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Hello everyone, after some serious temptation due to watching various militaria channels for some months I think I'm gonna finally jump on the bandwagon and try WT/WoT. Does anyone have experience with these kind of games? How badly exactly am I gonna get fucked by premium/longtime players?

I did some searches and it seems most people agree that WT is much more realistic and simulator-y than WoT which is good cause I'd like to try realism. So, that's the one I'm downloading right now, but does anyone else have a different opinion on it?

In addition, I know there's probably a huge amount of affiliate new member deals out there but does anyone know what one is the best I can use currently, ideally linked to a good YT channel that deserves it? If not I can just search for it but hey.

General advice for getting started (or why I shouldn't)?


Play the aircraft mode because moving in 3 dimensions is better than moving in 2. The learning curve for flying planes is much higher but nothing is more liberating than mastering the art of flying. Remember that speed can be converted into altitude and vice-versa, climb if you want to slow down and dive if you need to speed up. But beware of losing both speed and altitude. you'll need time to regain them which leaves you vulnerable. The flight mechanics of WT are good, sadly the game is monetized to shit so expect a grind to unlock you favorite vehicles.


Perhaps I will try it sometime but I like tanks more, tbh.

Anyway, I did finally find a promo code and got free American premium tank so I started off with Americans, I was having a lot of fun with the light scout tanks you start with and was doing pretty well.

Eventually I decided to try branch out a bit once I was in 1.3 and try a tournament which meant we were in 'realistic' mode. And, wow, it was absolutely miserable. Giant empty maps and German tank destroyers and the like hiding absolutely everywhere, my M2s and the like were absolutely outclassed and worthless. I was dead most of the time before I even saw an enemy. Then I drive all the way back to the objective and repeat. Every other player was just hiding behind rocks and the like and not even trying to capture or defend anything. Absolutely infuriating and that was how every battle in realistic mode went. I dunno if it's the game, my skill level, or just early American tanks, but wow, it sucked.


Now of course you might say that the obvious solution is to stick to arcade mode, but it kinda makes me feel like a scrub :(

Well, anyway, gonna start out with the Soviet tech tree instead and hopefully that will go better.


Don't feel like a scrub. Simulator mode for tanks is nothing but ambushes since there are no IFF indicators. It's realistic for sure since ambushing is a pretty effective way to destroy tanks but if it's not enjoyable then don't play it.


Yeah, I think you're probably right about that. It just seems to encourage a very unfun and scrubby playstyle to me. Perhaps I will give it another shot when I'm better at the game.

Anyway, my progress on the Soviet tree has gone pretty well, I even tried some other types of low tier vehicles like a little tankette with an autocannon instead of a main gun, got a decent few kill streaks with it but decided to stop when I came upon two bots and one enemy player and was outmanouvering them and surviving by stunning them with the autocannon but wasn't able to penetrate them at all at point blank range so inevitably I died once the player got me in his sights properly. And the less said about my attempts to use the AA truck the better.


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.



Soviet destroyer Gremyashchy is top-tier


>Advice on WoT
Don't. Its an addictive free to pay game that is absolutely miserable most of the time, with small windows when you are making others feel miserable. All of these and more are what makes the game awful
>Premium rounds
>OP premium tanks like the Scorpion, E25 or the fucking insane Russian heavies with autoloaders
>Superheavies that are unkillable without premium rounds
>Absolutely disgusting tank trees that make you play the same dogturd for multiple tiers, eg Churchill line
>Tripple tier matchmaker that most often puts you in a fight against straight up invincible tanks two tiers higher than you
>The insane amounts of currency you need for later tanks
>All the bullshit overpriced gizmos you need to properlly set up your tank, as well as crew skills and the need to retrain between tanks, and the one time usables like crew snacks and premium repair kits.
>Constant powercreep of new tanks that slowly make old ones redundant
>The need to play boring SPG games to print currency, so you could actually use your proper tanks



Negative steam reviews are accurate, is all I have to say


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Seriously, are these posts visible? Why is no one replying? I've ripped these webms myself…


board's slow and the topic isn't as popular as it was.


Yea we can see them

Ok. I hate you guys because this thread, despite all my hate for WoT, just made me really want to try it out again. So I am thinking that I will do a few games in my IS-3 and report back if I had any bit of fun. Thank fuck the next WoW xpac is coming next week, so at least my other, less awful addiction will stop me from falling into the tank black hole… I hope.


Thank you, I genuinely thought I was shadowbanned or something.
I've read people complaining that WT's interface is awful but I've returned to WoT after years since I've quite it just after it received physics (played since the beginning of obt) and it's such a terrifying eyesore. I've played one fight and quit just because it looked so tacky.


>Thank you, I genuinely thought I was shadowbanned or something
DW newfriend there is no shadowbanning in the bunker


What do y'all think of Armored Warfare?

Basically WoT but with cold war to modern day tanks, also has a dedicated PvE mode aswell


Eh, the game is fun for a few plays but frankly I prefer bootleg mobile tank games since I don't get attached to the game.


Ok, I played a few rounds and uninstalled. One round was pretty fun as it had brawling in an i closed city, others were a mess of either getting domed by top tiers, getting carried or stomped by a team of friends or just having a boring sloggy match with no action.

I think I had an apifany though. The game needs smaller matches. Now its all based around each match being an epic battle with different roles and shit, which is great for ranked games, but for random games just means x role will fuck up, which will determine the win. Example:
>Playing IS-3 in brawl side
>Medium Light tank side fucks up on the opposite side
>All arty get killed
>Get surrounded and assfucked
So in reality, the actually fun games will either be those where you get to fight in more isolated areas, so that even if you lose, you had fun, or when it becomes a battle between last survivors of their fronts. So, how about a specific brawl game mode? Split it up to different weight categories and reduce deltaTier to zero. This would, in my view, give nice short and consistently fun matches that would give far more dynamic oprotunities to flank and etc. Ofc this will never happen though.


after WT I can never play a tank or plane game with healthbars.


Eh, it wouldn't alleviate the main thing with cumbersome metal boxes chugging slowly until they happen to behind someone or be behind someone themselves. There's no outplaying or skill beside the ability to outdrive and not be outdriven at extremely low speeds and knowing all the camper spots. Except in this proposed gamemode it would be even more dumbed down. Tanks just can't be fun not in the game, not in real life.


related >>6080


I'm curious, if the USSR was still around, assuming it would still exist, how different would WoT be? (Considering it was made in Belarus)


Assuming that it gets created in the first place, nothing much TBH.




That's just like, your opinion man. I would totally play WT if it wasn't free to play exploitation where the pace of progression is intentionally glacial to give you a 'sense of pride and accomplishment'.

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