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>>5356>2007: Oblivion Horse Armor >2011: Skyrim>2012: Skyrim Again>2013: Skyrim Again Again>2014: Skyrim Again Again Again>2014: Paid Mods on Steam workshop>2015: Fallout 4, worse in every way than both 3 and NV with only dumbed down shooting mechanics and minecraft crafting to keep the kiddies entertained>2015: Skyrim Again Again Again Again>2016: Fallout 4 gets only 2 DLCs, only 1 of which is good.>2017: Paid Mods come back with Creation Club>2018: Skyrim Again Again Again Again Again>2018: Fallout 76, literally just a reskinned Fallout 4 with all the stuff taken out of it and made in less than a year>2018/19: Fallout 76 bugs, canvas bags, P2W despite promising not to, road map is a mess, poisoning people with helmets that nobody bought, nuka rum, giving away people's credit card info, bricking PS4s, game has redundant malware features etc etc etc>2019: Fallout 76; you can now pay $100 for all of the above but in a private server which was promised at launch.Gotta say I saw this coming but jesus did I not expect them to fall so fucking far….. just how……how do they keep going "yep this is the right course of action", I mean at some point it's not monetary motivation but just seeing how deep rock bottom really is for shits and giggles.


>>5360That's what happens when the empty suits take over. Once videogames got to be bigger than movies they smelled the blood in the water.TBH I mainly only play indie games now cause at least they are still designed by people passionate about their idea.


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>>5362lmao. as if they haven't been punished enough.


>>5362Private Servers“There are a few issues cropping up here. Fallout 1st players are finding that a “newly created” world they might be heading into is not actually new at all. Players are reporting dead NPCs and looted areas when they get there, implying that these are not actually new instances, but instead re-used old instances masquerading as brand new private worlds.The “private” aspect is up for debate too. Players with big friends lists, ie. merchants who sell players goods in the game, are finding that they can’t prevent people from joining their private servers where they just want to relax and play by themselves or with a few friends. Without some sort of “invisible” mode, other players can see your instance and join it.”Scrap Box“If you were looking forward to the unlimited storage of scrap in Fallout 76 with the new Scrap Box perk of Fallout 1st, you definitely don’t want to be using it just yet.Multiple players are reporting that they have deposited hundreds of units of scrap in these new boxes, only to find that the box has eaten it. The scrap disappears from the instance, and can’t be found again from re-logging or anything. It’s just gone. Players are not amused at the fact that they have now paid for the privilege of losing all of their materials, and so far, there does not seem to be any way to recover any of this. So do not use these boxes until there’s a clear fix for this. Not that more than like, two of you reading this are going to subscribe to Fallout 1st, but still.”EVERYTHINGJUSTWORKS


>>5361This. The people in charge don't understand how the industry works. They don't understand how the product works. They just understand that you pay game devs to make game and then you sell game for money. This is a great example of how business is not hard; it's just inaccessible to most people because you need money to make money.


Honestly, if you still play F76 you deserve to get fucking scammed.


>>5356who even plays this game?


>>5367There are still a few die-hard submissives for Todd apparently.


This is fucking hilarious. I hope Bethesda crashes and burns. They've already ruined Fallout and The Elder Scrolls for me.


Is there any chance that the abject failure of 76 will prompt them to, not try harder that is too much to expect, maybe at least not bomb TES6 as much as they would otherwise? At this point I would be more than satisfied with another Skyrim tier game in a new location but it will probably be significantly worse.


>>5370I don't think they could even pull off something mediocre like Skyrim at this point.


>>5370You're naive if you think the next Elder Scrolls won't just be Skyrim with more shit stripped from it with the kill and loot gameplay loop of FO4 and 76.


>>5370I predict a 0% chance that it will be as good as Skyrim


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Half-assed attempt at listing the many many lies from Todd [i]NO NO NOT ANOTHER SKYRIM TODD PLEASE[/i]


>>5370Each installment strips features. Fallout 4 removed skills, so TES6 probably won't have them either. It'll probably play like the mobile TES game.


What DLC did you prefer, anon?


It will be a microtransaction filled idle clicker game


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