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Made by our favorite game developers, Kremlingames, the game will have you take on managing your own fictional country (called "Republic") right after the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union between 1992 and 2004. Diverting from the previous games' path, you will play not as the country's president, but as the leader of a party of your choosing. This means that you will be able to play as the opposition for the first time in a Kremlingames product.

You will get to shape the personality, sex and background of your party's leader as well as to be able to choose between seven different parties:
>the liberals
>the conservatives
>the social-democrats
>the "socialists"
>the communists
>the nazbols
>the fascists
Each of these parties are then divided between three different factions vying for power. You can go for a reformist or revolutionary path as the communists.
There are many other features, such as interactions with foreign powers, regional separatism, international integration, etc… I'm pretty intrigued by it tbh, I hope it won't be as hard and save-scummy as their previous games. It seems to be a better version of what Suzerain aims to be.

The game will release on tuesday the 23th.


>spreadsheet simulator
Sounds real fun. You do realize, anon, that games can be good without mentioning your favorite brand of politics right?


Your point being?


Didn't your mother ever tell you 'if you can't think of anything nice to say, just don't say anything'?


No, but Marx told me to never fear the ruthless critique of all that exists.


>ruthless critique of all that exists.
The game isn't out.
Marx would call you a utopian for trying to imagine a future that hasn't arrived yet.


ohhh shit im hype

i will admit kremlingames are extremely autistic and would rarely recommend them to anybody but i do love autistic CYOA political sims and these games also do give you some neat glimpses of socialist history and politics


You know, just because the game is not as braindead as Touhou, Call of Duty or whatever type of retarded crap you play doesn't mean it's an autistic spreadsheet simulator. Git gud or gtfo

They aren't that autistic to be honest, China: Mao's Legacy is arguably their best game yet because every indicators is more or less easy to manage. Same with Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall, the buildings gives you an indication of which modifiers they will impact so you can easily plan your game.
Crisis in the Kremlin however is an absolute mess of a game, and despite the scope being way more interesting than the other two for my tastes, I've never managed to play a game after 1987. There is literally 0 indication of what each sector you fund does, I've even tried to read the guides but I still have problems with raising a good service sector and maintaining the luxury level.


>implying spreadsheets aren’t fun
Get out with that shit taste fam.


>I've never managed to play a game after 1987.
I got to 1993 or so, until the cuts I had to make for the military budget triggered a hardliner coup, though most SSRs had seceded by then.
Before that I could appease both factions, by liberalizing the media, improving working conditions and "furthering democracy", while suppressing any market reforms.
I focused mainly on agriculture and transport, allocated <10 points and leisure to environment protection, cut back on imports, military and burocracy and otherwise went with the requirements.
It generally helped me to pool points into civil and space r&d.


>There is literally 0 indication of what each sector you fund does
If you mean in the budget, then lmao, can you not read and compare with the stat screen? If in general what having a sector funded or not does, then yea, that is pretty shitty, but 95% of the time its obvious, it either bumps research, buys off a certain faction from getting pissy or prevents bad stuff from happening, eg economic collapse. Only one that isn't really clear is the consumer tech funding, which also turns out to be the one you have to gigapump to get a functional budget.

>raising a good service sector and maintaining the luxury level.

Long time since I played it, but as far as I recall 150-200 in service solves it for the early game, and you just get some luxury imports.

>Only got to 87

Lemme guess, you run out of funds? You need to open trade with your sphere friends and boost consumer tech. In time you begin to print money.

>Mixed between reformists and hardliners
You done goofed at the start. You need to go full hardliner at the start, which lets you purge the reformists in the first, and the moderates in the second congress. After that you just cockblock Yeltsin and thats it.


It seems like there's no possibility in CIK to go democratic socialist, ie to reform the political sphere and not the economy, which kind of sucks.


Well, there is a way. For one, you can go reformsit (and loose), which makes sense. Its 1985 USSR, the demsocs are all reformists. However there is another way - you have to grab the power and transform USSR into a tinpot dictatorship. If you do this, you are free from the factions limiting your laws, meaning that you can mix between the hardliner economics and reformist social policy, and eventually Democritus yourself from power.


>>7775 (me)
*Cincinnatus not Democritus


Those both seem like shitty options, I just don't like to be told that it's impossible to have political reform without completely selling out to the west and implementing full shock doctrine


File: 1614142986841.jpg ( 11.91 KB , 350x350 , Slavery.jpg )



How the fuck do you play this shit? It's borderline incomprehensible, I have no idea what's going on.


