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File: 1617228259631-0.mp4 ( 26.91 MB , 1920x1080 , SuperTuxKart.mp4 )

File: 1617228259631-1.zip ( 1.23 MB , alunya-001.zip )


Kart racing general

You may now play as Alunya in SuperTuxKart.


Time for me to give SuperTuxKart a try.


Time for an STK tournament.


File: 1617239861051-0.png ( 11.08 KB , 128x128 , alunya-icon.png )

File: 1617239861051-1.png ( 5.7 KB , 256x256 , Bandana.png )

File: 1617239861051-2.png ( 116.4 KB , 1024x1024 , Colette_body.png )

File: 1617239861051-3.png ( 208.88 KB , 1024x1024 , Colette_face.png )

File: 1617239861051-4.png ( 23.95 KB , 1024x1024 , Colette_hair.png )

Based shit, anon. Is this original content?


File: 1617239912821-0.jpg ( 62.99 KB , 512x512 , emule_kart.jpg )

File: 1617239912821-1.png ( 27.52 KB , 1024x1024 , Emule_light.png )

File: 1617239912821-2.png ( 44.13 KB , 1024x1024 , Emule_properties_dif.png )

File: 1617239912821-3.png ( 30.28 KB , 1024x1024 , Emule_properties-gloss.png )

File: 1617239912821-4.png ( 9.11 KB , 256x256 , emule_shadow.png )



File: 1617239990941-0.jpg ( 32.74 KB , 256x256 , emule_wheels.jpg )

File: 1617239990941-1.png ( 40.72 KB , 512x512 , EyesBasic.png )

File: 1617239990941-2.png ( 80.18 KB , 512x512 , icon_source.png )

File: 1617239990941-3.jpg ( 57.94 KB , 1024x510 , LICENSE_DOT_TXT.jpg )



Welp, now I want to play super tux cart.


File: 1617241962003.gif ( 16.76 MB , 600x600 , colette.gif )

>Based shit, anon. Is this original content?
Somewhat. I've adapted some free (Creative Commons) assets and made the rest. License.txt gives details and links to source models.
Kart model is just Emule's kart untouched meant to be a prototype placeholder.
Alunya is mostly a reskinned pic related with original hair, slight head shape mods and custom rigging. Animation is original.
There is a Blender file in that .zip so you can use her in other games. I can also upload one with the original detailed rigging but I suspect the UVs are broken in a strange way.
It took about a day so it's very rudimentary but she gets the job done. You can download her in-game by sorting addons by date. Currently unapproved, will probably be fine despite the icon being unknown license and having subtle political symbolism beyond FOSS.


Based, but I still think this game is dumb


Very cool work anon. Always great to see more content.

If you want suggestions for a vehicle, a T-34 kart would be cool (plus Alunya looks more anarchist so it's sectarian solidarity)


Lol that's based. I've never heard of this game before. Can somebody give me a quick rundown on supertuxcart?


Awesome work, homie. You gonna post anywhere semi-permanent (Github, GitLab, etc.), or just let it live/die here?



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SuperTuxKart sez
>SuperTuxKart (STK) is a free and open-source kart racing game, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. It features mascots of various open-source projects. SuperTuxKart is cross-platform, running on Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android systems.

>SuperTuxKart's gameplay is similar to that of the Mario Kart series, but also has distinct elements, such as collecting and using cans of Nitro. The game features the mascots of several open source projects. For example, Mozilla Thunderbird plays the referee, flagging the start of the race and saving players when they drive off the course. The game supports single player, local multiplayer, WAN multiplayer, and LAN multiplayer modes. Networking modes were introduced in version 1.0.


Leftypol tux racing cart championship when?


It's currently downloadable in the add-on repo but you won't see it on the website until it's approved.
I didn't have plans to put it anywhere else but a git repo isn't a bad idea if anyone wants to work on it.
If you make a pull request or issue, respond to this thread to get my attention.

I'll have some time on the weekend if someone sets a date and time. The international ping will be insane but the game handles it surprisingly well. You can make cock.li throwaways for online accounts.

How would Alunya be in it? Taking off the top turret and having her sit in the hole? If I can't find an existing 3D model, will you care if I use an arbitrary tank that looks close enough?


File: 1617264962077-0.jpg ( 28.75 KB , 480x360 , tank kart.jpg )

File: 1617264962077-1.jpg ( 31.07 KB , 500x352 , cnt fai armoured car.jpg )

I figured more like this (but with the tank being smaller/lower so she's sitting more openly in the hollowed out top turret)

>If I can't find an existing 3D model, will you care if I use an arbitrary tank that looks close enough?

Well it would be neat if it looked like an actual T-34 but hey it's not that big a deal, only my opinion anyways. Alternatively you could use some kind of armored kart that is decked out like a CNT-FAI tractor tank.


File: 1617286595039.jpg ( 14.87 KB , 220x214 , speed freak.jpg )

A tank is stupid and doesn't fit Alunya's personality at all. She deserves some kind of wacky exaggerated hotrod like those old George Trosley cartoons.


Plus it would be more likely to have a tank deleted in the official repository. The bandana is already a risk.


>icon by unknown artist
Most likely it's from Paps, no? You can contact him here: https://twitter.com/PPDPPL_art/
tbh I don't think Alunya fits in with the rest of the cast in game. Being free software it will of course always be possible to mod her in, but why should she be part of the official standard version of it? It's like putting in Vivian James (not that I would personally have a problem with that).


File: 1617329041361.jpg ( 199.74 KB , 1920x1080 , Alunya.jpg )

Thanks. I've sent an email (plus it would be nice for them to see the character if they don't lurk here)

>tbh I don't think Alunya fits in with the rest of the cast in game.

>but why should she be part of the official standard version of it?
I agree that she doesn't fit with the free and open source project mascots theme, but this kart is not for the standard core game. This player is only intended for the community add-ons repository which only about half are mascots or FOSS related. They even have the Hong Kong pig as a featured downloadable kart (featured karts appear at the top).
Speaking of which, Alunya the Cat is now a featured kart!


File: 1618774040725.jpg ( 1.21 MB , 1768x1261 , Alunya Car.jpg )

She needs to be driving a Lada, obviously.


She should make a raised fist when she wins. The celebration at the end of a Grand Prix is broken. I can't comment on what happens when she loses because I'm too good at this game.


File: 1618775759935.jpeg ( 169.73 KB , 737x1024 , hotrod.jpeg )

>George Trosley
Not sure why the name escaped me back when I posted this, but Ed Roth is the artist I was actually thinking of.


>She should make a raised fist when she wins.
That was the intention but there are no bones in her hand yet. I can try a quick fix.


>there are no bones in her hand yet

That sounds extremely painful


File: 1618832687813.png ( 35.43 KB , 468x470 , .png )

Yeah but having shitty bones is worse.


These two issues have been fixed:
- Corrected names of end markers for winning and losing animations.
- Added a bone for fingers on the right hand and animated a fist curl.
The rigging of the fingers is very dodgy but you're never close enough to notice.

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