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How does a game this good get unnoticed?


Overshadowed by Fallout and other games with more hype and popularity.


ALSO FYI, put Titanfall in the OP so that this thread is easier to find


Could it be because it's made by the same cancerous hacks behind Call of Duty?


I would gladly put 1000+ hours in this game but it makes my PC hard crash at times and I'm too lazy to get a new PSU. Excited for the potential Titanfall 3 tho.


Fun game! Movement is great, gunplay is fine and the titans themselves are satisfying to control once you get the hang of them. Population is in a bit of a dire state right now though, and once your MMR reaches a certain threshold you're bound to run into some stomps which you'll be on either side of as a real player.
Fortunately, the game provides a lot of fun and helpful stuff to do even for shit or new players. I really like how they made that work and it's a welcome contrast to games like CoD where the rich just get richer and going 1-20 as a below average player isn't unthinkable.


The reason is simple, the same month of it's launch EA also released battlefield 1 and pushed it extremely to take advantage of the recent pr disaster of: Call of Duty Infinite warfare; the game with 3.9 million dislikes on it's trailer.

It's a shame really, and since Apex is doing so well, we're not going to see a Titanfall 3 for like 9 years.

The only way to save the game is to just make the multiplayer f2p and release some content (which would probably be just recycled content from the first game).

To be fair on them, the games they made were cod 1, 2, 4, and mw2. Other than the last one I mentioned, there fairly fine games, most of the annoyance of cod was because of activision.


I really wanted to play this but there were no servers and no players down here in latam.

Another sad part of being a third worlder.


It was released 1 week inbetween both battlefield and CoD. I think EA has ambitions to make a 3rd game even though it undersold due to their retarded release date


They rebooted the servers not too long ago with a few bug fixes, which is an interesting development. Guess they figured out that killing games server off in a cycle makes people pre-emptively avoid server games. Might as well try reviving games people already have.


>What does this have to do with leftism?
I refuse to believe that being in a state of arrested development has anything to do with politics, class struggle, etc


<What does this have to do with leftism?
>1 result


>Ooo look and me. I'm a robot pew pew pew.
>Ooo not I'm a vampire hunter slice slice slice
>Ooo now I'm spiderman… Swing swing… Wait let me update my skin, gotta collect them all

Entertainment is how porkie keeps control anon

Keep being entertained


It's a AAA service game of course it's vapid. I wasn't even applying merit to the game itself, I just found the fact that they booted the servers back up interesting from an economic standpoint.
>entertainment bad
Real entertainment is proles entertaining other proles. You are a smooth brain for not seeing utility in it. But that's not even within this thread's scope.

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