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Whats the hottest take in vidyogames


That guy is right.

I think the hottest take I can think of is probably still Anita's various autism (not like you can really call her part of videogames but oh well)


anything IGN ever says about Sonic games


Game journalists don't have to be Gamer Gods to do their job. It is perfectly fine not being able to beat Sekiro without cheats, or finding Cuphead too hard.
Oh and it is also perfectly fine for "hardcore" games to have difficulty sliders or some sort of casual mode, and the resistance to the idea, imo, shows just how paper thin Gamer skins and egos are.
Oh and also lootboxes would be pretty fun if they were only obtainable by in-game means.
Oh and also Witcherino 3 is over rated.


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After the revolution, Dr Robotnick will become protagonist of Sonic series.


>literal slaveowner
back to the drawing board


Normally I detest twitter screencaps but I lol'd.


Witcher 3 with Enhanced Edition mod is the way the game is meant to be. Has sliders for every setting too, though the defaults are extremely punishing.

What was funny about Sekiro wasn't that the journo couldn't cut it my man. You really don't have to be a God Gamer to have an opinion. What was funny is that he used Cheat Engine to slow the game down, then spent the entire review justifying this instead of talking about the game.


>Game journalists don't have to be Gamer Gods to do their job
I agree with this but regarding eg harder games needing a difficulty slider, this should be entirely up to the designers. Sometimes difficulty is just a core part of the game's premise.


Hot take indeed.

Game difficulty is up to the designers and is part of the creative artistic process.
This is of course nothing new in the field of art products; you can casually enjoy complex music for example but your appreciation and enjoyment often directly increases with your knowledge AKA your skill level of the craft.

If you can't beat it that's fine, but attempting to make it more accessible for no good reason other than individualist ego is a direct attack on the creative merits of the game.

Lootboxes often prey on people with addictive personalities, gambler and/or vulnerable, upset people who seek comfort in consooming.
They can be fun no lie, but as long as the profit motive exists they will more often than not be abominable.
Also the CPC seems to think the same as me so that's based.

Don't give a shit about game ""jornalism"" or witcher so I won't comment on those points.


>Game difficulty is up to the designers
that may be so, but pandering to gam0r elitists by going on about how this game is supposed to filter out casuals is just stupid. like, if reducing the difficulty of a game doesn't impact on its mechanics in any meaningful way (which is the case with basically every game that this shitstorm is swirling over) then why not add an easy mode for scrubs and leave the high difficulty mode also for 1337 g4m3rZ? and honestly complaining about an easy mode in a game where you still get enjoyment on hard is just the absolute epitome of upper plane astral autism


>pandering to gam0r elitists by going on about how this game is supposed to filter out casuals is just stupid.
Well that's your opinion in the same way some people like elaborate prose and others consider it pretentious. There's clearly intent on part of the designers to make it hard and give bragging rights to the ones who master the mechanics of the game.
"I beat X game in super duper hard mode!! level 8 out of 10 difficulty levels btw" will never feel as great as simply saying "I beat this hard as balls videogame" imo.

Also, easier difficulty may not affect mechanics and so directly but definitely can make many of them more superfluous or even irrelevant.


you don't have to play it on lower difficulty if you don't want to, but there's no reason to remove the option for others
it takes away exactly nothing from your experience


Walking simulators are perfectly legitimate forms of art, even if they maybe should be considered distinct from "games."


games are games. simulators are simulators.


Perhaps so, but I have yet to encounter a walking simulator that can be considered something other than pretentious garbage.


Remember, it's not a simulator until you need to reference a manual to figure out how many times you need to crank your magnetos.


really? you really didn't enjoy the deconstruction in stanley parable?


/v/ermin cry about "walking simulators" but are perfectly fine with kusoge VNs.


Talking simulators


All the hidden traitors games that are getting popular lately (project winter, among us,…) are just objectively worst versions of The Resistance: Avalon


Yes. It doesn't detract from >me&lt the consumer but it takes away a whole layer of creativity from the artists game designers.

From a mere development perspective, balancing different difficulty levels take away time from the devs, improper balancing can create whack situations like lower difficulties being the actual hard modes, or easy spreadsheet methods that invariably makes "hard" a synonymous for tedium.

From a more important perspective for me, I think making games too hard for no reason, or too easy for no reason, takes away from the intended experience. Creative people craft different scenarios with certain emotions and reactions in mind and difficulty certainly plays a big role in that. "This guy is your rival it sure would be a bummer if you could one-shot him while underleveled", "this stretch in the game punishes your mistake very hard to drive point home how dire the situation is for the heroes", "this area is meant to be a huge skip if the player can deal with the difficulty spike".
If you can just lower the difficulty slider or give yourself god mode at those points at will, then what good was it all for?

I think our disagreement here is that you seem to see games as mere products; if they're too hard you can't consume them and therefore they've failed at their task, akin to a fast food meal that's too hot to eat immediately. I wholeheartedly disagree with this approach, just accept that hard games are hard and either improve or move on imo.

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