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I played Starsector for a while, but there isn't a lot of meat to the late-game colony sim stuff. I made a completely planned and AI assisted colony by farming alpha cores and I slowly gained the ability to terraform planets via a mod, resulting in me making as many planets in the solar system possible to be inhabited by humanity with little to no need for environmental gear, basically making a densely populated reach of space completely overpowering all the other factions by miles.


Reject colony, return to mercenary.
I fell for the colony meme on my first playthrough, and honestly I think the game shines more outside of it. The game is about strapping large amounts of weaponry to ships and shooting other ships with it. If anything I would put more focus on having the AI cores intrinsically linked to Tri-Tachyon and the remnants and flesh out the colonisation and planetary war on the existing factions side of the game first. The player going it alone should be a Herculean task that makes it apparent how tasking it will be to continue down that path very quickly, not as it currently is when it dawns on you far too late to go back.


Which mod?


really what it needs is better automation of your own military forces and industrial workers so you can just let them do their own thing without you needing to help them out so often, then you could easily juggle both


Based trips and thanks for the mods.
Actually what would be cool is seeing your colonial spread. In a way what you did with the AI and planned system is essentially a perfect simulated demonstration of how Communist economy would probably have us exploring space properly and colonizing planets and using resources effectively.


Which faction is the best from materialist standpoint? Is it the Sindrian Diktat?


File: 1608528199355.png ( 483.29 KB , 1440x900 , Screen Shot 10-30-20 at 12….PNG )

nvm, found the truly revolutionary faction. In Diktat's home system nonetheless. An antirevisionist split perhaps?


with the right mods that world does eventually declare a revolutionary communist war and forms their own faction made up of downtrodden proles and various pirate fleets. They even use the pirates "interesting" understanding of spaceship engineering to make custom vessels out of outdated military and civilian vehicles into virtual tanks which shoot hilarious amounts of rounds.


And what mods are that?


Any tips for what should I do in the early game? I did some far-off exploration missions and now have 200k, which seems like a good sum of credits to get things rolling. So, what should I do?


You know, buy low sell high. Anything with the highest margins, you can bring up prices by pressing f1 over a commodity.




Tried it. Amazing start as a communist. Sure, your relationship with all factions is destroyed, but just over a few months I stacked up a ton of credits without even leaving Askonia. Turns out making supply runs for space North Korea is extremely profitable. And hey, since everyone hates me, I don't even get the choice to use the "legal" 30% tariff market. I'm already level 15 from profitable trades.


So talking about the lore of the game, did Ludd cause the collapse? I found a listening post with a log of an old Domain prisoner list, one of whom was a cult leader with a strong "anti-tech, anti-science and anti-Domain" sentiment. Wouldn't be surprised if he was somehow involved with blowing up the gates. Or maybe he just used the collapse as an opportunity to start his cult on a civilizational level and I just read too deep into it.


its unlikely, the collapse was probably just a somewhat random event that Ludd just took advantage of.


So I've assembled a huge space jihad fleet, barely manage to scrape a win against REDACTED fleets with a radiant, nevermind two, and couldn't even scratch the REDACTED base.
Any recommended mods?


What kind of ships are you using? I am still new to the game (started after this thread), but from my experiance you want to have a shit ton of carriers.

Also are you colonising? It's basically impossible to field a proper fleet without it in my experiance.

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