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This is why games aren't art.


>institution designed to facilitate the reproduction of cultural commodities that adheres to certain ideological tenets does so
imagine my shock


context? what's the relevance of this?


Disgusting how much the commodification of people has ramped up.
At least it's gonna be fun to see idpol pozzed 4cucks literally die mad about this stupid video game shit.

Reeeing for days


Yes they are. Also:
>caring about some boogeyman no name institution or some other irrelevant shit


Because this image exists, it is now illegal to be a straight, white male.


File: 1608527840595.jpg ( 19.75 KB , 326x352 , what.jpg )

Don't they do film awards? Why are they trying to muscle their irrelevance into video games?


Why is it stupid? Commodification ruining shit people used to like isn't stupid. It's useful to point out the root cause of this and radicalize gamers with.


Without commodification of art they wouldn't get the sequels to be ruined in the first place, and they really want to consoom them sequels, just without the "soy".


They have been doing game stuff since at least as early as the late 90s. Rare put a bafta in a safe in one of the perfect dark levels to reference the one they won for goldeneye for example.


Interesting, why the hell don't I remember that? I've played Perfect Dark to death. 100% clear on everything, nice speed times on every level, rank #1 on combat sim.


>implying obsessive spergs wouldn't make their own sequels as a hobby in their free time when private intellectual property is expropriated and turned into public property


File: 1608527848867.jpg ( 19.56 KB , 500x351 , mission06_26.jpg )

It's the head looking thing in the safe in the G5 building mission, I didn't know what it was until i looked it up myself.


Never realized that was a BAFTA. Pretty funny Rare.


They already do that with sanic and megaman games.


/v/irgins are definitely too retarded to make videogames.


Lol if you think videogames are art wait till you hear about books or movies
Videogames fucking SUCK


File: 1608527856858.jpg ( 73.25 KB , 680x681 , 4fb.jpg )

Hopefully the standards of prize events in the Loicenced Kingdom will continue being irrelevant within the general industry as companies are likely perceptive to the detrimental risk to the appeal of their goods that following such a framework would possibly bring.


>implying the companies wouldn't start copyright shitting


Holy /v/ermin.


>British Academy Film Awards
Wow no one cares (except gullible /v/tards as usual)

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