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Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.
What are you playing/running/home-brewing? What do you have to recommend or criticize?


Do Digital Card games count??I play hearthstone and recently tried out the closed beta of Legends of Runterra, which was reeaaaally good and fun, can't wait till beta starts again in november


Has anyone noticed that 4/tg/ took a massive, massive nose dive in quality after 5e's cultural stink started to fester into the tabletop sphere like a disease?


File: 1608527995611.gif ( 3.28 MB , 500x288 , 1570722557915.gif )

Currently running my first ever campsign of Cyberpunk 2020 V2.0. I don't have any idea what the fuck I'm even doing half the time. The plot and structre of the campaign hasn't so much gone off the rails as it never existed in the first place because half the time I just wing it in terms of story events and dialogue and the other half is spent staring at the corebook trying to remember how pretty much everything from skillchecks to the brutally unforgiving fucking combat mechanics work. Just had our first fatality in the party last session too with one of the PCs getting their brains splattered across a shipping container cause they were too poor to afford head protection. Being taken out by a single lucky shot from a gang member with a basic 9mm pistol certainly came as quite a shock to the player in question before everyone else busted a gut laughing. Our sociopathic corporate-employed medtech healer is actually planning on rezzing the dead guy to serve as a cyborg slave-soldier in a future session because it was determined that the shot hit at an angle where the PC could be brought back but with serious emotional impairment to the point they can only feel a limited amount of them, mostly negative ones. But hey, at least everyone in my group still seems to enjoy it regardless.


File: 1608527995787.jpg ( 331.85 KB , 800x600 , DH19_Background_800x600.jpg )

Any anons wanna start a Dark Heresy game night?I wanna play Dark Heresy for the first time, I've played Rogue Trader before a long time ago, but A: I'm awkward af and can't meet people in person, and B: The rule books confuse me, especially since 2e dropped since I wanna play a tech priest and focus on being a Skitarii since I hear that's possible.


File: 1608527995966.jpg ( 62.18 KB , 750x422 , Comrades game.jpg )

Has anyone tried this game?


Anybody here play GURPS? Finishing up a heavily homebrewed D&D 3.5 game soon and want to switch my group to GURPS but I'm afraid it's going to be a rough transition.


>>3734No, I saw a little about it, I assume it's going to be reddit/leftbook cringe though. I also just don't have much interest in playing leftist themed tabletop tbh. Something about it feels especially weird and LARPlike, tho I enjoy leftist themed vidya and music and whatnot.


>>3732You planning on checking out the new one when it comes out, Cyberpunk Red?>>3734I checked out a preview on drivethru, and it seemed…reasonable. The intro said it's ideologically neutral, so there's no assumed ML or Anarchist themes. Which is good.


Anyone still playing Netrunner? The new cards the fan made are okay but link/Sunny cards were nerfed pretty badly with Underworld Contracts gone


File: 1608527996619-0.png ( 328.55 KB , 730x866 , Weapons of the future.PNG )

File: 1608527996619-1.png ( 415.28 KB , 797x907 , Weapons of the future 2.PNG )

File: 1608527996619-2.png ( 342.47 KB , 788x889 , Weapons of the future 3.PNG )

>>3737If I can get a scanned version of it in pdf format like I did with 2020, maybe. It moves the timeline of 2020 forward by a couple decades from my understanding and hopefully also has weapons and other gear that actually looks like it could plausibly be from the future instead of what people in the late-80s-to-early-90s thought would be futuristic. Pics related. Not sure about how it differs mechanically from 2020 beyond overhauling the combat system, so I'll hold my judgement until release.


There are some pretty ridiculous weapons not illustrated here but that you can purchase including microwave guns and even a fucking infantry mortar. PDF related is a good sourcebook for weapons that was included in the torrent package that I downloaded in preparation for the campaign.


File: 1608527997332.jpg ( 116.32 KB , 626x768 , moNOpoly.jpg )

Reminder that Monopoly was originally designed (by a Georgist) to own capitalism by simulating property accumulation in the most un-fun way possible. And burgers absolutely loved it.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_board_game_Monopoly


>>3741It is one of most lowly rated rated games in BoardGameGeek. So it is just plebs that love it


File: 1608527997686.pdf ( 7.74 MB , maid rpg.pdf )

Here is a copy of Maid RPG. It's the first Japanese RPG localized in English. The game is simple so I'm sure a few horny weebs could have fun playing online.


