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The game is free on Epic right now, I already had it on Steam but it's well worth the purchase (for free). It's a Cold War RTS, pretty gritty, if didn't know. If we get enough players, maybe we can get our own little league going!


Having weekly /leftypol/ gatherings on these inactive game servers would be pretty based. It doesn't even have to be inactive, we could play shit like tf2


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tf2 is good. Picrel is by far my favorite soviet game


Oops, I thought this was /games/, but, hey, I guess I'll leave this here awhile anyway, the more the merrier.


Red Orchestra 2 is pretty based.

I'm a big fan of the Combat Mission games which is a more "grognard" series of tactical RTS games. Very difficult and paced. I've played them for years. The latest in the series taking place during a Cold War gone hot comes out next month. See embed.


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The thing I also love about Combat Mission is that they use a turn-based system where both sides (either you against another human player or against a computer) issue orders simultaneously, and there is a lot of fine control over orders, movements, where to fire, etc. then you hit "play" and the turns execute over 1 minute, but you can't change orders during that minute as it plays out in real time. Each "turn" is 1 minute. This gives it a kind of dynamism, where you don't know how it'll totally play out – at the same time, your little green army men have their own AI and will take cover if they're fired on, or will return fire on their own, or open fire on their own if they see a target in the open and you've given them permission to engage. That makes it feel more like you're a "commander" in a sense of a dynamic battle that you don't totally control.

Playing around with mods for Shock Force 2 as the Syrian Arab Army. Watch my guys trigger an IED and then the lead T-72 get blown away by an ATGM.

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