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How do I get into these games?


I emulated Disgaea 1 with a DS emulator and Disgaea 2 with a PSP emulator. Both worked pretty well.

None of the subsequent games capture the charm of the first imo, even though gameplay wise they generally improved as the series went on.

There are so many cool ideas in Disgaea that I wish more games borrowed from. Shame what happened to NIS.


I currently have a ps2 copy and can play on original hardware.

I just don't know how to play the game correctly if that makes sense, I have 2 characters that are over levelled and everyone else at a low level, pretty sure I'm doing it wrong


What happened to NIS?


unless ur super into tedious grinding dont bother

its cool for that but its just a huge grind to get results which is p lame

so forget it its a series for people who wanna spend a couple hundred hours doing the same thing per game

they started gating stuff behind paywalls made the games more casual with still a crazy amount of grind
stupid shit dude


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Nah, I didn't play any of the games like this. Literally none of the games require farming to complete the basic story, though to be fair you have to play well to avoid farming completely.

The real epic farming is the end-game after the story, which I tried a bit in every game, but never got into.

The games hold their own with just the story content. Not that the writing is good, but the missions, mechanics and progression hold up. I mean, how cool is the stacking and throwing of units? How cool is "item world"? So many good little ideas.

Actually this is a valid way to play since you can stack tons of buffs on 1 unit (e.g. Laharl) and have him destroy the board. But having a varied party is more fun imo.


They were mismanaged, they had financial troubles, they refused to pay employees, they pivoted nickel-and-diming the games.

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