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Anyone else play TF2?

What's the frikken deal with those chynese lagbots? They're ruining the game. Oh, and I say CHYNESE lagbots because they're from CHYNA


I play it.
Honestly, I find the lagbots funny as shit. Specially the [VALVe]NiggerKiller ones.
Hope they get fixed soon, but knowing Valve, it's not gonna get fixed soon. Maybe in about 2 or 3 weeks?
Also, /leftypol/ TF2 server when?


Rezzing this so we have a TF2 general


I don't know about other countries but here in Brazil at least the game is still unplayable, the only difference is that at least there isn't voice or chat spam, but 99% of the time in a match is trying to ban the 3 bots that are in your team and the 1% is waiting for the other team to ban theirs. Not that I don't appreciate the recent effort, but the game is still far from playable again


I haven't played this for ages
this might be a reason to get away


File: 1608527776065.jpg ( 11.91 KB , 350x350 , Slavery.jpg )

I used to but eventually I found myself unable to tolerate the DRM anymore. I wish there was a DRM-free open source replacement.


honestly TF2 is such a simple game that’s unnecessarily bloated it should’ve been replaced right now.
there was TF2classic for a while but then the fags on 8chan /v/ made their own snowflake version over a minor autistic disagreement and split the player base. now both of them are dead. I will never forgive them for that bullshit.


I remember hearing about tf2classic, but I'd never heard about a split.
Could you give me a quick rundown?


There's some new tf2 mod going on with update pages and celebration
Idk much but see valve news network on youtube, i saw the thumbnails and they are on day 8 or 9 of the update with new weapons


nah I honestly forgot what the fork was called. but basically some of the devs on /v/ got butthurt they were adding more things than what was in the original TF2 game so they started spreading a bunch of propaganda about how the other devs were liberal SJW trans boogiemen (like 80% sure they definitely weren’t) and got everyone on /v/ on their bandwagon. it looks like the project failed but they did success in killing the player base once and for all with their idpol bullshit shitting up all the channels and servers and scared the original devs from adding any new features to the game


Bros I'm literally playing tf2classic right now, on full servers. I dunno what you're talking about.


I recently played this, it is kind of fun but unplayable right now.
>paywalls for weapons
>dead lobbies
>bots and hackers every game
>autistically toxic community, especially towards newer players
Kind of a shame I never got to experience it in its prime, everyone keeps telling me how great it used to be.


File: 1608527932162.jpg ( 34.36 KB , 640x513 , 8927348927523.jpg )

Fugg, did anyone play the game around 2008 and 2011? Golden fucking age. It was so comfy and charming. The humour and the autistic but dedicated community that produced so much content. Warms my heart. Nowadays it seems pretty shit. But I'm 24 now and first played the game when I was 11. Lmao.


There were so many goofy minigame and creative game modes and zombie modes I used to play. Fuck. FUCK


Yeah I get nostalgic for those days a lot. I played on a 7chan community server called goddamnit tee eff 2, it was so much fun experiencing the class updates with everyone every few months.
I stopped around the time they gave earbuds to all the mac players and every update started focusing on hats.


As bloated and bot-infested as the game is, I still love it. Scratches an itch no other game can.


Didn't play team fortress, but I fondly remember the times I played on a russian wiremod.ru fretta server. The deathruns, the monster hunt, prop hunt, the gamemode where one guy mans the cannon and all the other people have to survive on top of a large toppling structure with pillars and blocks on top (if you remember how it's called, tell me), pirate wars destructible ship on ship and so much more random shit all on one server. There's just no such thing anymore.


File: 1608528003518.png ( 7.17 MB , 3840x2160 , openfortress.png )

I play the boomer shooter mod for it more than the base game these days.


Is Open Fortress still crippled with Steam cancer or is it Actually, Genuinely Open?


File: 1608528007655.jpg ( 31.92 KB , 530x355 , 5dp2l.jpg )

Its a community-made mod that still relies a lot on TF2s own codebase and visual assets, not sure what you were expecting? You still require TF2 and 2013 Source Multiplayer SDK, both of which you can only get from Steam. The "open" in Open Fortress just stands for open-source, as in the code is open to contributions from the community. It has nothing to do with dependencies or distribution platforms.


File: 1608528013865.png ( 13.99 KB , 91x101 , cope.png )

the games is on its last games now.Its pretty sad to see this kind of a great game die .Valve probably already forgot about it so its gonna die soon .I used to play it in 2014 it was literally the gaame of my childhood and I can't help it but feel extreme sadness and nostalgia about it .I played some of the community mods but its just not the same .They are good in their own way tho


my laptop is on it's last legs after 6 years
it's completely greasy and dusty but i still need it for work

if i install this game will my laptop die?


Play community servers until you get at least somewhat decent at the game. Keep in mind TF2 is a pretty hard game for most people, unless you play retarded classes like pyro and heavy.


have you tried creators.tf? I heard that it’s a good server to play TF2 on but I haven’t had the time to try it.


File: 1619679122268.jpg ( 149.94 KB , 512x512 , glock.jpg )

So uhhhhhhhhhh

Over a year after the code leak, did anyone attempt to make an open source tf2 that doesn't need steam to run? With pirate servers and all that stuff.


not anymore, at least I'm staying away from it for now, as a new player the experience is hurrendous enough without having all ways of communication blocked.


Nope,and if you did,you would get swarmed by retards saying that "actually it's unfair that I can't transfer my backpack to it" etc
And don't even try to make all items client sided,or the butthurt will reach high heavens.


Has this EVER happened? I don't think anyone has even tried to make a Steam-less TF2.


It's litterally why TFC2 is Steam based in the first place. (because it doesn't actually need to)
That was one of the discussion in the developpement of the game.


>It's litterally why
What is literally why?


File: 1620764881004.png ( 10.76 KB , 800x600 , 1619998276272.png )

If I'm reading correctly TF2C needs Steam because children whined they'd lose access to their $1000 items or something even though a pirate TF2 could give you access to literally anything for free.


Wait, TF2C actually uses all that lootbox bullshit? What the fuck was the point of calling it "classic" then?


If other people had all the items in the game for free then how would I be able to flex my daddy's credit card on them?


I rarely play videogames, but when I do, TF2 is the only game I still play. I don't know why but it's the only game that I like.


Yah, I was playing the classic one before the hats and shitton of weird loadouts and it was crazy fun. Hats in TF2 are an obvious example of capitalism commodifying, distorting and ruining a (sub)culture.


Reminder that a marxist economist hired by Valve popularized microtransactions in video games.


Really? Who was it?


File: 1621143038906.jpg ( 3.44 MB , 3297x3297 , 2019-04-13_Yanis_Varoufaki….jpg )

Yanis Varoufakis. He's been mentioned several times on /leftypol/.
He also tried to save Greece from its crippling debt.


How did he do it?




I haven't read these but here you go, he wrote a few articles during his stay at Valve.


Wow still think communism is cool???


File: 1622774968941.png ( 328.94 KB , 565x669 , E2VaoXQWEAEvEQt.png )

Why yes I'm a tryhard.


What marxism is in the game's economy?


File: 1624127073435.png ( 846.35 KB , 1366x673 , floyderina.png )

Things you can only do on TF2 nowadays.


File: 1624127564325.png ( 161.9 KB , 1237x777 , 1624100626589.png )



get the fuck back to your shithole, /pol/yp

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