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What do you think of weeb breath of the wild.
Should I play it, or should I fuck off to do more productive things.


Tell me more about this


Asian MMO monetization, hard pass.


Kill yourself kudasai.


Less polished botw but with generic anime characters? I'm pass.


All the violently sinophobic people that I've know play Genshin Impact.


It's fun, but don't spend money on it. Your chance of pulling a 5* is 0.6% per roll which is among the worst rates of any gacha ever made. Also, like most gacha games, the end game is doing dailies and using your stamina to gather upgrade mats.


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So you'd spend money on gachashit if it had better changes?


It's shit


I wonder how this game blew up so hard, despite being originally a mobile game with a most awful monetization model.


Is it the waifus? There's nothing else remarkable about the game.


The gameplay is pretty smooth


High production value and solid gameplay for a genre where those things are nonexistent.


I really like the gameplay of going around a world and activating all the fast travel points; my fav part of BotW. I suspect many people who like the game like that as well.
And it certainly helps that it's free (to play microtransact monetizations shit bullshit always onoline fucking singled polayer) too, and on the phone and tablet.
You can't underestimate how popular BotW was and continues to be amongst normals, so a game with very similar gameplay that's FREE*™ is gonna absolutely wash over them,
both the crowd that already liked BotW and the crowd that's wanted to play BotW all this time but has never had enough money to sink into a switch or a (fucking LOL) wiiU


File: 1608528110814.png ( 341.57 KB , 2004x1320 , Lisa.png )

Fantastic game, if you are a burger get it because I really think it could be banned for being Chinese, and don't spend a cent because gacha is bad for you. I might buy the season pass to support the devs but even that has massive issues (not gambling, it's just broken currently).

Anyway, it's not just Breath of the wild. It's a lot like BoTW in the overworld, but once you get further along you learn to make big wombo combos by switching out your waifus a lot. The elemental system is the key to the game.

Now my reviews is a little diffrent from many because I got insanely lucky on my free pulls and got really good characters: Venti, Fischl, AND Xiangling.

Also I am lesbian for Lisa, she is a very deep and complex character with huge plots.


> Fischl, AND Xiangling
Got lucky with those two too.
But Xiangling is on a promotion right now; think if you get to like abyss level three you get her


Yeah it's true, but I got lucky I think. Are you a more experienced player? I'm not very far into the story. Is the battle pass worth it? How bad is the resin issue?


I'm adventure level 28 going on 29 now.
Progression slows a lot; I'd been binging the game pretty hard since I'm NEET right now, but I had to slow because I can't go faster without paying at this point.
I will not pay a dime; I will not buy the pass, so I can't attest to it being worthwhile; it's ultimately your choice, but I wouldn't advise it because it doesn't seem wholly necessary unless you really wanna power through the game.
Anyhow, I take issue with the whole resin thing, but ultimately the fact that the amount of stuff I can do on any given day is limited has promoted a healthier lifestyle for me.
I can't just keep binging the game straight through to the cruel and bitter end because it prevents me from doing so,
so I just hop on and do my commissions and the domains if they got what I need and leave it at that; it's fun enough that way.


Hm guess I'll save my financial support for when they put out cosmetics. I don't want to power through the game, I want to just enjoy the slow burn.


Tried it.
Luckly my attention span is so short I lost interest after the first session


The Liyue part just made me a little bit sad. Outside of the rich city, there are abandoned mines, villages with only elders and children. It strikes too hard, is this really espacism or just social commentary under the guise of isekai?

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