File: 1608527997821.jpg ( 60.04 KB , 554x527 , 7458185.jpg )

>>3743>It's the first Japanese RPG localized in English. >Not the Log Horizon TRPG


I've been wanting to run a GURPS space-esque game for the longest time. Maybe settling worlds or something


>>3733you still interested? I skimmed rule book and not sure if you can be skitarii with tech priest background. There are few workarounds according to these threadhttps://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/4757-skitarii/


>>3733A Skitarii would be easily made. I'm gonna assume you want to play something like a ranger, since the radiation-poisoned mcmotherfuckers are kinda… hazardous to everyone around them. Me, I'd go with the Quarantined World homeworld because it's fun to have some Mechanicus secrets locked away in your subconscious, the AdMech background for some machiney bits and bonuses & either the warrior or the assassin role. Either one would let you grab a skill-related aptitude from doubling up on ballistic skill - I'd personally grab either knkwledge or fieldcraft.If you're interested in playing a radiation-poisoned vanguard, you'll want to swing by the Ordo Discordia on Discord & grab a PDF of Imperial Automica. It's reasonably balanced homebrew with a whole lot of useful gear & mechanics for radiation related RPG goodness.


>>3747>radiation related RPG goodnessnot him but is it accessible game for newcomers? the last time I played any board game was 7 years ago and I didn't even get to finish it properly


>>3744I think there is a fan translation for that.


>>3749There is. It's so shit though, it may as well not exist


File: 1608527998393.png ( 422.47 KB , 274x769 , TechpriestDominus.png )

>>3746I was reading that in the Lathe Worlds supplement it added combat focuses to Techpriests which is basically Skitarii, at least functionally anyways.>>3747Ya I heard Skitarii was kinda OP but I mainly wanna do it cause I've always been a huge Admech nerd even before they got their own codex, but also because I was told that it'd be a good """easy"""(relative in Dark Heresy but meh) beginning choice that just isn't a fucking Grey Knight that just ruins the point of the entire game I mean who thought the Mary Sue Marines were a good idea to add!? *ahem* But anyways ya I mainly wanna go Skitarii for the fluff and not the crunch cause that's my shtick. In all honesty something like a Magos Dominus would work better for me.>>3748Dark Heresy isn't really a board game, it's tabletop RPG as in it's closer to D&D and pathfinder but in a 40K setting and ISN'T Rogue Trader.Wait does this mean Dark Heresy night is happening?


>>3751 YES


>>3752When Nibba, WHEN!?






>>3755Who's gonna be GM though? Also we should prepare some standardized character sheets ahead of time and get a headcount.


>>3756three unique users engaged in a conversation but not sure if we all want to play. I want to for sure


>>3757Make that four.


File: 1608527998979.jpg ( 56.24 KB , 474x658 , 1570607675.jpg )

can someone make dedicated dark heresy game night thread just to see how many people are actually interested & do basic polling?I'd rather do it on my own but I'm too green to handle this situation. Would be nice if that person could share his character sheet for starters too


>>3759by polling I implied basic datamining including timezone, preferred time frame, communication software/device at disposal etc


>>3759Err I don't have any actual character sheets I was just asking if that's something we should do.Also I'll get right on the game night thread.


Hello guys, I'd be interested in playing a TG. Only as a player though, I tried to DM a Genlab Alpha game a few months ago and I started dreading the times the game would come because I had never done enough work (or felt I hadn't) and I started hoping players would be busy so I'd have an excuse to cancel.Ahem… well, so, anyway, I'd like the opportunity to play a TG. Ideally a high-RP one with not too autistic combat but hey I won't be too picky.


File: 1608527999332.jpg ( 82.47 KB , 650x366 , OPM.jpg )

I'm interested in running a realistic campaign based around an insurgency/separatist movement in an Asia/Pacific area. My idea for setting is heavily inspired by West Papuan liberation movement but I would want to fictionalise it to grant myself more artistic license. I'm thinking of using GURPS for mechanics.I've never GMd before, only played a little bit of DnD. Any tips on how to get started writing a campaign? I'd like it to be quite sandboxy and open but I'm struggling on finding a starting point. Also because its heavily political I imagine it to be less combat focused, but then I'm concenred about me and my players' RP and improv chops because we're all very green to RPing.Has anyone run something like this before? Do you think the RP genre could work for something like this that is very non-pulpy?


>>3763Another thing important to point out: my motivation for creating this game is using it as a method of socio-political dialectical research. Essentially taking inspiration from real world events, current affairs, and geopolitical conflict and modeling and exploring them in an imaginary space through collaborative narrative with the RPG mechanics.If anyone knows of any projects similar to this which have been done before I'd love to know about it!


