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Was he right?


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Dr. Venom from the Gradius series? I dunno, his actions made some pretty fun games.


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Law = tankiddies
Chaos = anarkiddies


Neutral is the only alignment that ever makes sense.
If you go law, you effectively enter slavery - all in service of a God that will destroy the world anyway.
If you go chaos, it will just lead to the wipe-out of humanity because humans are not as strong as demons. Those that survive mainly become part-demon at that.
Going neutral allows you to avoid slavery and the destruction of humanity (until YHVH gets bored). It effectively gives us the world we have now - which we can change in much the same way as we try now.


As far as identifying the alignments with actual political ideologies, identifying Neutral with anarchists makes more sense considering it's focus on autonomous action and humanist ideals. While they explicitly call Chaos anarchist on SMT4A it's fairly obvious that it was originally intended to be a parallel for japanese fascism and in most games it takes the form of some kind of enlightened anprim darwinism, particularly in Strange Journey. The true centrists are The White.
None of the Law-aligned options ever turn into straight-up slavery (from an economic point of view), but still, it really depends on the game. SMT4's version of Law, for example, doesn't end up requiring any enforcement of authority and resembles post-human communism more than anything else, directly changing 'human nature' itself to create a more peaceful, selfless and understanding society, where conflict is either non-existent or resolved without much issue. Obviously this doesn't really make sense from our particular point of view, looking more like soft slavery than anything else, but then again, what makes returning to a previous, less organized state of humanity more appealing, exactly? Ultimately the way the megaten universe works means that even this return is just a temporary pause to the apocalypse, and that only the physically mighty (in the most literal sense) get to set the rules. So you might as well make sure that the good you do is permanent.


I really do enjoy an smt post
but regarding your question then no he wasn't right per say due to the Axiom or the Great Will having perfect reason to oppose him he's basically the main villain behind everything but regarding Law vs Chaos it's very interesting


Law is fascist
There's no materialist route in smt games.


All this Law vs Chaos shit is interesting but I am absolutely clueless as to the context (Gradius)


Yes there is, it's the neutral route aka HFY.


>Я не хуя не понимаю, но очень интересно

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