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What are your opinions?


Fun when you start out, drags by the mid game, boring at the late game


Yeah, same


Like every other 4x strategy game, it seems to think that throwing a billion different menus and mechanics at players is an acceptable substitute for actual fun.


File: 1608528213425.png ( 33.01 KB , 326x317 , FreeOrion environmental pr….png )

How do you envision an alternative to this problem? FreeOrion seems to have KISS as part of its design philosophy.


Distant Worlds does this right, there is a billion of features and things to do but you can automate whatever you want


only tolerable with mods and even then you will burn out by the time the end game rolls about
only empires that tend to exist by end game are the militant ones, everyone else ends up wiped out
could build exclusively corvettes and you'd still steamroll
very easy to just make death stacks
traditions are kind of boring
ai is dumber than a brick and can't even manage its own economy despite being handed cheats
galactic community feels meh and could be fleshed better
could add some more structures like space elevators or such
run out of techs too early and a lot of the weapons are quite unbalanced, also quite odd that you can't make your own strike craft + no matter what weapons you put on your ship it'll all look the same and you can't even do any cool colouring or whatevs
flag designer is oddly really limited
ground combat extremely boring, gruelling and forgettable
still gonna pump tens of hours into it though lol


What's that stand for?


Keep it simple stupid


Oh, I thought it was a different acronym I wasn't aware of (based on how it was used)


I don't mind it breaking the KISS principle. The issue is it doesn't get anything from it. The reason for their design is to try and make it a "real sim of a sci-fi galaxy", but it awfully bungles it, as none of the systems are actually in any way deep. Its just a bunch of puddles that haphazardly get dug with each DLC.
For instance:

It would be cool to have each empire be ideologically or culturally different…
But in practice this is done by barely noticable gameplay wise (unless they are op) traits that have no effect on the procedural "story".
It would be cool to have politics of your empire…
But in practice its just a tab that you farm influance from that has no narative response to your actions.
It would be cool to have space trade…
But its just a simple pact with a flat income boost and a non-specific value resource that maybe atracts pirates if you are stupid and can't play the game right.
It would be cool to have your empire evolve over time…
But all the outcomes in the civics are predecided, you just choose when to unlock them.
It would be cool to explore the Galaxy…
But there is zero randomly generated expedition sites, so you will see the same shit each game.
It would be cool to develop a ton of differing weapon builds…
But there isn't much reason to not just go down one weapon type path and just use that.
It would be cool to have alliance pacts and federations…
But they are all the same sterile shit.

The only system that is any good IMO was the UN, but even that has a lot of unexplored ground that, lets be honest, will never be touched by the devs.

The game is just one big graveyard of good ideas that all look like unfinished Revell plastic model kits. The only saving grace is the modding scene.

But even with mods it doesn't fix another huge issue - combat is extremely fucking unfun. After playing starsector recently it is beyond me how a proper gaming company couldn't have done proper space battles and instead kept up with their usual shitty stats vs stats nonsense.




Absolutely disgusting, imagine not being a materialist-xenophile-egalitarian


pretty good ethics mod that is quite well balanced in my opinion, also contains the original ethics so you don't have to worry too much


>What are your opinions?
The only good thing about stellaris is that it conforms to the leftist worldview (ironically, porky Collectivism equals Authoritarianism versus Individualism equals Freedom equals Entrepreneurship was overtime changed to Freedom equals Egalitarianism and Communism, Private business equals oligarchy)

The game, however, was broken by later patches. It's overcomplicated and requires tedious routine, but also doesn't have any variance at all. It's perfectly balanced, but due to being overcomplicated and drawnout doesn't work out for multiplayer.


Now now, let's not get into extremes. The Xeno is made to be oppressed and exploited, same as the native population, to fuel the war machine.


>Freedom equals Entrepreneurship was overtime changed to Freedom equals Egalitarianism and Communism, Private business equals oligarchy)

I mean kinda but not really, a very common egalitarian empire type is 'democratic crusader' which is basically just America/NATO, there's nothing to say that egalitarian nations have to be commie, just that they can't be full hyperfascist

Fool. The xeno is to be integrated into our interstellar utopian state, and their best genetic qualities added to our own.


>Democratic crusader bad
Well I am sorry hippy doodle, but communal parity has to be spread from the barrel of a gun.

To add:
The Khan sounds cool, but…
He croaks way too soon to his assassin sex slave gf, so he only ends up a threat for like a quarter of the Galaxy
The War in Heaven is cool, but…
The rest of the game past midgame bores me so much that I literally never seen it.
Galactic market sounds cool, but…
Its fucking sterile and carries zero weight for the actual gameplay, as its just a seperate tab where you can buy or sell limitless amounts of goods. Traderoutes? Piracy? Smuggling? Nah, fuck that shit, no need.
The L sector or whatever its called is a cool idea, but…
Its just three prescripted outcomes of what is inside.
Curators are a cool idea, but…
They are just a guaranteed thing that will be a part of all your games and there is no real poin to them outside of "dump credits to gain x modifier".

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