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File: 1608528280459.jpg ( 170.08 KB , 1200x1200 , PRO chair.jpg )


You DO use a gaming chair for getting your gaming on, right?




No, I stack pillows against the wall.


Nope. Why the fuck would you want one anyways?


I have a dining chair I duck taped two pillows to


I have an office chair I rescued from going to the skip


/tech/ is now a fucking furniture board


If your chair doesn't have mandatory always-on internet DRM are you even a true gamer?


Do i look like a bougie to you?


If you chair doesn't have glow-in-the-dark LED lights plastered everywhere are you even a gaymer?


File: 1608528284358.jpeg ( 18.81 KB , 474x474 , fredde.jpeg )

If your extreme gaming desk doesn't come with built-in cupholders are you even a gaymer? Only $200!


i have this desk and it's meh


File: 1608528284833.jpg ( 34.12 KB , 1000x768 , 51RKLwy v3L._SL1000_.jpg )

if you don't have a solid blue plastic rectangle in your home are you even a true gamer?


File: 1608528285074-0.jpg ( 224.76 KB , 1600x1753 , thronos-ed.jpg )

Why use a chair when you can sit inside an entire COCKPIT, complete with cupholders and three monitors that you'll barely use most of the time? For only 14,000$!


These are the dumbest products I have seen. All you really need is a decent 24 hour office chair, those gaming chairs really are terribly designed. They look like someone put racing car seats onto those swivel bases, Those chairs are not designed to be sat in for long periods of time.


You don't understand comrade. You should be spending your savings on useless commodities like this.
Checked. Subscription based, DRM-locked, electrocuting gaming chairs ftw.


Imagine having one of these just to shitpost. Living the dream.


Multiple monitors seem so useless to me, a large one with a tiling WM does the job to me.
And I know I sound like an old man complaining about youngsters but with so many threads on either 4chan or leddit where people ask what to use a second monitor for while saying they're going to buy one either way in the question or all the people posting they use a second monitor just to keep Discord™ open and shit lead me to believe they really aren't necessary for 99% of the population.


I don't have a second monitor although I'd like one, they're useful for if you play big brain games which require you to minimize repeatedly to read a guide. I suppose they'd be useful for Discord and stuff too.


2nd monitor is great for watching Youtube/TV/Streams/etc while playing.


>watching Youtube/TV/Streams/etc while playing
…Why not just focus on the game?


Some games are fun enough but don't really captivate the full attention. For example, from my recent plays, Hearts of Iron, Motorsport Manager, Car Mechanic Simulator, The Surge, et cetera. You can still play the game 100% fine while watching a documentary.


>tfw I have an electric gaming chair that will shock me to death upon losing a multiplayer game
I turned it on yesterday and I haven't lost yet. Wish me luck boyz


I literally have ADHD and I find this fucking stupid.


Multitasking is bourgeois degeneracy.


File: 1608528296157.jpg ( 59.21 KB , 729x579 , 8caY93P.jpg )

I'm sorry you feel that way?


I just like to keep occupied. Obviously when the game is heavily story-driven or etc I would just focus on that.


hoping it also delivers non-lethal but still painful shocks every time you get hit, with strength proportional to the damage


kneeling chairs are better for long sessions. Tried a gaming chair my dad bought for work that he brought home after quitting, and it actually fucked up my back for a while with only mild use. Snake oil on wheels.


>2 IPs
are you guys training an ai in this thread


I'm annoyed that it's called a gaming chair when the chair isn't actually part of the game. As for kneeling chairs, i tried one once and it kinda sucked, what do you get out of it ?

No this thread was probably restored from backup or subject to some other kind of website technical work, and during that process the IP count wasn't carried over.


>what do you get out of it ?
I mean it does feel weird at first but it didn't make the nerves in my back pinch like other chairs I've used. Also I can do a mild situp while at loading screens and such.


So you get health benefits out of it, i guess that's as good a reason as any.


I game bitches with my gaming cock


>I play with female dogs using a male chicken.

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