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File: 1617502582262.jpg ( 122.94 KB , 400x300 , Super Fucking Metroid.jpg )


Is this game about late-stage capitalism? Or does that matter?


Games are mental masturbation SAGE


Could Kraid be about the speculative bubbles in finance capital? They rise from the floor quickly but then must fall precipitously.


File: 1617504277833.jpeg ( 49.87 KB , 480x360 , crocomire.jpeg )

Is Crocomire a metaphor for capitalism? Living on the edge of disaster… only needing a slight nudge to fall backwards into a crisis.


File: 1617566246193.png ( 25.35 KB , 512x448 , draygon electrocution.png )

Is Draygon's embrace like exploiting workers' labor? You can only squeeze them so hard until something cracks and they fight back, not unlike arcing an electric current into the boss from a damaged cannon. It's like a strike: it hurts the workers but it hurts the boss a whole lot more.


Ok, we get it, you really like Super Metroid


File: 1617578833289.gif ( 27.65 KB , 300x300 , Metroid_F-Nightmare.gif )

>A spectre is haunting The Galactic Federation


File: 1617589030210-0.jpg ( 333.29 KB , 1070x400 , supermetroidfea.jpg )

File: 1617589030210-1.gif ( 226.22 KB , 256x238 , nVjTDBC.gif )

Now that I think about it, alienation IS a core theme in the metroid series.


Samus is literally a cop who primarily fights "space pirates" who appear to actually be one particular alien race.


Ridley, Kraid, etc. don't appear to be the same race.


I mean they killed her parents, they're bad hombres.

Also she's a bounty hunter not a cop, dunno if that's better or worse.


She also wages a genocidal war against the native wildlife of Zebes, only to be outdone by the pirates themselves who blow up the entire planet just to get back at her.


What can we learn about the Spartacist Uprising from Super Metroid?


Samus redeemed herself in fusion


They call her a bounty hunter but how often does she hunt bounties? It seems more often she's following missions given by the Galactic Federation.

If I kill a lot of one group it doesn't stop being a hate crime verging on genocide if I also sometimes kill other things.

Planets tend to blow up any time she's around in general. Not a good look.


By merging with melting cheese and becoming a helpless child who obeys the computer words of a daddy figure?


Oh, and blowing up another entire planet by crashing a research station into it (not even sure how this possible, was the station made of antimatter)?


File: 1619295877942.jpg ( 231.07 KB , 900x1064 , Super Metroid Dachora.jpg )

Saving Dachola and Etecoons is rather surprising when you think about it. No concern for the other inhabitants of Zebes, Samus?

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