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>>2565I like these games, way underated while shitstains like Paradox can go around hailed as some kind of "deep" strategy game studio.


>>2565They should extend the map to LatAm already.Cuba will be playable, yet it won't be on the map, like why?By the way, their forth game (Codename: Republic) will be about a hypothetical former sixteenth Soviet Republic in either Europe or Asia, who has to find it's way after the USSR breakup.


>>2567Interesing, well those were troubled times and revolutionary for latin america. The maoist uprisings in Peru and a little group in Ecuador, the ending of Pinoshit dictatorship, the fall of the Sandinistas from goverment, the revolutions in El salvador and Guatemala, and the event of Brazil and Venezuela in Crisis in the Kremlin.


>>2567>By the way, their forth game (Codename: Republic) will be about a hypothetical former sixteenth Soviet Republic in either Europe or Asia, who has to find it's way after the USSR breakup.Any more info on this? Sounds like an even more interesting version of Ostalgie. How do they plan to manage the ahistoric nature of it though? Previous games had some real events that you would influence for a different conclusion. So would Republic only have stock events for all nations plus some regional specifics (like EU for example). Or would they implement all 16 republics?


>>2565The DLCs are bad, because the gameplay is all but unchanged compared to previously existing countries.


>>2566But Paradox games are way more complex than Ostalgie.


>>2567>>2568They should also include the Ethiopian and Somalian situation in Mao's Legacy. In that time period they were having a civil war with a dozen factions.There also could have been a socialist East African federation if Somalia didn't reject it to pursue "Greater Somalia" and start the Ogaden War.


They should have done something closer to a full Asia or LatAm dlc.
&ltKampuchea trying to keep itself together in the face of monarchists, /pol/ potoids, and imperialist powers backing them.
&ltThailand and Vietnamese backed guerrillas
&ltPhilippines and the PRC backed NPA at their strongest
&ltVietnam and DPRK handling the loss of their biggest backer
Basically this >>2568
Would be cool if they have the determination to do Sukarno's Indonesia trying to avoid the military coup.


The devs said that Ostalgie and Mao sell very poorly, and you basically want them to make a new DLC (which sell always worse than the game they were made for) with as many countries as there were in Ostalgie without DLC.


whats a good way to acquire political points/political power in Crisis In The Kremlin?

I have the other two games and usually fuck up on Ostalgie Berlin Wall and China: Mao's Legacy but Crisis I haven't failed yet but haven't moved much forward.


>whats a good way to acquire political points/political power in Crisis In The Kremlin?
Significantly altered by army and KGB power, by technologies that say it in their description. Increased by empowering the Soviet block, changing laws and picking events to empower Gen.sec. and KGB.


I played one of these for the first time today. After the first couple of runs of getting kicked out of the party before the game's end, I realise I'd be shit at running a country


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.


File: 1608527836688.png ( 1.19 MB , 1366x768 , kekeo feminista.png )

Kek, just playing the new DLC of Ostalgie and we got very Idpol in my Cuba with Raul


Plus…my agent network got down by 70


File: 1608527836976.png ( 1.07 MB , 1366x768 , kekeo feminista 2.png )

Well, the other one is the fall of power of Castro's daughter.


File: 1608527837157.jpg ( 319.34 KB , 1651x2407 , polish poster pzpr.jpg )

Has anyone here survived as hardline Poland?


File: 1608527837314-0.jpg ( 165.13 KB , 1127x623 , Parties Republic.jpg )

File: 1608527837314-1.jpg ( 52.91 KB , 841x502 , Republic Map.jpg )

There are gonna be three scenarios.
I assume the difference will be where in general the Republic is located.
My assumptions are either Baltics, Western Soviet Union, Caucasus and Central Asia.
A hypothetical scenario allows them to take full liberties. But don't expect to reunite the USSR with these. Expect a scenario akin to the new Crisis in the Kremlin DLC where you lead Russia and try to make the best (or deliberately worst) of the situation

You can influence Somalia in an event now.


Some of the difficulties come from in form of guide dang it, where there are no guides.

I could not get an achievement, because I kept missing an event. And event you won't get if you are too good. It was that achievement where you had to merge the Czechs and Slovaks into one people. Protests were required where you had to keep Husak.

Another one was to create Super-Yugo with Zhivkov and build a mausoleum. I did the first but never got the last. Turns out I had to go full Statism to unlock it. Makes sense in retrospect but god damn did it take long to find out about it.

Then you have the ironic achievement, where you have to take a reform friendly politician (Gysi, Mladenov) and create a European North Korea with them. Fuck that shit.

And yeah I still don't have some achievement like Unification of the GDR, even though followed the walkthroughs through the letter.


File: 1608528020565-0.jpg ( 350.51 KB , 1366x768 , DRA 1.jpg )

File: 1608528020565-1.jpg ( 356.51 KB , 1366x768 , DRA2.jpg )

Yeah, but ended 2 ways, with polish fascism and the other one with leftwing Prometheus plan.
Fun either way, the only thing that breaked my mind was like, triying a way to survive the surprise presidential elecions.

This DRA for example, took me one hour to controle who should Dr. Najib should ally to not end in "Socialist Victory in Afghanistan"


One hour after saving in a complete military victory and with enough money in buget to mantain the socialist camp decline.

I think I put too much time in this game.


>Prometheus plan
What is this?


You go nazbol (Siwak), let the GKChP fail, let the USSR collapse and poach away Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.


Red Ruthenia time


Yup, went naz one time and bol the other one. Pretty fun.


What's the best game to start with?


