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bottom text


Stop playing bad games.


>call of pentagon
Shit taste


Didn't play, just saw a screenshot. Somewhat relevant


So are those supposed to be choices? Because they look exactly the same to me.


Communism is inevitable.


And so is AAA games having awful writing.


So what's the plot? KGB guy goes rogue to start WW3 and the honorable CIA opperative has to save the world while the obstenant KGB doesn't give a shit and secretly endorses the villain?


Well no, a character you play as gets brainwashed to shit and becomes a CIA agent not of his own volition, the ending in OP is one of 2 endings (Technically 3, but 2 of them are pretty much the same, that being the lie to the CIA choice) one where you lie to the CIA and kill those that brainwashed you, or you side with those that brainwashed you, BUT, in the after credits scene (I think) in that ending, you and this other character are alone together, and the character considers you to be a loose end, both you and the other character pull a gun on each other and then the screen goes black

But here is the video of the based ending if anyone wants it:


This is legitimately the best COD campaign in decades because you can help the Soviet Union win. Also they got into super redpill territory by even daring to mention MK ULTRA and their portrayal of the CIA is cool because if you choose the "save Europe/America" ending you still get shot by your CIA handler because they're snakes.


Praise posdas drop the nukes


How this is bad ending?



File: 1608528240767-0.jpg ( 105.96 KB , 612x349 , IMG_20201116_183157.jpg )

File: 1608528240767-1.jpg ( 108 KB , 640x350 , IMG_20201116_183417.jpg )

Soviet Solid Snake Gadun in BOCW?


>Made by Raven Software
Yeah, even with the corporate and pentagon mandates they still managed to be redpilled. Remember that before absorption into CoD, they made Singularity where the best ending have you turn the world Soviet with the TMD.
Man how I wish they can be more independent and make more Sovietwave games.


I am a) shocked that Raven Software is even still around and b) appalled that they've been reduced to outsourcing shitty fucking Call of Duty games.


File: 1608528242868.jpg ( 36.18 KB , 1024x1365 , f29af7da3f60f0154772c89fa3….jpg )

Because its the one where da gommies win and gommies are da bad guys. That's about how the typical gaymer™ thought process goes. Either that or because using nukes is automatically considered evil regardless of context and thus anyone who uses them is the bad guy.


Treyarch used to make wolfenstein games, now they’re pushed into making the same game year after year. It’s honestly sad how monopolized the “industry” is nowadays.


surprisingly based ending from a call of propaganda game, might need to play it just for that


>they made Singularity
i still get fucking chills to this


Wait, holy shit, I just realized that the good ending is actually the most based one as well. I always thought that the implication was that after closing the Demichev loop you "go back to normal" with minimal changes, but no, the ending clearly implies that the Soviet Union won the Cold War under Barisov.


it's also the biggest kino, it starts off same as the intro except all the words that were in english in the intro are now in russian and even though things sorta look the same they really aren't. and nobody even pretends it's weird, which means only one thing: the soviet union didn't win the cold war, because there was never a cold war. it won by default through world communism, thus achieving as of yet unheard of levels of based


Still fucking pissed that the game got treated like shit by activision. A lot of the devblog can still be found on Raven’s old site which details a lot more story elements and concepts that never got into the game itself due to corporate bullshitery. It’s a goddamn shame.
Also they also has the coolest minigun ever, which only have a single bullet but rewind time each time it fire to shoot it again and again.


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in the spirit of what could've been…


monbol gang assemble


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