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The new cutscenes narrations suck such as that of Attila's campaigns. Heard there might be a mod for it but still seems senseless that the vibe of the original narrations were just butchered that way for whatever reason.


The narration in William Wallace campaign got shafted as well.


My shit PC can't handle any of the Definitive Editions. FUCK

At least now it's not a fake Scottish accent


I wish they would redo the first AoE
Basically 1.5, basically AoE2 but in Ancient times, because ancient times had way more things going on back then and AoE feels just barebones.

Also AoE3 is just whack. While the game is not bad, it's design is all over the place.


Since it appears that multiple threads are now talking about remasters (or remakes), what do you guys think about the Definitive Editions compared to the originals?


Its great, but it also fucks up some of the unofficial xpac campaigns. They used to have a lot of focus on being akin to the StarCraft "dungeon" missions and were a blast to play, especially since they would take a while (the Bari campaign was awsome, literally presenting in it a few year long campaign with various battles in a single "dungeon" mission). Now if I load in to Bari its just a nomad start where the logic is just "build base, beat foe" instead of the micro adventures of the past. Same with other Forgotten campaigns. Hell, they cut the Amazonian conquistador campaign which was 100% dungeon all way through.


I don't even understand why they need to change it. It seemed entirely pointless. Those campaigns were a unique twist and a well-made spin on the original game.


I guess they might have found them to be overdesigned and too complex. That, or maybe they found them to be cringe, like the first Sforza mission where your dipshit father drowns himself and his army.


They were probably just being lazy. We've all seen how successive strategy/RPG remakes have failed to even retain the same features of the original game, because apparently skill of game designers has devolved so much.

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