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>have an opinion on sonic
>get called a furry
like clockwork


As you should. Sonic outside of the Archie comics is trash.




the music do be having some real bangers tho


furries, furries, furries
NONE of you are free from sin


I can't play Sonic games, what's wrong with me? The controls just don't feel intuitive, I think I will need to search "how to play sonic" and I'll feel like a 5 year old


post best track
If you look at it as a momentum based game, it gets more intuitive. aka don't hold left or right the entire time.
As you replay the levels, you learn the best ways to complete it faster and so on.
This is just how video games used to be


not him but
had this shit stuck in my head all year



Sonic Forces has some great tracks too



there's a lot of good tracks, idk


>This is just how video games used to be
No it's how Sonic games used to be. Games like Super Mario Bros. let the player go fast without completely rote memorization by the virtue of their level design and physics.


This is why the 3d Sonic games are better :^) You can see what's infront easier.


>No it's how Sonic games used to be.
Many many many games follow the same formula. Thank the arcades for making it popular. See ninja gaiden, contra, castlevania, etc.
>Games like Super Mario Bros. let the player go fast without completely rote memorization by the virtue of their level design and physics
oh yeah? well in mario, you can't even go backwards.


File: 1612593695695-0.png ( 22.8 KB , 384x256 , gallop.png )

>Thank the arcades for making it popular.
Whoa don't try to bash arcade games now just because Sonic has a design flaw. Arcade design ranges a spectrum from rote memorization like Gallop: Armed Police Unit to very reactive stuff like Castle of Shikigami III, just as console games run that spectrum too. In fact when arcade games are made too unfair nobody wants to put money in the machines. That's why you rarely see foresight-type Euroshooter design in arcade shooters.


No but seriously though. The 2d games are missing the best part of Sonic, the cutscenes. Now if you wanna tell me that Sonic has a bad story then I'LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS-


I agree with this only because the character design for Sonic is remarkably good
>inb4 furry


File: 1612594519241.jpg ( 653.44 KB , 3508x2480 , sons of mobius.jpg )

That makes you a furry, but, that's okay, it's the 2020s, furries are practically mainstream now.

I'm really looking forward to Sons of Mobius. If it's anything like EaW then it'll be tight as fuck and it's primarily based on the Archie canon (which as we all know is the most coherent/best canon).


File: 1612594634726.jpg ( 112.44 KB , 960x670 , sons of mobius acorn.jpg )





so a video game shouldn’t reward players for “memorizing physics” and level design?


Nothin wrong with that. Sanic just didn't know what it wanted to be.


that is exactly what yuji naka said he wanted it to be


File: 1612938724975.webm ( 1.71 MB , 640x480 , uhhh.webm )

So utterly rote memorization if you want speed, tedious slowpoking if you haven't done the rote memorization, then?


Pretty sure there's a lot of games where you can beat a level in under a minute if you know /exactly/ what to do.


You missed the tedious slowpoking part. Sanic levels are full of hard stops in the speed if you haven't memorized exactly where the hazards are ahead of time.


>always in the center of the screen

such a rookie mistake




Eh, that's more of an issue with the Genesis' shitty screen resolution, frankly. It's not as bad in Mania.


Of course you are supposed to anticipate what comes next. Sonic is a racing game.


In most racing games you aren't racing blind.


What sort of pleb shit do you play, son?


File: 1613069370372.jpg ( 75.35 KB , 640x439 , Diddy Kong Racing.jpg )

D-Diddy Kong Racing


That game is slow as fuck. Try to play something fast on the original Playstation with popups everywhere. (Also, the item system in DKR is screwed up because the option to go for ten rockets is too attractive IMHO.)


Always found homing missile to be more useful than 10 packs. While you're waiting to collect 3 red balloons in a row you're passing up too many other potentially more useful power-ups. Most of the level-3 power-ups are like this, in light of balloon variety on any given track. Most of the time only the level-3 boost is really worth waiting to collect.


and they're right
cry more caballo


>Try to play something fast on the original Playstation with popups everywhere
Not him but F-Zero X and GX don't have the problem that sonic has about hard stops and memorization and they're not slow games at all.
A functional minimap and a short presentation of the course before the race starts work wonders.

Overall I think >>7612 is right because the Sonic Advance games also have the same "problem".


File: 1613082289936.jpg ( 137.38 KB , 640x960 , sonic leap of faith.jpg )

Game Gear is the most hilarious.


Clearly the dialectical solution to this is to create 'Sonic and All Stars F-Zero GX'



File: 1613122270883.png ( 1.95 MB , 1495x734 , bunnie rabbot confederate.png )

the fans: why can't the classic archie characters come back into the IDW/game canon?
classic archie:


yo mean boost to win games


File: 1614973547376.png ( 390.91 KB , 659x272 , bunnie rabbot sherman.png )

Oh boy I can't wait to play Bunnie Rabbot's 'Mobian Confederate States' civil war route!

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