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>Jason Schreier


maybe ms will at least be less retarded than beth and actually do a morrowind remaster though.
but maybe they'd fuck it all up and destroy the gameplay mechanics


Unironically good. While I don't like real politics accelerationism, when it comes to the game industry it is a good position to have. 3A industry is blobbifying more and more each year, becoming more and more self-canibalizing. Its going to shit it self soon in a crash resembling the Atarii collapse. And I personally can't wait for it to happen and see indie scene take over, with eventual midrange games that will come out from either survivor studios or newcomers.
Also in this particular case there is nothing much lost:
Trash. Even without EA it would have never recovered. And in all honesty EA getting the rights might actually increase the chance of a tolerable FO game.
>Elder Scrolls
Same as above
Its good, but I doubt the next game would have come out before the industry crash
Only one I'm kind off sad about, however I doubt that they wouldn't make the final game of the new trilogy
Probably my third or fourth favourite game series ever. However D2 kinda poorly, thus we never had a chance for D3 anyways.


come shitpost with me on the 4chan sticky on /v/ for this bros


Hmm, seems I am banned from 4/chan/. Can't even recall last time I posted there. I didn't even use it for anything but /pol/ raids.


The monopoly continues. Porkie is bracing for the final countdown.


I assume you've done some typos; it's MS not EA


holy shit this is exactly what I was thinking last year or so, now that they own fallout they could be as publishers for obsidian and inxile allow them to create a fallout game, that would be epic.


Current obsidian isn't the same people that made new vegas anyway.


were the raids fun


Fallout is shit from start to finish, so it doesn't really matter either way.


Microsoft is a fine owner, much better than Bethesda's current empty suits TBH.


>Halo fizzled out so hard that Gates think to buy Doom instead
Fucking pathetic.


Halo was actually good until Bungie stopped making them. It's the new dev team that drove the series into the ground.


True but Microsoft are the ones who took the series away from them, presumably because they got too uppity and wanted too big a share.


File: 1608528084353.png ( 1.56 KB , 125x125 , Halo sucks.PNG )

Halo was trash from start to finish.


vidoe game s are awfull every single vidoe game sucks a fuck 1981 pong ET half elife 20000000 lost dollars never never never liked games video gmaes 2005 reddit Halo activisiuon-Blizzard hongkong esports electronic arts defense of legends 2016 /v/ boston marathon bombing NO GAMES sonygger soy soy soy soy soy soy soy 2013 phil spencer


File: 1608528084639.jpg ( 98.9 KB , 602x792 , Babby's First FPS.jpg )

Nah, just Halo. Halo is shit, you shit eater.


Sorry but which multiplayer Arena shooter would you prefer over Halo again?
ded and champions was a f2p cashgrab
don't even make me laugh it's not a multiplayer game
>Unreal Tournament
last seen: 2006
>Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
if you want 1 server of 50 yr old boomers sure

Face it Halo is the only acceptable arena shooter on the market anymore and your contrarianism is retarded.


File: 1608528085244.jpg ( 32.1 KB , 500x500 , googoogaga.jpg )

Babby's First Ad Populum Fallacy


>an argumentum ad populum (Latin for "appeal to the people"[1]) is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition must be true because many or most people believe it

That wasn't my argument you illiterate moron. I was pointing out that every arena shooters sucks besides Halo. How about you take an actual philosophy class instead of frantically looking up lists of logical fallacies and throwing one out until it sticks?


It's hilarious how everyone who says this cannot point to ONE, I repeat, ONE arena shooter that did it better than Halo. They always have to backpedal and bring in games with heavy single-player focus (ex. Deus Ex, System Shock) because they know that all their complaints are overruled by multiplayer balancing concerns.


&ltIn order to create a balanced multiplayer between two teams
&ltIn order to create a balanced multiplayer and to prevent teams from creating never-ending streams of bullets and plasma with no reloading
&ltIn order to up the game speed and prevent it from being reaction-time and camping biased
&ltLiterally every Halo game is now on Steam

seriously kill yourselves retards


All those games sucks anyway. Good riddance.


they are, obsidian and inxile both are the same devs that made the original games
everytime I mention fallout here someone has to do this…


Half your argument was that games better than Halo weren't popular. Perhaps you should read your own posts?


>Microsoft took over
&ltimmediately kick Bethesda to leak more Starfield shit
But why though?


Bethesda was already shit anyway.


Counter strike of course :^)


>reaction time biased
What are you smoking? Any fps no matter the game is reaction based.


File: 1608528180815.jpg ( 174.24 KB , 800x1151 , 275697-crash-tag-team-raci….jpg )

>Only one I'm kind off sad about
Wolfenstein is the only one of those franchises that's irrevocably tanked as of late, and needs another reboot.
>Its going to shit it self soon in a crash resembling the Atarii collapse
Crashfags are delusional. Vidya industry is bigger than ever, having outgrown every single form of old media (movies, music, books, etc.) other than TV, and has continued setting growth records every year, in particular being one of the few major winners during lockdown this year.

Even the mythology of "The Great Crash" is basically just Atari/Nintendo propaganda, both PC and arcade were totally unscathed through 1983. There has never been a crash.

The only vaguely plausible cорe I've heard from crashfags on /v/ is a theory that the over a hundred of billion dollars a year from tens of millions of "core" gaymurz and a billion casuals, comes entirely from a small number of mega hits like Fortnight and LOL, as opposed to a larger number of smaller blockbusters in other media, and that the population of "high attach rate" gaymurz stagnated back in the '00s.

I haven't found enough stats to completely debunk it, but a quick sanity check of blockbuster vidya revenue contrasted with total industry take indicates it's unlikely.

Speaking as a Macfag, M$ singlehandedly killed everything good about Bungie, Halo, and the FPS genre itself by the time it shipped on XBox, see the Halo thread: >>3142

>an arena shooter

True, they shed a lot of people between Alpha Protocol and PoE, haven't been the same since. Plus their latest (Outer Worlds) is just another Ass Effect/Destiny/Bethesduh popamole.

Just resign yourself to the fact the only proper Fallout games in the future will come exclusively from Codexian amateurs and Slavjank


halo's campaign wipes the floor with most sp arena shit from the 90s. Not everything needs to be built around bunnyhopping autism or mp.


Damn normie.


>Vidya industry is bigger than ever, having outgrown every single form of old media (movies, music, books, etc.) other than TV, and has continued setting growth records every year
It kinda sucks, because about a decade and a half ago I was deadset going to start working in the industry, but parents and boomers scared the shit out of me so I ended up doing logistics.
Now it's a billion dollar industry and logistics is being automated.


Monopolies = shittier AAA games = more attention on indies. Let the giants asphixate at their altitudes, it'll make a whale fall reef.


>Monopolies = shittier AAA games = more attention on indies.
I want to believe, but is it really so ?

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