begin to imagine how many tribes there must have been that the NCR displaced since their inception, seeing as they now stretch from Arroyo to Baja? It is literally just 1-to-1 the United States repeating itself, just starting from the West rather than East coast.
>but the Legion is also a two-bit knock off of the Roman Empire which also fell catastrophically
That is the point - the Legion will fall, and from it comes a patchwork of civilizations which will create a new and divergent development of history. This is what Caesar ultimately wants, to edge the sociological development of the wastes away from just idly copying the USA by erasing it, and replacing it with a new authority in Rome. Something alien, something that challenges the notions and ideas of America, something to challenge its place as an ideological symbol. That is why high-level Legion people like Ulysses obsess so much about the symbolism the Legion entails, it is the idealized perspective of human societal development distilled into iconography and symbolism.
>So sure, the NCR's old world values might eventually lead them to failure, but the Legion is already coming apart at the seams…
Again, the point. It is leading to the conditions of the Legion unraveling into multiple new civilizations divergent from America.
>Basically everyone in the Legion is either a slave or disposable cannon fodder that live in utter squalor
As per Legion law, "civilized" settlements they conquer are allowed to continue living more or less the same way only with the laws of Legion now imposed on them. Raul says Arizona was a lawless shithole until Legion cleaned it up, incapable of having civilization until Legion came around and basically made it possible for people to survive. Even Cass, an NCR civilian, admits that its far more lucrative and safe to do trading with Legion than it is with NCR, and many of NCR's own companies are doing side-deals with the Legion to get in on that action.
>whereas most people you talk to about the NCR have good things to say about them
Most people you meet from the NCR are lamenting the draft, permanently impovershed, critically under-supplied in the war effort, have been fucked over by the Brahmin barons, have had their comrades left behind by their government, openly mocking how ineffectual and corrupt their own leadership is, are posted in near-suicidal guard posts like Helios or Forlorn Hope, ect ect. The only people who do say good things about the NCR are usually their own fucking officials!


File: 1616514577499.jpg ( 224.89 KB , 1719x1027 , UHOH.JPG )

My LBJ endgame.
You cant see it but Yockey AND hall both have 10% support, I've got President-Elect Mcgovern in the wings waiting to be Inaugurated in 72, And i guess my 46 + 6 R-D senators plus the 2 NPP-C senators ive got means the Great society coalition is "SORTA" still standing?


I don't have the energy to continue this argument, I really don't get how anyone can look at the NCR and the Legion and sympathise with the Legion except for unironic fascists. Which funnily enough do love the Legion (really makes you think etc etc).

>That is why high-level Legion people like Ulysses obsess so much about the symbolism the Legion entails, it is the idealized perspective of human societal development distilled into iconography and symbolism.

Now what does that remind me of…


>and sympathise with the Legion except for unironic fascists
bruh not even sympathizing, just realizing they are more than funny bad men to punch with your fully modded Greased Lightning, and indeed their complexity is reflected in their OWB implementation
>Now what does that remind me of…
if you payed attention in New Vegas, basically everyone. The contrast of old world blues and new world hope comes about through these clashes of symbols and ideas, basically visual shorthands for what they represent and their perspective on how to start human civilization over from basically scratch. That is also why two major Legion people in Ulysses and Joshua are focuses of the DLC, because they represent that symbolism and inject it into the world. Be it the biblical conflict between the Old and New Testaments or the literal confrontation of the Courier, embodying whatever path you decided the Wasteland should walk, against Ulysses bearing the flag of the literal united states on his back with giant stars and stripes flags hanging from the rafters, as a confrontation at the end of the world with nuclear weapons involved… like they are basically slapping their narrative cocks in your face at that point.


>what they went with, which was a layman's understanding of Hegel
It's literally a reference to Gentile. The only reason why morons, like the ones that crawl around on /leftypol/, think it even has anything to do with Hegel directly is because an even more retarded youtuber they liked as a teen (Hbomberguy) made the connection.

Every time someone makes this extremely stupid statement I cringe. I've been cringing for years.

Aesthetisation of politics is prime fascism, bucko.


>literally namedrops hegelian dialectics
<some youtuber did it
As much as I hate youtubers I hate retards like you a thousand times more

>Aesthetisation of politics is prime fascism

<fascism is literally when you ascribe political meaning to symbols in a pre-capitalist epoch of development


Do you even know who Gentile is? Have fun on mount stupid, committed to your illiterate buffoonery.




File: 1616913968109.jpg ( 48.05 KB , 450x600 , 0xJFqqd.jpg )

Head devs a fucking neoliberal, the sort that say shit like
>muh Soviet union as bad as Nazis


If they actually were, the German people would not exist today.


