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File: 1609455577817.png ( 44.08 KB , 1400x1050 , '・ω・).png )


How's that self-imposed challenge coming along, anon? You do challenge yourself… don't you?


File: 1609462367524.gif ( 1.99 MB , 400x225 , sweating.gif )

A big New Year's Challenge to overcome, perhaps? Finally gonna beat that game without credit feeding? Without savescumming? Gonna play without potions? Crush that old high score?


My challenge has been going pretty well anon, although I must admit that this game really makes me panic a lot more than what I expected. I'm doing fine so far stuck on this one level which is seemingly impossible with the challenge requirements but I shall crush it.


What game and what level anon?


Freedoom with hideous destructor (a tactical mod for Doom). I'm doing naturist (hd has a loadout system because pistol starting isn't a good idea in hd. Naturist is simply empty handed) runs for freedoom levels. c1m6 is where I halted due to how hard it is plus some irl work I had.


I've always wanted to play through all the official Doom games with pistol start on every level, but by the time I realized I wanted to do it I was stuff with ZDoom that disallows proper pistol start for some asinine reason.


stuck with*


I wouldn't suggest zdoom at all if you want vanilla experience. PrBoom is where most go to play vanilla it is more consistent with the vanilla experience. Zdoom is simply too modified even with compat options on.


I'm more familiar with Choloate Doom, is PrBoom related at all?


Not really. Choclate doom emulates the DOS DOOM experience 1:1 while PrBoom+ has support for more advanced mapping and mods related to the boom and MBF engines. Many maps require boom compatible engines these days the extensions added by boom are quite popular. PrBoom+ is also limit removing.
Vanilla here means the gameplay not the limitation present in 1993 DOOM engine (320x240 res, limited sprites, limited pallette, etc..). But when you compare the level of modification zdoom has to PrBom and the like, it's leaps ahead. You are guaranteed to have a different experience when playing in zdoom. Which is why vanilla players dislike zdoom.


File: 1609559273125.png ( 189.66 KB , 733x1022 , Raiden Fighters 2 Sand Lob….png )

Currently workin on a single-credit clear of Raiden Fighters 2 with lots of points, I always lose a ship or two right on the first or second stage and then can never seem to make it to the sand lobster because I blow myself up scrambling for medals on stages 4 and 5. I think I dislike the giant enemy battleship stages in RF2 even more than in the first game, they're just too slow and drag on forever.


A clip of me trying to go through the first sector of the map.


File: 1609714673169.jpg ( 22.51 KB , 329x247 , neat.jpg )

>peertube instance
Neat. I've been trying to find an English language instance I can depend on to stay around to migrate all my video game shit from Youtube myself.


You should absolutely do. This one is spanish tho, I chose it because it has an unlimited video quota.


I did it. I finally fucking did it. I beat c1m6 with a naturist loadout. I hate this map so god damn much the amount of time I spent to make this….. God I hope this is the worst.


File: 1610084063853.png ( 40.79 KB , 240x320 , 0003.png )

Oh yeah? Well I made it to the heckin sand lobster on stage 6. One stage away from a single-credit clear!


This is the most tedious Doom mod I think I've ever witnessed. Everything about it seems to be been designed to waste the player's time, as if it's a very elaborate troll.


I wouldn't call dark souls a waste of time, but you're right on this mod being tedious. Many mechanisms added by this mod are a pain in the ass and you haven't seen gun jamming yet (actually I think my zm66 rifle jams in the video but I was able to take cover before the dead marine can shoot me).
There are guns that need maintanace and ones which will still work after being damaged but will preform suboptimaly. As well as the way every gun is handeled, shotgun load shells individually then pump, revolver empty the cylinder then load the rounds, mag fed guns just swap the mag.
There's also the medical system, you see in the vid how I constantly stop to patch myself up. Actually there's two ways to medicate yourself when bleeding first is to use the second flesh applicator aka medkit, it's quick and easy but has a nasty side effect, second is bandaging it's not stable and wounds might reopen while you're on the move.
So yeah hideous destructor is hideous but it's the dark souls of doom. It makes everything count.


Based thread will contribute tomorrow, move a little closer to your goal before going to sleep tonight!


Been trying to 100% The Witness. It's very good, I recommend just playing it, knowing as little as possible about it


File: 1610680483651.png ( 34.8 KB , 512x448 , waterblast.png )

Having a "blast" doing the Super Mario RPG lowest possible level challenge where I beat the game with Mario at level 3. I've done a more casual low level playthrough of this before but always shied away from the lowest possible challenge because of the tedious luck factor in getting the double-or-nothing experience point game after a hard boss fight and then purposely losing it. So this time I'm permitting save states just for that aspect. You can clobber most of the early game with Mario's Jump ability and powerful newly-recruited party members, but the challenge really starts to pick up after Star Hill. I'm finally at the point where I need to start aggressively using defense-boosting consumable items, this shit is ridiculous.


In SuperTuxKart, I can reliably beat the highest bot level so I try to make the games fair:
>no skidding on straight track (bots don't know how)
>only conservative use of nitro
>no 'overpowered' items like zipper boosts, basketballs


It's kind of frustrating that STK managed to replicate that same stupid snaking exploit that's a problem in many Nintendo racers.


How do you manage to stay at level 3? I haven't palyed that game since I Was a little kid though


The Lucky Jewel guarantees the double-or-nothing minigame at the end of a battle. If you lose it you get nothing at all. It can be the coins or experience variant though, so there's an element of frustrating randomness. Later you can buy the lucky Hammer in Seaside Town after beating Yaridovich, which does the same thing but has infinite use.


Is that really an exploit though as opposed to just how the game works?


Whatever it is, it's repetitive and annoying to do constantly when you're trying to be the best.


File: 1611356634354.webm ( 3.7 MB , 240x320 , sandlobstercannon1.webm )

A clip mostly for my own benefit. How to get that heckin fairy from the first big cannon in stage six by blowing it up early. Really tricky when it's only on screen for a few seconds!

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