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Need some good games on Android, what would you reccomend?


This game is pretty based by the way


I recommend you play games on an input device that isn't complete shit.


Facts, but it's a slow day at work and I don't want to read books on my phone, so you got any real suggestions smuglord?


zombie ville usa
among us (unironically)


Zombieville USA is a great one, among us won't fly because while it's slow people do come in. Thanks!


oh yeah try out kingdom rush too that one's a godsend


Battle for Wesnoth plays pretty well on a shitty ass touchscreen interface.


polytopia is great


Stop using shit that glows in the dark.


i see nothing wrong with using mobile phones in this scenario, you sound like a person who has not held down a job before




File: 1608528183403.jpg ( 27.2 KB , 580x346 , 1562597683262.jpg )

Funny thing to say on a leftist imageboard, glowie.

Just bring your thinkpad to work or stop having ADHD.


the only game that i have in my phone it's a clone of 2048 that i made,
just use emulator modern phone are way overpowered for there use case


Wandroid is my favorite android specific game. I'd really recommend getting a good emulator and playing console games instead.


Freedoom with any mod you like.


there are lots of phone emulators for Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS games, I'd look into those if you wanted a proper game to play


thanks yall, i do have emulators on my phone, i was (at the time) just looking for games like zombieville, stuff that takes nearly no brainpower to play
honestly not a fan of the developer if youre looking for a new "good" grand strategy game id recommend age of civilizations 2
also i replayed that game i mentioned and it was actually super based, goes through the stages of civilization the right war


File: 1608528261289.jpg ( 596.23 KB , 1080x2340 , Screenshot_2020-11-23-23-4….jpg )

take your pick




>bad imitation of a bad imitation of Touhou

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