God I wish. Less FDR “good Nazis” means no NATO.


Okay Abba Kovner, chill.


>Average TNO developer.
>"What we added to the game? *Wall of text*
>Average TNO P L A Y E R.
>"Why more Taboritsky content dont mind if i do!"


One State from Red Flood, Huttig Afrika from TNO, IRL Brazil…




Add in Washington Brotherhood from Old World Blues and the Dread League from Equestria at War


>cursed this
>blessed that


File: 1617029856639.png ( 12.62 KB , 640x666 , 1617029851963.png )

forgot pic


File: 1617041010606.jpg ( 27.14 KB , 855x315 , dril there's actually no d….jpg )



hasn't been updated since ages, not worth installing yet.


Anyone feel like rating the mods they've played?

For me:

1: The New Order
2: Equestria at War
3: Kaiserreich
4: Old World Blues
5: Red World?
6: Thousand Week Reich
7: Millennium Dawn
8: Red Flood
9: Fuhrerreich


What are some good tankie mods?


File: 1617074715804-0.png ( 5.19 MB , 2500x1600 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1617074715804-1.png ( 7.59 MB , 2600x2670 , ClipboardImage.png )



File: 1617078142273.png ( 870.23 KB , 937x681 , stalliongrad wants to pupp….png )

Don't recommend people mods that aren't out, it's lame.

Now what you really want is a Stalliongrad playthrough with Sinister Serov!


Interesting, why the >- BIG GAP -?


I am not >>8419, but I personally value mods that have real stories to tell and have literary value over mods that are just gameplay theme parks or sandboxes like Milennium Dawn.


File: 1617129593677.png ( 388.2 KB , 439x1024 , equestria at war.png )

Yes, that's pretty much what I would have said. Having a unique tech tree is neat and stuff, and some of those other mods are interesting scenarios, but ultimately they largely feel too similar to vanilla, whereas the ones I put in the top 4 have great focusses, events, and news articles that really tell a good story to sink your teeth into.

You can definitely tell the difference between a mod that has had 10000 hours put into it compared to one that has 1000 or 100 hours of effort put in.

Also, all four of the mods in my top 4 have unique mechanics in them, to a greater or lesser extent.


Fair enough my dudes

Must admit myself, that even though I'm very fond of Red World, there really is a bit of a lack of narrative stuff in there outside of 2 little stories for the American People's Commonwealth (That being the Kelvin park stabbings and something about a serial killer)

>That pic



I had a decent amount of fun with the Bernie route in Red World, but I didn't feel compelled to play it again as anyone else. IIRC not much happened outside America.


File: 1617185435822-0.png ( 1.79 MB , 1920x1080 , French Communal Republic.png )

File: 1617185435822-1.png ( 2.72 MB , 1920x1080 , German Socialist Republic.png )

File: 1617185435822-2.png ( 3.05 MB , 2277x1080 , Italian Socialist Republic.png )

File: 1617185435822-3.png ( 2.58 MB , 1920x1080 , Britain.png )

File: 1617185435822-4.png ( 2.18 MB , 1942x1080 , Iberian Federation.png )



File: 1617186551818-0.png ( 1.91 MB , 2277x1080 , Mandate for Belgium.png )

File: 1617186551818-1.png ( 1.72 MB , 1920x1080 , Mandate for the Netherland….png )

File: 1617186551818-2.png ( 1.8 MB , 1560x1080 , Russian National Republic.png )

File: 1617186551818-3.png ( 3.22 MB , 2560x1578 , Finland.png )

File: 1617186551818-4.png ( 2.76 MB , 2449x2082 , Yugoteaser.png )



File: 1617187902446-0.png ( 1.56 MB , 1499x1051 , NorthAmerica.png )

File: 1617187902446-1.png ( 1.82 MB , 1920x1080 , Commonwealth of America.png )

File: 1617187902446-2.png ( 1.62 MB , 2290x1235 , South America.png )

File: 1617187902446-3.png ( 2.49 MB , 1920x1070 , Bolivia.png )

File: 1617187902446-4.png ( 1.96 MB , 1920x1080 , Brazil.png )



File: 1617188775569-0.png ( 1.85 MB , 1248x1426 , Venezuela.png )

File: 1617188775569-1.png ( 2.44 MB , 1726x1356 , Middle East.png )

File: 1617188775569-2.png ( 3.41 MB , 2475x1426 , Egypt.png )

File: 1617188775569-3.png ( 3.5 MB , 2700x2000 , Japan.png )

File: 1617188775569-4.png ( 6.28 MB , 3200x3500 , Tibet Xinjiang.png )



Wouldn't you rather play it yourself than spoil it all for when you play it?


what? these are clearly just teasers


Mod is not out yet


1. I don't think that these are spoilers. You can access things like leader descriptions, starting effects and political parties right away when you start the game.

