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Farewell gamers of leftypol. /games/ future will be voted on the 31st Dec
The community mostly sees that this board -along with /anime/- should be merged to hobby. We shall meet each other there soon.


>>>/leftypol/32822 sorry for the misquote


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>The community mostly sees
Bullshit, "the community" mostly doesn't seem to care at all.

Not interested in a dumb fucking grab bag board though, so I guess this is goodbye comrades. I'll see you on prolikewoah or lainchan or something. Shame we couldn't have a nice thing here.


>doesn't post on the board once for a week


This is a fresh new website struggling to encourage people to migrate and I've been waiting to see if there was even anyone else to speak to on its video games board. Unfortunately the first new post I see is announcing the board is being killed.


I actually wanted to get leftypol talking and playing vidya together. Which is why I made a matrix chat for it and posted here after migration. But as you said no one is interested. You have better luck with the /trashpile/ then here.


t. OP


What's that site about? They seem reactionary.


This is pretty melodramatic. Game threads on /hobby/ are still game threads.
Join lain regardless tho, it would be more active.


8ch diaspora site for people who hated /a/ and /v/ but still wanted to talk about anime and video games.


Why'd they delete the thread though
I wanted to know what other anons's ideas were
And I also wanted to propose that we should try to repost our new posts from Bunkerchan's hobby boards on this site to let others know that we're here wanting to continue our conversations

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