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Sup comrades. Who here is a fan of the Metal Gear games? It's got strong anti-imperialist and anti-war themes and one of the games (Peace Walker) pretty much has you playing as Che Guevara. Which game do you like best? My favourite would be MGS3.


Can't stand them to be honest. Pretentious as fuck cinemaplay by a soap opera-writing move hack. Hackjima finally being kicked out of Konami was their best move in the last decade, he was absolutely one of the biggest cancers killing the company. Now if only they'd give their actually good old franchises some life support again about vile Metal Gear vomit stole the spotlight after all these years.


I really like MGS2 despite it not being as 2DEEP as people make it seem.

MGSV is rather fun with mods, the best "arcadey" OPERATOR sim I've played.


buttmad western imperialist detected
Konami has no originality beyond churning out street fighter sequels


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>Street Fighter
Don't give a fuck about "originality", if a series has solid mechanics I would like more of it.


Kojima WAS Metal Gear


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see >>12 and kill yourself


File: 1608527512339.gif ( 97.87 KB , 128x128 , emote-4.gif )

I'm still mad about Silent Hills, man.


>it not being as 2DEEP as people make it seem.
It may not have the depth some people ascribe to it but it is surely a pinnacle of post-modern media.
How it relates itself to the first game is completely unique and could not be done in any other medium.


1 = 2 = 3 >>> 4 = 5 = PW

the first three MGS game are DIMES, just perfect video games.

I'm currently trying to play the old MSX games, MG1 was shit honestly but I hear MG2 is better. Both old came have an awesome super late cold war vibe though as they were made RIGHT before the fall of USSR. The cover art for MG2 is so awesome I even got a poster of it.


Redpill me on MGS4.
I sat through that awful shit and I cannot believe it has zero subtext or preachy Kojimmy shit, because it feels like a mush of fanservice and pandering that attempts to wrap up every single plot point in the most contrived and absurd way possible (and then shits up that in the ending too).


MGS4 is an odd beast. It has both the highest highs and lowest lows of the series. Piloting Rex, the final fight, most of the other boss fights, and chapter 1 and 2 are amazing.

But I never understood why people say it is fanservice. It is fandiservice if anything. Snake being an old man for no good reason instead of in his prime, Meryl marrying mr poopy pants, dumb shit like Mount Snakemoore.

MGS4 is weird.


Solid Snake basically implies you are more than your genes


Play with deez nuts comrade

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