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Enroth, home.
At least it was before I fucked everything up.


>-1000 C
That's impossible.


It's clickbait.

A 1000 C would be white hot and on the verge of melting and could only really be achieved with a forge. Not only would you be unable to pick it up with your hand, you'd probably need protective gear just to be close to it.


Still god tier. Basically a legend over here with us still having international competition with random Slavic fan base.


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I was lucky to pick up HoMM3 when I was a kid. Got many, many hours out of it solo and playing hot-seat with my buddies.

I only discovered years later that HoMM3 is indeed one of the greatest games ever made, and that it still has an active community in CIS region like >>6862 says.

There has never been a proper sequel to HoMM3, since all the actual sequels are Ubisoft garbage. It's not that the IP is valuable… it's turbo-generic fantasy, who cares. What we really need is a spiritual sequel to HoMM3, which could totally be achieved by a competent indie studio. I'm somewhat surprised and disappointed that it hasn't happened yet.

Also Tower best town, fite me.


I tried to play HoMM1 and couldn't figure it out, then I gave up and played HoMM2 instead. Since I picked Archibald's campaign I became used to always playing as a Necromancer, and eventually hit a roadblock with that map where there are hordes of peasants and archers everywhere. The game was already a bit frustrating but when I reached this point and couldn't clear the scenario, I definitely gave up.

I don't think I've uninstalled them yet. I wonder if I would have a better experience playing 3.


HOMM 1-3 are the greatest video games ever created in world history. Period end of discussion. It's a carry over from an older era when game developers actually give a flying fuck an wanted to make a good game you can play till literally the end of time itself, as opposed to the DLC fucking crap we got today.

M&m I never got into, is it any good? Seems like it but IDK


>I definitely gave up.
It's a game defintly for people with autism, as it takes a very very long time, alot of detail and planning for you to do it. H2, I need to beat Archibald's, and a few other campaigns, but i got though the hardest ones.


I cant get over how ageless the graphics in these games are. Heroes 2 is almost 25 years old and it still looks gorgeous. I wish modern indie games would go for sprite graphics like these.


File: 1608528363812-0.jpg ( 397.04 KB , 1280x800 , AoW3.jpg )

File: 1608528363812-1.jpg ( 133.15 KB , 600x331 , eador motbw.jpg )

Heroes 2 and 3 were fun as a kid, and I played 3 some later in life, but it's not that great a game. Age of Wonders 3 scratches the same itch, and is a far superior game.
Eador: Masters of the Broken World is also a very interesting game in this genre, but that definitely isn't going to be for everyone.


File: 1608528373508.jpg ( 1.38 MB , 1280x4320 , helltaker-malina-homm3.jpg )

Eh, it's been quite a while since I last played it, but I think HoMM5 wasn't half bad. Though I remember the magic system was designed in a way that many factions got in their towns schools of magic that they couldn't use effectively.

It's been an even longer while since I last played 3, and I lost my CD. I guess it's perfect timing though, there's a sale at GOG right now.


AbsoluteZero does livestreams every Sunday afternoon and plays multiplayer using HD HOMM3 HOTA mod.


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