>no torrent
Are you fags even communist?


Zoomers don't know how to torrent. There was some dumb zoomer on bunkerchan last year who tried to install utorrent and got a virus.


How is that even possible? All you have to do is to throw some 'weird' link or 'weird' file into some 'weird' browser and it just werks, decimating potential profits of gaym publishers making them seethe.


Ooga booga where find safe crack


Lumpenfag will be the first to be put against the wall after the revolution

Based, fuck lumpen


Hello, kremlincuck. Did you ever think about what would you get for producing such bug-ridden useless fantasy garbage and requring monies for that when the succialism comes? That is called sabotage.


>why am i losing party unity
>what does it mean to centralize and how can i do it
>where can i see the effects of implementing policies in my department
>what is going on
>what does half of this mean

oh yeah, its Kremlingames.


but seriously this games pretty neat so far i just have no idea how to play, and i was pretty good at Mao's Legacy and Ostalgie


Kek, because I accidentally linked him to the bittorrent download instead of qbittorrent and he installed it with loads of adware and shit.


It truly boggles the mind how the already appalling useability of Kremlingames has regressed even further


They are terrible at making user interfaces


Their games are built like shitty flash games from newgrounds


Sounds like it rejected the design philosophy of the abominations that are Ostalgie and Mao's Legacy and made a return to CitK design philosophy. I would love to bend it to my will and share the 101 guide on what the hell to do in game ITT. So, cough cough, find me a pirated version that I could get without getting a virus or making a dogshit account. PS I'm Eastern Euro so it is culturally insensitive to criticize my culture (of piracy).


File: 1614438499788-0.png ( 2.01 MB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

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File: 1614438499788-3.png ( 629.77 KB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

It's too bad because the original CITK has some good aesthetics for its period. I will post 8 images to show the differences. Tried to find similar things to show.


File: 1614438538669-0.png ( 646.99 KB , 640x480 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1614438538669-1.png ( 49.83 KB , 640x350 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1614438538669-2.png ( 63.55 KB , 640x350 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1614438538669-3.png ( 76.06 KB , 640x350 , ClipboardImage.png )



I turned the world red several times on realistic (normal) difficulty but it all was by turning the USSR back into a one-man dictatorship with either stalinists or trotskyists (save your budget via neocolonialism). Never could reform without destroying the USSR. If you play like Gorbachev, you are guaranteed to get fucked up by 1) Yeltsin 2) Belovezha accords (which trigger even if you survive Yeltsin) 3) the Warsap pact members spaming you with events about leaving your alliance and nuking the people's loyalty to you in the process. At some point I did the impossible and survived not only Yeltsin but the Belovezha accords suicide chain, yes. all the republics went down from 80% loyalty to 20% and turned pink but I dodged the bullet. Just to discover later that for unknown reason I couldn't get the republcian loyalty above 50. If you don't turn the USSR into North Korea and refuse to cheat by embracing OGAS, you're fucked! I made the US lift its embargo on me without actually defeating it but it didn't help me much. I was a socdem USSR somewhere in 1990 and earning only 70 from exports. If you don't abuse alternative history options like invade and overthrow fucking Iranian government in a single month, then you're pretty much doomed.



You can download the game there. Kaspersky didn't find anything for me, I am already playing it. It's hard to believe but the game's UI indeed regressed since Mao and Ostalgie… You get a dozen of factions and a hundred of buttons whose impact is hard to guess..
My conservative party held 50% majority in the capital, West and North but received literally 0% votes in the East and the South. Why? What's the difference between the Free Economic Zone and the Business and Development policies? Both of them cost the same and target the industry.

The ending also features some insane ass pulls. I got game over in 1993 just a year after the start because apparently somebody droped a cigar butt and detonated a nuke by accident… this is in-game description. I want to see the nuke that you can blow up like this and I don't even know what caused that, I was selling my nukes to Russia and didn't try to keep them.


>It seems like there's no possibility in CIK to go democratic socialist, ie to reform the political sphere and not the economy, which kind of sucks.
Yes, it's possible. Full Stalinism can easily bypass to referendums and the like. It's the goal - you're building Communism, right?