2. I will most likely not play the mod. HOI4 is boring and time-consuming. I just like the teasers.


Fair enough, I was being rude I guess, I should accept it if other people like to look at stuff like that just because I would prefer to wait for the mod itself. I did know it wasn't out yet though.


File: 1617370049120-0.jpeg ( 396.55 KB , 2560x1440 , EFAD8F07-B8F0-4F52-82C6-0….jpeg )

File: 1617370049121-1.jpeg ( 709.17 KB , 2560x1440 , 61EAE8F8-BE5C-4556-9963-D….jpeg )

Cursed Bordiga Italy from red flood.


based and armchairpilled


File: 1617424790549.mp4 ( 2.54 MB , 256x256 , 1615859979041.mp4 )

The whole thing about DSR is that they are not Tankies, but German teenagers larping as one. They literally know nothing about Communism besides the fact that it was opposed to Naziism, so they just took that and ran with it. It's better to define them as anti-Germans rather than Tankies; this is what is in the lore anyway.

But they are getting reworked, I think, with the new update to the oil crisis and post civil war Speer tree.


Eh, IIRC, the lore about the DSR according to Panzer is that they actually did understand Marxism, which ngl, is very annoying


The lore has been wholesale discredited from what i know.
There's no definite path for any country right now, except maybe the post-Taboritskiy warlords which imply him winning beforehand.


>The lore has been wholesale discredited from what i know.
Mhmm, good good


Pretty sure at this point Hall remains the only really cringe libtard moment of the mod. And talking about Hall, is it really just because of TNO fans being DNC brained libtards that he is so hated? Like, does pragmatically using homophobia to your advantage really a cardinal sin for them, or is it that they unironically believe in the sacrality of the burger democracy?


>or is it that they unironically believe in the sacrality of the burger democracy?
I mean, you could have George Wallace be president and implement national segregation and still have that "last bastion of freedom" idea, so take that for what you will


File: 1617463367680.png ( 281.15 KB , 504x1217 , TNO Double Standards.png )





File: 1617464766009.png ( 2.3 MB , 3290x3135 , w8mmqu5zfw841.png )

native African content when?


Speaking of Africa, I wonder who actually shot Ian Smith, 'cause whoever did, for that moment, is very based


I mean remember that Harold Wilson is considered a Libertarian Socialist by TNO rather than a social democrat, presumably because you are not allowed to have the mandate of liberty while being scary and anti-American.


Unironically based, TNO recognises that racial segregation and even slavery don't conflict with 'the American Ideal' in any way and is in fact a central part of it.


My bet is that 90% of the content will be focused on East and South Africa


>DNC libs: Heh heh Trump bad because he’s gay for Putin!
>also DNC libs: Hall bad for calling Hoover a faggot and put him in prison for all the crimes he’s committed.


An agent sent by Ostafrika to spark more tensions between Anglos, Boers and Africans.


Pink Panzer, because he knew people would take the chance to wank off Ian Smith so he got rid of him.


Eh, I don't think so, from what I can recall, Huttig was going to have him killed for that reason, but someone else got to him first

wtf, I love Pink Panzer now


File: 1617843119159.jpg ( 38.35 KB , 848x480 , Whiteboardmeme.jpg )

>Margaret Chase Smith explaining her NPP party platform that perfectly pleases and finds a consensus between Goldwater Republicans, Dixiecrats, NeoNazi's, Bernie Sanders social-democrats and the CPUSA.


'ate nazis
'ate washington
luv welfare
luv unions
simpel as


File: 1617911469480.png ( 1.09 MB , 800x1254 , Trot the wank engine.png )


Well, now choo choo's will be added into the game.




File: 1618005450780.png ( 1.56 MB , 2981x3103 , Administrative_division_of….PNG )

What mod let's me create polish-lithuania with borders similar to these? I want danzig back with prussia/germany while keeping a buffer state with russia


Maybe if they simulate Germany's logistical incompetence better it will mean they don't always beat the USSR in vanilla.


Inb4 they somehow made the AI worse.


