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>be game set in a medieval fantasy
>have mandatory preaching about equality and racism
>also have characters that are just simply much better due to lineage, race, royalty, etc.
Every. Fucking. Time.


We need a medieval fantasy RTS that's well-balanced


which rance game is this one, OP?


>literally no groin or thigh protection
Fire Emblem armor is so silly.


Rance VI Collapse of Zeth


Balls of steel.


File: 1618554251706.jpeg ( 55.26 KB , 474x776 , female Haar.jpeg )

It was still pretty sensible up to Radiant Dawn. Then everything was thrown out the window, including story, characterization and gameplay.


This might sound obvious but it's hard to find fantasy that isn't filled with Great Man bullshit and fetishization of apologia. Like, I want to believe these flaws aren't inherent to the genre.


*fetishization of royalty


I'd even argue that fiction in general has this tone of "we NEED someone to lead us (preferably some sort of Chosen One(tm))".

Also the whole pro-monarchism thing is pretty weird. Even Tolkien presented a diverse array of political systems, but in most fantasy it's either a monarchy or a theocracy, and usually an endorsement of them too. Oh yeah, and let's not forget there were city leagues and peasant republics during actual feudal times.


I mean, in fantasy settings, gods and magic are usually real so theocracy and monarchy are expected to be the default in those universes. It takes less effort to make a world like that.


File: 1618642115338.jpg ( 254.51 KB , 1920x1080 , isekai.jpg )

>there were city leagues and peasant republics during actual feudal times
Well since OP posted Rance I'm gonna mention that you see all this stuff in the Rance series. It helps that the creator is a history nerd.

Kinda hate that thanks to /v/ all Rance is known for is le rape man xd (and Sengoku Rance, like nobody ever mentions the other games except maybe the last one because it has the largest script in video games ever). The games are legitimately excellent, especially the worldbuilding.


File: 1618642861329.jpg ( 126.1 KB , 596x811 , 1f505b1098413559d158185f3a….jpg )

>be game set in a medieval fantasy
>also have characters that are just simply much stronger due to lineage, race, royalty, etc.
>the magic lineage does nothing whatsoever to stop them from being easily manipulated, super powered retards
FE4's first half is so, so good.


>and Sengoku Rance, like nobody ever mentions the other games
Because, frankly, they suck ass. Sengoku has best gameplay among all Rance games. Other feel very simplistic and VERY grindy. They made the last game a FUCKING GACHA CARD game even.

The setting is pretty interesting and so is the character development, but it's hard to subject myself to high level autism for hours just to get the story. I remember that after playing Rance VI for several hours i just had to cheat it, so it would feel less grindy and i could access the further story.


>They made the last game a FUCKING GACHA CARD game even.
So you haven't actually played it. This post reeks of someone who just parrots what others say on imageboards.


>playing JRPGs and expecting good writing


>constantly complains about nobles during the first game
>accepts the princess' bullshit just because it's a mission
>warns her he's gonna fuck off once the war is over
>fucks off when it's over exactly as told
Best MC of a FE game is the only one without royal blood.

I don't even know why they bothered putting a groomer war criminal as a faux MC in the sequel, all parts involving the Down's brigade were such a slog. It gets weirder when this group never once is told that Daein had started a war literally a few years earlier nor are they called out on this or for helping start a new one over nationalist sentiments.


>playing games and expecting good writing


I have seen videos of gameplay. I playd other games though (ones that have translation, except 5D) and i stand by my words, compared to Sengoku they just suck. I think even you agree with me because you didn't even try to say that they don't suck, you just nitpicked at my description of the last game.


even if gods were real I wouldn't bow to them.


>/v/-tier "I don't like it so it's SHIT"


It would be cool if there was a game where there are gods and "atheists" who refuse to obey them, therefore they aren't affected by those gods' powers.


I can get into specifics. In Rance VI you have to go through same dungeons and fights to earn special colored balls of three types (you can only hav max three of each at the same time), those balls are used to progress through main story and stories of other characters. And you need a LOT of them. Meaning that story is locked behind pretty boring grind. And the basic gameplay is way more simple compared to Sengoku where interaction between different types of units and their abilities hits the sweet spot between simplicity and fun.

Rance X gameplay is even less interesting than VI.


just say you arent into dungeon crawlers lol


Not into badly made ones, no.


weird, i had a lot of fun with it :)


How? What so fun about going through basically same fight over and over again? Thw dungeon exploring mechanics are so simple they aren't even worth mentioning. Shitload of backtracking too for no good reason.


File: 1621353595112.png ( 344.52 KB , 927x435 , ,.png )

Hey, you. You reading this post. play FFT.


The fourth and fifth fire emblem games are critiques of this greatest man bullshit. Most of the characters (both the protagonists and the antagonists) are descended form legendary noble heroes that saved the world. A major theme of the game is that being descended from noble heroes doesn't make the characters noble heroes.
I highly recommend them if you like turn based tactical rpgs.


