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What's your favorite pinball game, anon? Most of us aren't made of money so we have to settle for virtual pinball. Is there anything about your favorites that you think distinguishes them from other pinball games?


File: 1610101871138.jpg ( 25.92 KB , 480x360 , BGpinnball.jpg )

Pinball 3d on Windows XP was awesome, but i honestly prefer "Pinball: Revenge of the Gladiator" on the Gameboy. Because no matter how often i played this game it was always fun and i never really got bored of it either. Also, Pinball on the Gameboy was in my opinion better than 3d Pinball on XP because of the Gameboys portability. But anyway, both of these games are awesome in thier own special way and Pinball 3D would definetly deserve a remake or a remastered version in my opinion.


I'm honestly surprised anyone other then me has that game. I liked it but when Kirby's Pinball Land came out I basically never touched it again. It only had three "levels" to its board while Kirby had a lot more along with tons of arenas.


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File: 1610115387010-1.png ( 494.35 KB , 1318x692 , 2.png )

I've always wanted to play on a real pinball machine, but there are practicaly no arcades in Mexico with those, at least not outside the capital. When I did an online search for "pinball machine mexico" a couple of years ago, I only got stuff like these gambling machines that can be found in every corner store.
However, after doing another search just now, it seems that Mexico got its first official pinball machine distributor recenty.
>After years of waiting, Stern Pinball finally has an official distributor in our country, it's called Pinball México.
But the prices are, naturally, insane. I don't want to buy one, I just want to try it out, even if just once. But to do that I would have to go to Mexico City and find a super niche arcade or something. I admit though that I would love to own a machine.

As for pinball videogames, I tried to play the original Full Tilt! Pinball, which is where the Space Cadet table came from, but I couldn't get it to work.


Every home will contain a pinball machine under communism. We must make this a slogan.


I never knew that Kirbys Pinball had more "levels". Both games seemed so simillar because both games where made by HAL and both of them used the same engine. I always thought that Kirbs's Pinball is the same as Revenge of the Gladiator except thats its Kirby themed.

I've always wanted a real pinball or arcade mashine as well, i actually had the same problems as you did. I live in Europe and i've never seen a real Arcade mashine or Pinball cabinet anywhere here. The only time i did see one, was in a hotel when i was visiting Egypt a couple of years ago.
I think its a shame that Pinball mashines aren't being made anymore, there is an American company, (that i can't remember the name of) wich makes smaller versions of Arcade cabinets, but i dont think that they do the same thing with Pinball mashines, sadly.


>Revenge of the Gladiator
Curious that you keep calling it this. Don't you notice all the alligators?


File: 1610230213311.jpg ( 54.62 KB , 300x300 , 1031211-0_1.jpg )

>Don't you notice all the alligators?
I did, but i just noticed that it's actually called "Revenge of the Gator". I probably accidentally said it wrong the first few times, then got used to calling it like that.

Thanks that you've pointed it out.


After what amounts in my estimates to several days worth of on-and-off play, I have finally maxed out the score counter in Kirby's Pinball Land. Turns out it actually rolls over back to zero when you get to 100 million, so I had to very carefully and intentionally kill myself at 99,999,990 to place on the high score table. That bonus minigame with the goalie on the Poppy Bros. table is really broken when you get good enough at it. It's not too much trouble to rack up 1ups indefinitely if you can keep getting sent to the minigame, while the bonuses gained there are one of the most efficient ways to score huge points. The trick to getting real good at Kirby's Pinball Land is realizing that the left and right flippers actually have their own characteristics and send the ball on different trajectories even if you hit it at the exact same point on either side. I wonder if it was intentional behavior or a quirk of the game's resolution/physics system or something. I guess I can finally put this one to rest and move on to another pinball game.

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