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Hey did you guys try out the free beta period of Cold War that's been going on these past couple days? Feels good gunning down CIA imperialists in Moscow, or blowing up Miami as a qt KGB wannabe. The only Soviet operator so far is also the only woman so we got the coomers on our side. Might as well make the clan tag BLM too in order to automatically trigger /pol/tards in the lobby amirite?


Just an FYI we already have a thread about "games that let you shooot imperialists" and FPS stuff like CoD and other stuff.

Also nice fucking bait with 'le BLM' crap


Wait we have an FPS thread? I don't see anything in the catalog. Also the BLM as a clan tag stuff was a joke I mean obviously it's a Dem front but it's not like /pol/ can distinguish between neolibs and actual socialists anyways so might as well trigger them. I saw others do it in lobbies too for the same reason (trigger idiots to get them to rage).


File: 1608528137886.png ( 2.87 MB , 1024x768 , nice refreshing Pepsi™.png )

No I did not try the free beta of another fucking Call of Duty game because Call of Duty is cancerous trash.


I haven't played a COD game since 2010 so everything feels new to me. The Cold War setting is nice I can't wait till someone makes a mod that you can shoot Reagan with.


If you can shoot Regan I wanna shoot pizza hut man.
Jk I don't play call of duty anymore so none of that matters.


not an FPS thread but I think >>2983 is appropriate, either way trying to start a clan or club with leftypol seems to be impossible. there's allready been a few people trying to get other's to join they're fav games but no one seems to be interested.


>BLM as a clan tag stuff was a joke
Just confirming, it's hard to tell when people are being actually ironic or not on the internet anymore.


Pepsi-fag spam would make /v/ reee as much as /pol/ would reee about commies modding their vidya about killing "le sandn*ggers"


Is there any reason to listen to the retards who claim cod tried to pin the real highway of death on Russia


they let you nuke the west with american nukes so, maybe?



Can't ever take COD seriously anymore after this video (not that I really could before but hey)




Now I just wanna post more montage parodies. Those were the good times truly.

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