>>3763>I'd like it to be quite sandboxy and open but I'm struggling on finding a starting point.Start by outlining the broad strokes of the setting and situation. Then figure out where the campaign will start. Flesh out that area, going more specific as you approach the exact area where the players will start. Then figure out a few points of interest and flesh them out a bit to hook the players. The rest of it is best built as you go. Try to anticipate where they'll go with it and focus on building that. Save yourself a lot of work.Do have some idea of where the different sides in the fight are, what territory they have, and a few specifics. The more vague and in the background something is, the more leeway you have to change the situation as the plot develops. If the players only know that a certain area is contested between two sides, you can keep it that way or pick a side that won. If it's established who has terrain advantage, better armament, etc the story has to make sense in that context. Keep in mind that the more is known about an area, the more likely the players are to pay attention or get involved there. That's just using bait basically. Keep that in mind when deciding how much the players will know. If you give them a map showing different areas, they might know more about this or that town or base or what have you. Mystery is itself a kind of bait though. Don't go full on "nOBodY KnOwS wHaTs HaPpEnNinG hEre" with it, just say "This area is controlled by X and uncontested." Boring areas can become interesting later as the conflict progresses. Areas near the front line would be most dynamic naturally.>Do you think the RP genre could work for something like this that is very non-pulpy?For something that's realistic you are probably better not being too rules-heavy. Even something as simulationist as GURPS isn't that realistic and might get in the way of the story.>>3764If you haven't heard of the West Marches style of campaign you might be interested in that.


>>3765Thanks. I think I need to flesh out my factions and stuff to work out how the conflict will progress.Do you have any thoughts on rules lite systems which would work well for a modern setting like the one I'm describing?West Marches looks interesting, good inspiration I think for how to run a sandbox.


>>3763Focus on locations and factions. Think of the logical places PCs would go, and add interesting NPCs there. In D&D that's normally taverns and blacksmiths and markets, in your game it might be a barracks, a doctor, a rations distributor. Those NPCs should be fleshed out and have their own interests and conflicts, which you can tie into the different factions. Don't overdevelop shit, because it's probable most of it won't be used, but it's great to have a network of NPCs and locations mapped out and with about a dozen descriptive bullet points each so that your PCs can wander around and do what they want and the world feels developed and full. Don't be afraid to give immediate, pressing goals, it's not railroading or contrary to a sandbox, it gives more weight to the world and gives them more motivation to actually interact with the world and something to do with all that content you provide. If you want me to be more specific or need help with particular ideas or questions I'd be glad to.


>>3767Thank you anon. Would be good to bounce some ideas around. I'll have to put a bit more thought into the setting.


File: 1608528000169.pdf ( 778.75 KB , 1447353770099.pdf )

>>3767I found this simple generic system called FU which seems great for my purpose.


File: 1608528000329.png ( 79.91 KB , 211x184 , 5c2c287e-8765-4aff-8ad7-34….png )

>AlfaBusa literally beat us to the Dark Heresy game>AlfaBusa>who takes 2 years to make vidyaswow


File: 1608528000490.jpg ( 236.39 KB , 560x560 , 1557153876776.jpg )

>>3770Watching it rn and I'm fucking dying from laughter.


>>3771>railroading GM gets screwed by mythical 12 critical rolls in a rowstuff of legends tbh


Man 5e has got to be, and will probably make the tabletop games a much shittier experience than before. There is nothing good about the design in that shitshow of a game and people will take inspiration from that game and probably infect /v/ shit with it too when Baldur's Gate 3 comes out.


There are some good ideas like inspiration or advantage/disadvantage but they're copied from other things and not used very well.


Wierd RPG featuring Cherno Alpha if anyone is interested https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Roleplay/ChernoAlphaVsTheWorld


The Polish company D-Day Miniature Studio, which makes toy figures of military personnel, has released a new series called "Red Storm over Europe. Soviet Rear Troops 1944-1946".


The series includes four figures of Soviet army soldiers. Polish sculptor Pawel Krasicki depicted them as looters.


These miniatures reflect the main idea of modern Poland and the West that the Soviet army didn't liberate the country from the Nazis, but simply plundered it. Meanwhile, if it weren't for the Soviet Union, there wouldn't be any Poland now.


It's sad that wizards has a monopoly on ttrpgs


File: 1608528223455.jpg ( 131.39 KB , 900x1165 , Eclipse Phase 2e.jpg )

Does anyone here play this? The game designers are socialists, leaning toward anarchism.


Always wanted to but time reasons never allowed me to.

Really a fan of the whole 'transhumanist after the collapse' theme, however. It has a lot of potential.


Kinda unavoidable when TTRPGs are dying, kinda.


No, I haven't. I've only noticed more masturbation-addicted /pol/tards and /v/ermin, though.


I want to get into D&D, what's exactly wrong with 5e? Should I start with 3.5 instead?


