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Does what it says on the tin.


Volound has been on fire with his critiques lately.
Also, is there any mod to move the camera in med 2 higher?


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>general thread
Do you have something you'd actually like to discuss or not?


State of the franchise? First post?


What's the best TW, Rome 1 or Shogun 2?


Medieval 2


Is that the one where you can JFK the pope?




Wait isn’t this guy that got famous by playing Dishonored? Never thought he had content on other games. Neat.
Shogun 2 for me because I’m a gun nut. But Medieval 2 for the insane modding scene.


He was originally a total war player but got frustrated with the series and quit for years until recently.


Good on him for returning only to shit on the constant simplification by CA. Jesus christ does the siege warfare now a disaster.
It's already a shitty meme even in Medieval 2 and now it's just the same map layout repeating over everything. I dropped any hope for 3K when they revealed that a fucking 3 Kingdoms game doesn't have naval warfare. Even the Chinese ripoff managed to do it.


I don't know how much its a my problem, but I think that TW games are basically the modern day equivalent of autistic hobbies such as assembling train sets or making bottled ships. The initial gameplay seems alright, the units and their variety seems interesting, but over the first few turns it becomes an utter slog where you got to fight multiple battles per turn and all of your opponents become equally identically and equally matched, meaning that all you get is a bunch of samey battles that you can't auto resolve or fight with your brain on autopilot. This wouldn't be too bad, as all battles would be engaging to some degree, but the reward from this most of the time seems pathetic for the amount of time you put into it. Idk, maybe the games are just not for me, but I recall loving Medieval 2 and Rome 1 when I was small, so I can't really tell if its me or the game that changed.


You can say the same about any videogame. Naturally, Games are imitation of activity, accomplishing nothing real. Here, the satisfaction is supposed to be battles themselves, fielding thousands of troops and executing military manoeuvers.


>autistic hobbies such as assembling train sets or making bottled ships.
Even more meta with TW: Warhammer when it’s an autistic hobby imitating another autistic hobby.


what are the best overhaul mods for any of the games? has there ever been a civil war mod for shogun?


I‘ve always loved north vs south ACW for Napoleon, but it doesn’t have a campaign. There isn’t a mod like that on shogun 2, I think.


There‘s a few maps for it though


&ltamerican civil war mod

Why would anyone want to play the most boring conflict ever


File: 1608528083202.jpg ( 108.06 KB , 600x912 , dmz comic.jpg )

Of course, by that I mean 1880s civil war, modern American civil war setting is based and cool



If you could have any setting in a TW game, what would it be? Personally I'd love a Russian Civil War one.


Anything about relatively modern warfare wouldn't fly in a game like this, FOTS was already horrific in the mixed arms warfare, shelling, etc and also quite small for the scale of modern war.
Drakengard 1 could be cool, if far fetched. Also, ancient mesopotamian, how about that? But not shitty like Troy. For real, bronze age warfare but either completely high fantasy mythological, or totally gritty and realistic.
Also, Volound keeps destroying. Now about missile combat. https://youtu.be/GEvYxZfwrQg


I just want a game set in the postclassical mesoamerican era with a spanish conquest setting, so I can wipe the floor with the spanish conquistadors as the aztecs:^).


You can do that in medieval 2


Literally Med2 Kingdoms you dumb mestizo


>TW Warhammer 3 came out and confirmed Cathay
</v/tards came out of the woodwork to talk about how CA is literally communism!!!
I love that we are living in an age where racism and anti-communism always get mashed together to the point of idiocy.


Pretty sure that has always been that way, racism has always coincided with anticommunism, see; the south, the Nazis, etc


Retards really do believe anything they don't like is communism

Then again this sounds like the same retards who tried to shoehorn "historical realism" into a thing with women generals in Rome 2


What pisses me off more is that they support capitalism yet they hate capitalist market expansion. What the fuck happened to “muh freedom of choice” and “voting with your wallet”?


if theyre gonna keep doing fantasy stuff i would love to see LotR.

i know you can play mesoamerica in Medieval 2 and theres the native expansion for zempire and ive put a lot of hours into both of those, but i'd love to see a more complete euros vs natives game spanning the full length of the americas over a few centuries. you could use some of the Attila TW "survival" mechanics to play up the desperation of natives. the very uneven battles and hit and run tactics in the Empire warpath expansion were so much fun but the factions had very little differentiation between them, same techs and buildings and shit for the most part. would love to see it fleshed out further with well developed puebloan towns, iroqouis longhouses, cherokee mountain forts, maybe even cahokia and the arawaks/caribs. plus ofc the variety of aztecs, mayans, incas. tho maybe thats way too much for one game it seems like Attila handled the wide variety of cultures and the tech divide between romans/"barbarians" well. alternatively the euro factions could be unplayable to make it more manageable but that probably wouldnt make for an especially popular game

anybody play Three Kingdoms? i actually love it, the map and diplomacy systems are the best yet in a TW game


There is a LotR mod for medieval 2 if you are interested


>if theyre gonna keep doing fantasy stuff i would love to see LotR

I heard that the Tolkien estate weren't happy with how the movies turned out and are being assholes about the licence. So that might be a reason why there's not more LOTR games.


Im pretty hyped
also I love dawi zharr concept (basically hashut embodie capitalism infinite greed, they sell arms and enslave to build more weapons and enslave more)
and if they make a separate map for chaos realms, with TP to/from it through dynamic rifts (or from all the way up north if you cant be bothered with opening chaos gates in middle of cathay), that means potentially also a true underway

>anybody play Three Kingdoms
nope but what I heard about its diplomacy indeed made me quite excited for the revamp in tw3. Whats special about the map ?

I do have some concerns about big gameplay issues in tw2 not being solved
namely :
AP damage/armor (high armor units too often feel like squishy shit, high AP missiles unit counter fucking everything)
supply lines
cavalry performance (I think they need a MD bonus against infantry or smth)
raiding (the main war activity of historical armies is useless)
anti infantry/large bonuses (just add more ganularity and differentiate damage/MA bonus, allow md bonuses)
knockdowns making infantry immune to dmg


>Whats special about the map ?

its more like a paradox map, but honestly looks much better and feels more intuitive imo. scrolling to a smaller scale shows terrain, mid level shows provinces with colored borders of nations, high level shows a full political style map. one of my biggest problems with TW usually is how you need to drag the screen because the map doesnt pull out enough but the whole UI looks and feels much better in Three Kingdoms


Shame about the unit variety, or lack thereof.


>future of TW 3K
<we are canceling it and making another version
What the actual fuck?


I guess they're gonna be focussing on the actual 3 kingdoms period this time? But yeah weird that it isn't just an expansion pack (oh wait they want an excuse to release it for £50 again).


I love that now everything on steam is getting downvoted to oblivion. As if that will do anything against CA.

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