I don't think it make sense for the gods' powers not to effect them. The Elder Scrolls games have an atheist race called the Dwemer. They know the gods exist but they have no respect for them and don't follow any.


>I don't think it make sense for the gods' powers not to effect them.

Depends, maybe their power is based on belief. You can only be harmed or helped by the gods if you believe you can.


The answer is not to remove the fine but to make the fine PROGRESSIVE and linked to a scale based on the wealth of the person who committed the crime.
Thus a billionaire who commits a violation has to pay millions of dollars but an average joe who commits a violation can pay like idk 5 Euros lol


>it's hard to find fantasy that isn't filled with Great Man bullshit
Almost by definition do fantasy settings have magic and otherworldly powers where a single individual can radically change the entire world. If it bothers you so much that worlds with fucking dragons in them don't follow the same historical trends of earth then maybe go look for another genre.


Oh kind of like the gods in the Super Natural series. Gods power scale with the people believe in them. In the series a lot of pagan gods basically have to resort to being serial killers to keep enough power to still be immortal.
Yahweh , his angels, and the demons have all the power because people still worship or fear them.


Dumb essentialist logic.


File: 1628408508958.jpeg ( 27.28 KB , 500x375 , B790D149-4122-4561-A54F-2….jpeg )

>be anything with a historical or alt history game featuring the Soviets
>most of the campaign is fighting your own side rather than the enemy
I fucking hate this trope


To be honest, such a world wouldn't survive long because one single guy or being with very powerful magic could destroy everything in a heartbeat. There is practically no balance, but what balance there is (another single guy or being with the power to stop the destruction of the world, that no one can possibly have or use that competently for some reason) feels forced for the sake of plot most of the time. It doesn't feel natural. So what's wrong with wanting to balance things out?


the soviets have fuelled so much of america's military war games

>omg no le ebil soviets have inflitrated and captured america!


dont you get it? gommunizm is bad


At least the Soviet advisors are cute and nice while the Western advisors are all whores. It fits.


You either go hard or go home. If character can become gods in the setting then medieval kingdoms should completely cease to exist. Like how the world is in Other Songs where it’s split between reality warping people ruling over an Aristotle’s physic world.


>Be a western medieval fantasy game with in-depth world mythology
>By game 2-3 your main villain becomes some figure from the mythology and the entireythology it self is proven to just be a sham and actually X was true all along. Also that thing that was true is never mystical and everything will have an explanation that won't make feel atheist gamers uncomfortable
Many such cases:
>Dragon Age
Honorable mention:
>Pillars of Eternity, except it does it right in the first game, but does to its credit execute it really well
>Elder Scrolls, as I never played them appart from Skyrim that I never finished, but I can bet my ass it somehow does it as well, judging by the little lore snipets I do know about it


>le rape man xd
he is tho


But it's not why series is great. And he is more than just that. He is a pretty interesting take on actual antihero with meaningful character progression that doesn't lead to straight hero or villain.


>>Elder Scrolls, as I never played them appart from Skyrim that I never finished, but I can bet my ass it somehow does it as well, judging by the little lore snipets I do know about it
nah it doesn't


Imagine a medieval fantasy game that would strangely NOT be projecting our lib idpol but would be about peasant rebellions overcoming feudalism - this time with dragons!

At the end you find out you just helped bourgeoisie who will turn your people into wagies. Haha. This is then a cliff hanger for the next episode about industrial capitalism, this would be steampunk-themed. The third episode would cyberpunk about financial capitalism.


Ok he is still a rapist MC on a rape game


what's wrong with that


>what wrong with a rape fetish


t. Coomer


That's not what he said, greentexter.

Go back.


>That's not what he said
Despite the gameplay, Rance is a porn game series, from a company that only makes porn games. Of course the fact that Rance is a rapist is tied to the fetish.
>Go back.
To where? :^)


what's wrong with that


>Rance is a porn game series
So similar to most games but actually honest about what it is.


>what wrong with a rape fetish


>actually honest
Yes. Like any other porn VN


yeah, what's wrong with it


>what wrong with a rape fetish


Mega cope


that's what i'm askin yeah


>thread derailed by moralfaggotry
Go back to 8gag, /v/ermin.


>bitching about moralfaggotry
no u
rape not goods coopz


>bitching about some mysterious /v/ boogeyman


That already happened. See Arcanum for that. Where the capitalist oligarchs overthrew the kingdom of Tarant, murdered the royal family by having them turned into half-Ogre breeding machines. And then when faced with the conservative and magical knights heavy Dernholm they just shot all of them to death with rifles.
One of the quest have you try to save an Orc Labor leader from the cops crushing his factory strike.


Would anyone please think of the fictional characters?

Way to prove my point.


File: 1629173264040.gif ( 953.92 KB , 400x300 , i got hell in mah urethra ….gif )

>calls out retardation
>y-you're proving my point!

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