Mao's legacy most likely, although I'd say it was the weakest one. CitK is probably the best one in general, but it's just that you need to know overly specific tricks how to succeed. If you don't then the game might feel a bit unfair.


Nah, Ostalgie is the weakest one (Essentially same gameplay for all countries, no variety, suspence of disbelief broken by smol states bossing around world socialist camp and NATO), Mao's legacy is much easier to navigate than Crisis in the Kremlin - and it actually has far more variety of gameplay.


Unironically the DOS version of CITK
>suspence of disbelief broken by smol states bossing around world socialist camp and NATO
It's a fucking nightmare with all the modifiers enabled. Agreed it's not very interesting though.


>Unironically the DOS version of CITK
what's DOS?
is there any good guide for CITK?




>is there any good guide for CITK?
Not that I've heard of one. Maybe some obscure Russian one exists. My personal knowledge stems from other anons on this site. I'll try to compile my advice:
&ltIf creating custom premier, I'd suggest being as hardline as possible on economy, neutral on international relations and a liberal on social stuff, as this will basically forever solve intelligentsia issues.
&ltWhen taking first look at the budget, use the default money-making setting. Then cut funding manually to most of the bribes (keep only republic leaders), to heavy industry and perhaps some other things which are overfunded, don't recall all right now. Reinvest this as well as your starting funds into civilian technologies, I think you want like 300-400 for it. This is basically the holy key to the rest of the game, as it will boost your export profits through the roof by increasing competitiveness.
&ltMonitor oil extraction. Tweak the settings so that you are making as much cash as possible. There is a sweet spot, as extracting too much cuts price through oversupply and is less profitable. Check this every once in a while to correct as necessary.
&ltI won't say what for, but make sure to research the very cheap first Nuclear tech (colliders I think), as well as keeping nuclear research budget at 100+.
&ltIf starting on normal, you should have enough funds to send support + military help to Vietnam, Syria and Libya, getting them all into the COMINTERN
&ltALWAYS send support to Afghanistan if possible (once every year I believe) and NEVER click "pacify".
&ltGoing forward monitor your spreadsheet on how the situation of the country is looking like. Use newly gained and remaining funds to boost up the failing sectors / target emerging issues. These will most likely be: services, light industry, food and ecology. It is advisable to counter food issues through imports, as increasing agriculture funding kills ecology, which seems to require a shit ton of money to be maintained. Also I think luxuries also are best solved through imports.

There are other tips, particularly towards geopolitical decisions and internal political rivalries etc., but I'd consider advice on these to be spoilers. So if an issue arises, ask about it here.


thank you anon I will give this a try


File: 1608528059373.jpg ( 87.04 KB , 900x584 , gonzalo poster.jpg )

Why is there no option for radical left China to support Shining Path in Mao's Legacy?


Peru isn't in the game, maybe it'll be added in later updates or DLCs


I don't think they will do a DLC for China anytime soon. They are doing another game right now.
Plus, I don't know, it would be a DLC for an event. I guess they didn't thought about it.


As a commemoration of the 28th year of the capture of the 4th sword of marxism here's an idea

In 1980, after 11 years of a military coup that alligned with the soviet union and carried the agrarian reform waited for centuries and 5 from the countercoup of the rightwing faction of the army alligned wth the most common dictatrships in Latin America the new bourgueois elections have come. The fields are grazing with revolution and so are the cities, the communist party of Peru is fractured since the Sino-Soviet split in many factions, one of them, the Communist Party of Peru (called Shining Path by others as a diferentiation) has begun a people's war in the highlands of Ayacucho. How we are going to respond? Shall we cooperate with the bourgueois peruvian goverment, sending help to end the insurgency? We will send money and weapons to arm the guerrilla? Or we will proceed to behead the structure and with some pressure force the parties alligned with our line to win the next election?

A)Help the peruvian goverment (only allowed if you are a liberal)
B)Send money and weapons to help the guerrillas (Only if you are a marxist-leninist or better, if you are in the gang of 4; I guess it would end up in Peru with a Hammer and sickle banner or a Authoritarian banner-since Gonzalo was Gonzalo-.
C)We need to unite them all, arrange a takeover by another top cadre (I don't know, just memeing here, fucking reformist flag kek).


It isn't on the map for some reason
Angola and Mozambique are also not on the map despite them having long lasting proxy conflicts


Yeah but at least it's mentioned that right wing terrorists convention.


File: 1611186432970.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 372.49 KB , 1366x768 , thesnakethateatsitself.jpg )

I managed to get Cuba in the US sphere.
But at what cost? Everything.


she did basically this in 1996 but it worked out fine and is a good thing


>In 1996, along with the Cuban Ministries of Education (MINED), the Cuban National Center for Sex Education created a National Sex Education Program for Cuban schools to teach children about sex in terms of procreation and as a means of pleasure and holistic well-being, gender equality, sexual violence, and sexually transmitted infections.

>In 2008, the CENESEX and the National Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Transsexual People established May as an awareness month about LGBT issues, specifically homo- and trans-phobia. The month of May is turned into a month of awareness as well as festive activities centered around and planned by members of the LGBT+ community, and is centered around the annual International Day Against Homophobia on May 17. The National Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Transsexual People campaigns for effective AIDS prevention as well as recognition and acceptance of LGBT human rights.


One thing is raising awareness of sex ed and Lgbtq rights by a goverment office and other is going full retard being head of a ministy on parity and other radfem proposals.
Plus the game is done by some russian conservatives so their opinion is reflected on the game


File: 1611889409519.jpg ( 387.95 KB , 1366x768 , mari.jpg )

Looks like it was updated, I don't remember it this way.
It gave me a laugh nontheless.

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