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Comrades, does any of you play this masterpiece? It's great, you can get it for a few dollars, It's quite old so it runs even on potato computers it has basically got all of the fun realistic stuff like arma but without the drawbacks. When you are in a tank your view is actually inside the tank and the game (the mod) is managed and updated by fans whom the developers gave "control". And, best of all YOU CAN BLOW NAZIS TO PIECES


RO1 is the ultimate virtual fascist killing device. But RO2 lacks soul.


I agree


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I play roi2 (good sides only) but I always lose because the only other people playing are tryhards who know all the sneaky cunt spots better than they know where their deodorant is. Also I'm a fucking scrub.


this is what i've unfortunately come to notice about all shooters though. Leaning the maps is 90% of the game, once you know it however, you might as well go back to playing csgo. nothing new or good in the world. with age comes cynicism and the death of fun, forever.


File: 1608527544980.jpg ( 260.96 KB , 1280x1024 , RedOrchestra_NympH_Ownage.jpg )

Wait, people still actually play the original RO? Cool.
RO2's playerbase is filled with fucking wehraboos who end up stacking the teams every single game that I've played so badly that they're able to freely spawnrape the Soviets on maps like Druzhina that enable it (or snipe them from across the map with MGs on every map with enough open space.) The worst thing is that many servers don't even have rules against spawnrape (because they rely solely on the unreliable spawn protection system) so if some cheeky fucker gets to a good position to pin you down at your spawn area where you have no chance to retaliate, the admin just tells you to git gud.


lol. I haven't played the game in a while so I don't know what the community is like now. HOWEVER, I do recall fondly one night during which I was playing a match and this kid on the German side was ranting in his mic about how Stalin was to attack and enslave Europe and how Hitler dindu nuffin and just wanted peace with England and that da jooz were controlling both sides.
There was also one dude who kept micspamming ISIS propaganda


>RO2's playerbase is filled with fucking wehraboos
For the first year that was true but frankly, they're not so many anymore. I usually play on the RU and rarely on the Divided servers and almost always, the scrub larpers pick Axis and get blitzed till the teams get rebalanced.

Druzhina spawnrapes are just a map specialty, whatever side you landed on.


File: 1608527988957.mp4 ( 2.36 MB , 850x480 , world of tanks.mp4 )



RO2 lacks soul but Rising Storm and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam are based


File: 1608528104887.jpg ( 356.01 KB , 2560x1440 , 20201009052514_1.jpg )

gi go home


File: 1608528105555.jpg ( 27.76 KB , 460x500 , dad5c85069bf73a5ea9d976ee0….jpg )

>you can destroy privat property


How do you configure your mouse settings. Sometimes the screen gliches and I look straight into the air and when I try aiming it takes alot of effort if the target is really far away. Like if I move a fraction of a millimeter with my mouse it moves the rifle like an entire degree, that's like 60 MOA. I can't hit anything like that.


File: 1608528143132.png ( 21.75 KB , 100x96 , icon.png )

I just realized once you try joining a squad and doing what the SL tells you or doing what the game wants you to do i.e. bum rush the cap points and hold it. you tend to die without getting any kills.
I seem to get the most kills (and not die most importantly) just doing my own thing. Surveying the land and moving to naturally superior terrain.
Managed to take at least four out before dying as a sniper that way. Problem being they already capped like three locations. My mouse is bad so I consider it pretty good.
>imagine dying for a dumb piece of land.


> My team has lost on Dom Pavlova (Pavlov's House) several frustrating times because too many people set up in the buildings and never pushed forward, and worse, were innefective. Objectives could be taken but not held, because too many people wanted to be another Vassily Zaitsev.

This is what I hate, the game forces you to get killed. Like, it's just a house, if defending it would be more strategically useful to just hold your current position. If attacking it would be better to scout around and get behind to the logistics and avoid the fight altogether. Holding dirt because it holds magical properties doesn't really make sense to me. Holding a bridge so 30th corps could pass to arnhem to relieve troops make sense. Securing Carentan so Utah and Omaha can link up make sense, but rushing a bell tower or a hill on higher ground in 15 minutes or less because *reasons* just boggles my mind. Omaha I understand, the beach is a death trap and it's the only way on the mainland and you have several divisions behind you who will be doing the same thing you are trying to do if you fail securing the beachhead. (but that's 3-6 hours, not hyper 30 minutes.)

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