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It seems like a pretty random place, but it seems like that these people are pretty much 80% trump supporters. A lot of ex-obsidian guys hang out over there and shit post about SJWs and stuff. It's a pretty big place where Underrail and Age of Decadence (the two big meme CRPGs) developers hang out so it's not a small place.
I Just find it weird how reactionary these people are though.


Awful forum, even without the reactionary views. They just copy /v/ memes and culture and act like they're cool for it. Very pathetic.That's probably why they're so reactionary as well.


Is RPGcodex a forum or something? I've never heard of it.


It’s possible that it’s where all the reactionaries are gone after having been kicked out from the other rpg forums.
There is a lot of idpol mods who ban on sight. Not that it’s a bad thing.


Typical forumfaggotry.


Whenever you think 4chan is awful remember there are several forums with registration out there that are basically 4chan but with usernames and egos and *gasp* post counts.


>They just copy /v/ memes and culture and act like they're cool for it
I don't disagree but a bit of a pot calling the kettle black there?


>Underrail and Age of Decadence (the two big meme CRPGs)
Why? They seemed okay on my first play through.


Just because this is a vidya board doesn't mean people are supposed to act like /v/ermin, and the few times I've seen people act retarded they get called out.


There is a mild pull towards reactionary politics in fantasy fan groups in general or maybe it's that reactionary people tend to be drawn to fantasy a bit more on average. (I'll repeat it's mild in the grand scheme of things and you shouldn't go on a witch-hunt over that.) Fantasy worlds tend to be populated by groups strongly distinct, a distinction not just based on economic position or technological differences, but due to extreme genetic differences, far more extreme than the wildest claims of white suprematists about human differences.

In human history, technology plays a big role, so espionage plays a big role (example: silk). In fantasy, there are often chasms between groups that can't be ever bridged. For example, a minority can do magic and the others can spy on magicians as much as they want, they are inherently unfit for doing it themselves. So, in these story worlds, having a very conservative outlook just is very obviously right, more obviously so than in real life. Monarchies and caste societies fit together with how the rest of the fantasy world works. If the Queen of England had the ability to turn the tide in wars by magic, I would be a monarchist in real life, too.


I don't know, but if anyone knows of another site with a decent number of hardcore Wizardry fans then please let me know. It's one of the greatest video game franchises ever and it seems like all the fans are Japanese.


Pretty much all popular JRPGs were influenced by Wizardry.


I am aware of that.


Sorry, didn't mean to mansplain


GOOD post.


what does that even mean, this word has no meaning
the ancient regime is dead and will never come back
all I see is the big three technocratic religions fighting each other like the three original god given religions used to do


first cause they're burgers, second many small and loved rpg studios over there have had problem with retarded sjw


also the elitism foster a reactionnary culture I guess

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