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I feel as if despite the fact that speedrunning is so popular nowadays, it seems like at the end of the day, there really isn't much skills that you really gained from it, nor did you really artistically influence the game in a way that minecraft building creators, or whatever would have achieved. I mean there is playing a whole variety of games, or just trying to see as much of a game that you can enjoy for yourself but it seems to me that speedrunning feels kind of hollow in a lot of ways to me. It's just doing the same shit over and over again for little benefit. At least with exercise, you gain muscular strength, but what is the light at the end of the tunnel for speedrunners?


It's ultimately absurd and pointless but then so is pretty much any sport or hobby so what makes it different? I certainly don't see the appeal myself but whatever people want to do to feel fulfilled is ok by me


You're literally asking why people play games. It's the satisfaction of mastery, dummy. Although if you're asking about stream whores, a very particular kind of speed runner, it's people absolutely desperate for attention that they'll play games not even remotely designed for speed running full of unskippable cutscenes and dialogue.


>You're literally asking why people play games. It's the satisfaction of mastery, dummy.

Pretty sure that's not the only reason.


With sports there is always a chance for the underdog to snatch victory, while speedrunning is just shaving seconds off a clock to get the most time possible.
Unironically I find speedrunning routes and theoretical scenarios to be more interesting than actually attempting speedruns, since it is just so repetitive to actually shave those seconds down. I'm not questioning why people play games or even repeat things, but at some point a person's desire for novelty should kick in at some point right?


>With sports there is always a chance for the underdog to snatch victory

TBF there is somewhat of a parallel for that in speedrunning, you'll have da bess of da bess compete over seconds or milliseconds and then some young gun will find a new strat or a new skip by experimentation/gumption that shaves off minutes and creates a new meta that everyone has to adapt to.

Not saying I find it interesting either, but, yeah.

Also as for novelty, I mean look everywhere in gaming or sports in general and you have repetition, people play 10000 hours of a MOBA that is the same map over and over again with probably only a few characters, people play HOI4 for thousands of hours with only a few new coats of paint on it through mods, and so on.


The commentary was based. "fame" was a mistake. I've felt minor fame (like very minor) and it is indeed very euphoric. That's why I try to avoid it at all cost. That shit can seriously fuck with your mind.


I like the ideal, unfortunately a lot of people speedrun games with so much random bullshit that makes it anything but competitive and simply a matter of grinding over and over and over until you beat the odds.


Minecraft speedruns are just flat out degenerate.


I used to find speedrunning to be pointless too but eventually made peace with it after accepting that it's one of many forms of valid challenges. Exploiting glitch to squeeze out few milliseconds out of PB may seem autistic but it requires you to truly understand game engine's nuance and game mechanics to the point of art.


its basically the joy you get out of any kind of ability to understand a system and bend it towards your ends, just with the artificial ends to bend the system in such a way as to finish the game as quickly as possible. some of it comes down to skill, some of it down to basically luck, but its (usually) just for good fun anyways


mastering movement (which is core to speedrunning) is very fun in many games.
example, half life. Half life speedrun is both a nostalgia blast and an impressive display of skill, and strafe/gauss jumping is FUN
TAS are pretty fun to watch too, breaking a game very core to achieve "a perfect run" has some unexpected depth (especially the tas that fuck with game memory are crazy cool to me)
I will admit, I dont see the appeal in a game like goldeneye. but whatever. everything is ultimately meaningless, if you have fun doing it (or streaming it), who cares

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