>If you play like Gorbachev, you are guaranteed to get fucked

Well, there are a few tricks. Yeltsin is your nemesis. He is there to fuck you over, so you have to "kill" him in personal interaction, thus saving you the need to survive him.

>the Warsap pact members spaming you with events about leaving your alliance and nuking the people's loyalty to you in the process.

You can dissolve the pacts. After all, you should let America take care of them instead of keeping your totalitarian gasp over other peoples. You can also install Pro-Soviet Liberal governmnets, and reform SEV into a EU-like partnership, which is the "top" endgame of a Reformist game.

You can even continue the Cold War as the Liberal USSR and collapse America. There is an achievement for that, "fight fire with fire"


If someone in the chain of command was passed off you were getting rid of the nukes and decided to set them off what excuse would they give you after the fact


Yeah you can keep it socdem and win.
Or liberal and burn the world.
There's some challenge 4 u specially since the only way to keep the planned economy in the 500 days decision is to have moderates or Stalinists as mayority
I personally find the best option is to pick Gorby (since it gives a bonus with NATO relations and follow a moderate path, until you get an end to American embargo and China as a loyal ally. Then you can pursue unification of economy (because World Soviet Is the way https://youtu.be/yqr1BnpY628) and with the export money build a successful and glorious workers paradise.


Collapse really feels as if they phoned it in
>Can't really loose
>Can't really win
>Can't do shit
>Factions are useless
>Less events than Mao's Legacy
>Constant "x party rallies y parties HQ" event spam
>Laws don't seem to do shit
>Why do I have 40% low, 0% middle and 60% upper class support when the low-middle discontent is 0% and upper is 100%?
>What do province focuses even do?
>Scratch that, what does anything do?
>Does unifying the party even do anything?
>When does the game end? I wasted my life to get to 2004 but it still keeps going
>I don't think the separatist republic actually does anything aside from tanking your popularity if loyalists loose the elections
>How does coup even work? I have a super majority, an army of militants, strong party, control of the power structure offices but it still always fails.
>Are there hidden regional party biases? Because commies always take south and the cons take the East.
>Do techs do anything?
>The intro is cool, probably the best part that created over-promised expectations for the rest of the game, but it also is clearly copied from Suzerain
I feel as if CitK was lightning in a bottle for KG. Also what the hell is up with those faction leader portraits, feels like some half-assed flash game shit.


Yeah it's shit, I refunded it. Play Suzerain instead.


>CitK was lightning in a bottle
take that back, the east Germany was alright :^c


Yeah, sure. Ostalgie is second best, and Mao was lukewarm. Problem with Ostalgie for me was that its too on-rails, where you basically have to do a checklist if you want the perfect run. Meanwhile CitK was great because even in the ass that is the 1991 starting date you could turn it around. Maos Legacy was bad, because it had a chance to be CitK 2, because you're playing freakin' China, but instead you are even less influential than Stasi GDR in Ostalgie.

Also about Collapse and things it fucks up: enemies. In all of the last three, even Mao, you had specific rivals : Deng, Khruschev, NATO, Yeltsin, party wings, your own people etc. Here there is nothing. I guess different parties, their paramilitary wings, sepratists, NATO, CIS and factions are supposed to replace them, but in no way they feel like enemies. They are anoyances at best (factions which you just bribe) and don't even seem to do anything in most cases.

Speaking of opposing parties, what the hell is up with their AI and the laws they make? Do they just throw shit at the wall? This whole thing feels like an awful alpha build.


Did we already have a Suzerain thread on here? Or was it all on Bunkerchan?


Some rere made this the other day, but it's not a Suzerain thread, and it's on the hobby board.


I definitely remember there was a Suzerain thread somewhere because that's why I played it. But I can't see it in the catalog anywhere so maybe it was on Bunkerchan post-move. I don't go there anymore so eh.


Completely agreed, it's very disappointing.



Theres one right here: >>7861


that was made after


yup, I'm thinking it's KREMLINGAMES time


Another masterpiece then!


Idk about the viability thing. I picked Nazbols, went down the most pro-independence choices during the pregame (it seems to really boost your popularity), easily won the first elections and then grabbed agronomy and industry ministers, which (especially the agronomy) helped me easily keep planners in charge. Kept winning bigger and bigger up to 2004 after which I got bored and didn't pick it up since. I guess I should try to end the run, but really can't be asked since gameplay is so dogshit.

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