File: 1618271741709-0.jpg ( 707.03 KB , 2560x1440 , 20210411173149_1.jpg )

File: 1618271741709-1.jpg ( 708.32 KB , 2560x1440 , 20210411174434_1.jpg )

File: 1618271741709-2.jpg ( 658.05 KB , 2560x1440 , 20210411181034_1.jpg )

Thanks for posting this, it made me kek. Okay, so. I played the Harold Wilson TNO route a day ago, and it was a pretty wild ride. Definitely agree with the people saying 'why is he libertarian socialist when he's a social democrat', but the infighting was definitely more interesting than that. From the beginning Wilson is on a deranged drive to purge the communists, and while you could take this as anti-communist liberalism, and it sort of feels that way in parts, I think that the writer of this route was somewhat self-aware of the insane backstabbing of Labour and social democrats in general, and the route is in fact a criticism of Wilson that makes him look deranged and petulant. With that said, I also don't think the writer was particularly sympathetic to Reg Birch and the CPGB either, which makes sense as I hear that the person who wrote Socialist Labour Party UK is a Barry Goldwater tier views American conservative, and that also explains some of the strange anachronisms in the writing. If I had to guess, I would say his motivation was to create a story where he could say 'See! The so called democratic socialists are just like Stalinists deep down!'. It was pretty funny that Churchill comes back to give a fawning speech about how great HMMLR Britain is now, after SLP wins the election. That's a very American understanding of the man. It would have been much better if you got an event about him giving a petulant, whining speech on Canadian radio about how Britain is going from one form of tyranny into another.

Anyway, the event where Wilson tries to oust Birch at the party conference and gets BTFO is pretty satisfying (if you make sure his reformism fails). Not that I'm really that enthralled by the prospect of an M-L UK either, but Birch really does nothing wrong in any of the events and is correct to denounce Wilson. Wilson doesn't even create the NHS or institute a national minimum wage until his second term, and half of his focus tree is devoted to ousting the leftists from the party. What a clown. 'Libertarian Socialist' indeed.


File: 1618303424290.png ( 330.96 KB , 1304x1198 , 485E4AE3-F2BA-4FD5-83E1-7F….png )

Anyone following Cursed Days? Seems like a pretty interesting mod.
>The purge went differently, Khrushchev got killed
>The winter war went better than expected and Finland went communist
>The Nazis shat the bed so hard that by the time Barbarossa came around their army was already exhausted so the USSR singlehandedly took over Germany and occupied half of Japan
>The British succeeded in D-Day without much American help
>by 1980s the USSR is under Suslov is stagnating
>China went Dengist and is still friendly with the US
>France leads the Eurocom sucdems
>The UK had a coup with Elizabeth dead and full monarcho-fascism for the entire commonwealth
>the US is crumbling under Jimmy Carter
Basically just red world with less deux ex assassinations and monarchist wanking.
>Churchill comes back to give a fawning speech about how great HMMLR Britain is now, after SLP wins the election.
What the actual fuck? They’re still sticking to the “good Churchill” meme after all this time is so sad. He’s the same drunken faggot that suck off Nazis, killed millions in India and tried to shill for Operation Unthinkable for fuck sake.


I think the Red Flood faction has borders similar to these, it's 4 countries though.


Why is Alaska not American this time?


I mean they defo put that quote in because they wanted to compare him to Corbyn kek.


File: 1618316994597.jpg ( 168.54 KB , 960x640 , canada alaska hay-herbert.jpg )



New to paradox games. Are there mods that make the Ottoman Empire less insufferable?


In Vic2? Arabs are basically nightmare mode with the Ottomans bullying everyone and an unindustrialised society.


If you are talking about EU4, then the best option in my experience is to manually go into their Ideas .txt document and delete the shit that beefs up their manpower and core creation speed.


>If I had to guess, I would say his motivation was to create a story where he could say 'See! The so called democratic socialists are just like Stalinists deep down!'.


File: 1618362682479.png ( 52.2 KB , 155x209 , 1618254108139.png )

Thoughts on Serov's paths?


Cringe. Needless authoritarianism and racism. Suslov is the best path for Russia.


Did the real Serov have that much hatred against Koreans or is that just another thing made up by the mod?


Made up for irony because the writer thinks Koreans are Serov tier irl


Why Suslov and not Sablin or Bukharina?


Sablin is a dumbass with a matyr complex in real life who was only looking out for himself, the TNO version will end up the same. There’s a reason why his own comrades ended up beating the shit out of him when he started his little rebellion. Bukharina is just a more liberal version of her father’s failure in economics. That’s not to say Suslov isn’t bad but the people you mentioned isn’t much better.
Only Kaganovich and Tukhachevsky are mildly better even with the libshit “evilz for the lol” added in.


Isn't Tukh's Russia pretty much just the DPRK's songun policy but on steroids?




I personally like Kaganovich as he breaks away from Bukharin's BS and puts Russia on the path of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism


Both Tukh and Kaganovich are based.
About Sablin: it depends if you wanna play it realistically or not imho: i usually tend to mix up the more "auth" focus with the "blessed chungus one", with slightly more of the former.



