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File: 1608528176541.jpg ( 21.37 KB , 380x250 , Night_in_the_Woods.jpg )


Can this game be considered based?


File: 1608528176625.webm ( 1.67 MB , 800x292 , leftypols favorit game.webm )

I've never played it but from what I've seen, it has some based moments


same, just watched quite a few let's plays as a background activity. it would seem there are a few moments that attempt to stimulate class consciousness.


RIP Alec Holowka. Driven to suicide by one of the most toxic radlib grifters out there and her lies and bullshit.


skipped gamergate, but weren't her claims verified by the other people who worked on nitw?


File: 1608528176947.png ( 360.49 KB , 2800x798 , night in the woods story.png )

IIRC the fucked up things she talked about allegedly happened when it was just the two of them alone. In his suicide letter he wished her all the best. Anyway, here is a capped comment from 8ch /v/ about NITW.


lmao this is the most psuedointellectual bullshit vomit I've ever seen in my life, and I did half of a liberal arts degree and like to laugh at libs on twatter.


The game or the /v/ guy's comment?


The /v/ guy's comment. I have not played the game, but I like the art style.


>The /v/ guy's comment.
>I have not played the game
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Redundant information. Actually I haven't played it either.


The game puts a lot of effort into trying to show the Socio-Economic factors that play into the characters Micro level personal problems (May's Parents chimping out because they were relying on her becoming a PMC white collar to save their house from getting foreclosed / Beatrice having to wageslave basically for free at their own parents business because their mom got wrecked by US healthcare and so on / The Boomers sacrificing children to Molech because they miss the 1950s / Angus and Gregg's whole Arc revolving around their desire to leave hickville USA NOT because of Homophobia or whatever but because they realise there will literally be no livelyhood there once the last of the small business gets obliterated)

Now "Is it EssJayDubya shit" well…In some parts
But not nearly to the degree that people on /v/ / /vg/ make it out to be.
When Angus and Gregg were introduced as being gay i was also at first like "OMG Game fucking ruined just what i heard about he we go…" But No there is basically no pandering to the fact that the characters are gay outside of jokes and so on


Very decent play if you like walking simulator / VN style games
Decent messaging but everything does contain an EssJayDubya "twinge" in some way


It makes /v/ermin seethe and it's good on its own too.

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