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Hello, as many of you may be aware I also moderate another image board at 7chan.org and the 7chan IRC. We are looking to grow our videogame IRC network and looking for people to join us in playing some videogames. We host a room dedicated to playing videogames online, or, just discussion about video games in general. Some people in the room mentioned bunkerchan.xyz/games/ and so here I am. I am looking to get a little input from the user base of /games/ about maybe hosting our irc network here as the official /games/ irc. That way we can have more people to play vidya with us over there and /games/ can, actually, have a central location for hooking up with other video game enthusiasts. Everybody wins in this case. That's my logic behind it. The bunkerchan mods unanimously voted in support of the matter. I just wanna get a little input from you guys here before we proceed.

Our irc network is located at irc.7chan.org/6697. SSL is required our gaming room can be located at #netplay. If anyone is interested in checking it out.
I'll leave this sticky up for a day or so then take it down after I get some input from everyone. What does everyone think?


We're a dedicated group of netplay enthusiasts but we've noticed our numbers growing rather thin lately and 7chan has seen better days. We're trying to branch out to other alternative image boards and get some fresh blood in our channel. We're basically thinking about doing outreach on remaining video game boards that aren't infected with /pol/ worms (few and far between these days), so bunkerchan was a natural choice for us.


this board is incredibly inactive so I wouldn't expect to find too many members from here alone. I would join myself but I'm to busy to play any videogames at all really


Why do people equate a not living board with a dead board? Why are we such defeatist bunkerchan?


Because they're newfags and doomers


sounds good to me think itll take a bit to pick up activity cus this is one of the more dead boards on bunkerchan


I would join your group if it was on Matrix.


In anticipation of posts like this, given the popularity of Matrix on bunkerchan, we have been considering a Matrix bridge to the IRC channel. I think there are some user consent issues to work out though: even though Matrix isn't Discord, it still represents an added layer of logging not normally present on IRC that some users may object to.

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