>OP got heavily downvoted and got called a tankie because they said that it made sense for LibSocs to ban right-wing parties/groups in TNO

The absolute fucking stat…..


it's like they created those ridiculous rules with the strict purpose of paralyzing any attempt at criticism directed against their work, any perspective or opinion that challenges their liberal brain rot is instantly deemed political and therefore not allowed(as if said liberal brain rot wasn't political, to begin with).
it's honestly incredible how those people manage to function while suffocating in soo many layers of cognitive dissonance.
how long till the mods take notice of his wrongthink and banhammer that user? i give him 2 days tops.


File: 1619483427388.png ( 22.73 MB , 8022x7701 , tygocker7jv61.png )

I guess the mod is still poorly seem around here, but i thought i'd share the possible leaders for the USSR in the Iron Curtain.


Seems pretty good actually, Khrushchev possibly transitioning into a cyberneticist pleases my autism, not sure what "outmanoeuvring Brezhnev" entails though. Too bad there's a lot of libtardation in the mod. I think one of the devs is aware that it was being laughed at so maybe it will change?


that path on the far right looks extremely based


Looks pretty based


>otl stalin
>foreign policy: agressive
<try to moderate tito's territorial claims and attempts to push the frontline west
<no support for greek communists in the civil war
<divide korea together with the usa, even though they controlled the entire korean peninsula previously
<only give material support to north korea without actual military intervention in the korean war, unlike china


>Advanced cybersocialism
Downloading this mod now, is this already in there or is it just a teaser?


>downloads mod
>starts game as soviet union
>first focus: "confirm stalin's omnipotence"
>later focuses: jewish purges


File: 1619556679691.png ( 414.97 KB , 756x784 , le doctors plot.png )

I would like to remind everyone that this >>8844 and pic related are the same mod.

Also look at this subreddit rule
>Do NOT promote fringe ideologies
>No Naziism/Stalinism etc. By fringe ideologies we mean anything that advocates/accepts things like purging or slavery.

I'm not saying you shouldn't play it, but keep in mind that the only based hoi4 mod is Krasnacht.


lel, they spelt "Anti-Semitism" wrong lmao


somebody should tell them stalinism isn't a real ideology


That seems so out of character. Stalin is the same guy who called Ho Chi Minh “not real socialism” and derided the Vietminh for fighting France.
>anything that accepts purging and slavery
That’s literally every lib ideology there is! But somehow Israel, UK and the US supporting actual slavery and genocide is okay. Hell the labor party and the Democrats literally purged Corbyn and Bernie just last year!
>leave out racism
How much do you wanna bet the lead dev is a Rhodesian LARPer.


It seems a submod is badly needed then…


and for some reason mod fascist parties follow an ideology called "third positionism". the ideology names and descriptions in this mod are very confusing in general


The real dude was pretty anti-semitic, but no the Korean thing is made up


File: 1623777814144-0.png ( 5.74 MB , 3120x4200 , posada.png )

File: 1623777814144-1.png ( 89.01 KB , 820x520 , posadaflag.png )

File: 1623777814144-2.png ( 1.22 MB , 1290x875 , posadatree.PNG )

File: 1623777814144-3.png ( 241.94 KB , 535x533 , dialectics.PNG )

EAW's Zebrica update will have Hippogriff Posadism.


File: 1624123144379.pdf ( 80.76 KB , 67x118 , TNO_L-NPP_Leak.pdf )

Talking about TNO I found a supposed leak detailing the L-NPP paths, despite the lib bias of the devs Gus still seems pretty based. Plus it also has the 1976 and 1980 L-NPP candidates.

>At this stage, mass prosecution of the upper class will begin, now that the courts are sufficiently saturated with L-NPP appointees. Hall’s FBI director will have assembled lists and evidence on the illicit gains of the American wealthy, and, starting all at once, mass arrests will be carried out of the most unsavory individuals. This is a crisis as well, as this upheaval causes capital flight from the United States,which Hall can react to in a variety of ways - including shooting down private planes.

Yeah I'm thinking he's based

<The 1976 Election - Bill Epton/Abbie Hoffman

<Head of Government - ​Abbie Hoffman
<Foreign Minister - ​Noam Chomsky
<Economy Minister - ​Fred Hampton
<Security Minister -​ Philip Agee

Noam Chomsky and Fred Hampton being in the same cabinet is very funny to me


Is there anywhere I can read or watch the tno drama stuff, all i see are nazis calling pink panzer a leftie woke snowflake and other people calling pink panzer a nazi

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