>what's exactly wrong with 5e?
&ltBounded accuracy (small bonuses to skills and attacks) makes it hard to feel really good at anything
&ltd20s are too swingy, and combined with the above problem it's way too common for characters to fail at what they're good at and succeed at what they're bad at
&ltNot many options; still only a dozen classes, and most classes have one subclass which is clearly the best
&ltTotally built around combat, can't really handle running a game based on exploration, intrigue, etc.
&ltMassive HP bloat makes fights take forever at higher levels
&ltRegaining all health, spells, and class features on a long rest means you can go from dying and useless to fully healed by sleeping for eight hours, incentivizing players to blow all their resources on one fight and then retreat and rest
&ltCaster supremacy; wizards have a million ways around every situation and lots of ways to fight, while fighters can only hit stuff
&ltLots of the game's elements, like multiclassing, feats, and magic items, are officially "optional", meaning the game isn't balanced around them even though 99% of DMs include them
&ltSupplements released at a glacial pace compared to past editions
>Should I start with 3.5 instead?
3.5 has its own problems. It's insanely unbalanced (caster supremacy is a much bigger problem than in 5e), and while it has a lot of options (unlike 5e), 90% of those options are shit.

But here, I'll give you the advantages of 5e:
&ltBy far the most popular game; probably over 90% of all games are 5e, so you'll never have trouble finding a group
&ltVery beginner friendly
&ltCompetent (not amazing but good) at what it's meant to do, i.e. if you just want to go into a dungeon and kill stuff you'll probably have fun
&ltFairly well-balanced; even though casters can do a lot more than martials, casters aren't really "stronger," just more versatile


&ltd20s are too swingy, and combined with the above problem it's way too common for characters to fail at what they're good at and succeed at what they're bad at
&ltNot many options
&ltTotally built around combat, can't really handle running a game based on exploration, intrigue, etc.
&ltMassive HP bloat makes fights take forever at higher levels
&ltRegaining all health, spells, and class features on a long rest
Heh, just like modern video games.


Even as someone who simps for 3.5, I will tell you that it's not exactly an intuitive system or anything. I just like it because of it's "intangibles" and the fact that it's a system with a lot of homebrew and a playerbase (nowadays) that will usually accept some version of homebrewing.
Basically it's an oldfag haven, the same reason why people play the older versions of dnd


What is your response to radlibs trying to shame you for playing fantasy RPGs because they're racist, colonialist, etc.?






Anyone play TCGs or CCGs?


File: 1613359558542.jpg ( 1.25 MB , 1280x1024 , Arcanum_dwarf_1280x1024.jpg )

I'm thinking of running a campaign in an industrial/steampunk fantasy setting, a lot like arcanum.

The theme will largely focus on the societal aches of switching from agrarian to industrial, nobility struggling against growing capitalist influence, and the workers getting caught in the middle.

A huge emphasis will be placed on the 'monstrous' races, mostly orcs, as professional standing armies that can get around quickly on trains make the old nomadic raiding lifestyle challenging, forcing them to integrate, and be societies punching bag.

We'll have communist orcs, fascist dwarves, and Elven eco-terrorists.

I'm still trying to pick a system, but GURPS seems the most likely, despite the fact I've
Never actually ran a game in GURPS.


/tg/ is the most leftist kind of gaming available and should be promoted, dont have to spend a penny on materials if you dont want to, and best of all you can play your entire life without having to deal with the bullshit design philosophies or liberal/reactionary political undertones that some company is pushing. Download pdfs, find a printer somewhere, use diceapps or scavenge dice from other boardgames. Encourages actual socialization and building bonds among people irl, no capital owned media directly mediating your interactions.

Down with vidya, up the tabletop!


my response is that i like tabletop games because me and my friends can do what we want without having to give a fuck about brands and brandcucks doing dumb culture war shit


Agreed, it seems pretty silly. I'm not against weaving political themes into games in a mature way but roleplaying as le epic hero leftists feels like escapist cope for not doing much IRL.


>feels like escapist cope for not doing much IRL

By that standard we have to get rid of all videogames.


No theres nothing wrong with vidya or escapism in general, but channeling your leftist feeling into games and scratching the itch that way does seem fairly counterproductive imo


Not him but I fear that forgetting about politics or leftism when I engage in a hobby will make me less resistant to liberalism in the long term


Leftism is utterly fucking dead and buried, it makes no difference whether you play a videogame or go in the streets, it's the same effect on the world.


"Excuse me but my fantasy setting is explicitly decolonial and all the fantasy societies have a rich and vibrant culture without being romanticized."

Sounds neat. Most fantasy tends to sit in the medieval tech level though, so not a lot of systems would fit.

True, also in my experience players like to do rebellious or revolutionary shit in roleplaying games for some reason.


I haven't thought about it because I don't keep a radlib living in my head rent free.

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