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This thread is for everything related to indie games. Please throw some recommendations. Here is a list for our interested friends

God tier:
-cup head
-hyper light drifter
-shovel knight
-papers please

-Hotline miami
-the messenger
-Stardew valley

Not the best but could be worse
-cyber shadow
-Enter the gungeon
-dead cells

why even play
-that shitty rougue like dungeon crawler where you played a guy selling shit


Define "indie".




small studios, graphics which are not latest technology, bonus points if they are either low poly, or 2D

it used to be. Now it has microsoft bucks, with a gigantic studio behind it. So not so indie anymore. Still great tho


Terraria is God Tier


What game this girl is in? I wanna play with it


File: 1618571820934-0.gif ( 86.88 KB , 450x338 , exile.gif )

File: 1618571820934-1.png ( 171.2 KB , 600x486 , Exile III - Ruined World.png )

The original indie RPGs before indie was cool.


File: 1618624731992-0.jpg ( 797.02 KB , 1920x1080 , into-the-breach-switch-her….jpg )

File: 1618624731992-1.jpg ( 249.4 KB , 616x353 , capsule_616x353.jpg )

Into the Breach is a nice little SRPG made by the developers of FTL.
If you like games similar to Advance Wars, you'd like this game too

I wouldn't classify Subnautica as an indie game, but for what it's worth, it won a "Fan Favorite Indie Game" award…

It's an sandbox survival game, kind of like Rust on an alien ocean planet with spooky fish.
Best played blind IMO


looks like gauntlet


You mean Ultima.


File: 1618630119632.jpg ( 131.1 KB , 800x929 , 800px-Sevilla._Los_nazaren….jpg )

For me, Blasphemous ascends if you "get" all of the Spanish-catholic and Andalusian cultural allegories which are everywhere from the architecture and clothes to the story (especially the dialogue in Spanish, the dub is amazing) and enemies. To give an example, the PC is based on a Nazarene, a person that does the procession of penitence during Holy Week. The team that made it is based in Sevilla and it really shows.


File: 1618681011140.jpg ( 32.85 KB , 678x381 , Katana-ZERO-678x381.jpg )

I've been playing katana zero, and i gotta say it is pretty good. The gameplay on itself would have been good, but the story is something else. I love the sequence where you have to groundhog day yourself through an interrogation, to avoid a guy from killing you

yeah part of it is on me, i stopped playing because of work, and now i'm stuck 3/5 through the game, and unable to advance because this game is really dificult and i'm out of the zone


Ostriv, great little citybuilder made by one ukrainian due set in the Wild Fields during the 1700s.


I can't stop playing caves of Qud, it's the perfect post-everything roguelike.


File: 1618879082210.png ( 2.38 MB , 1410x1328 , kentucky_route_zero.png )

Anyone play Kentucky Route Zero? It is supposed to have some commentary about working class abuses in the American south. I tried watching a let's play on it and got bored.


Play more games jesus christ.


where do we put warframe? might as well point me to some communist clans if you play the game too.


Starsector (mods have ear-raping USSR anthem)
Devil Slayer: Raksasi (chinese top-down dark souls-like roguelike)


I played a couple episodes forever ago, really enjoyed its look and atmosphere but the story is incomprehensible, I really didn't get it.


File: 1622052490574.png ( 1016.87 KB , 816x816 , 1561151572_ATOM cover4.png )

I've been playing Atom RPG, it's basically fallout 1/2 but in soviet Russia, pretty great if you ask me.


File: 1623949375909.png ( 39.12 KB , 400x302 , sleep.png )

anybody here a lisafag?
just played Scholars of the Wilbur Sin last week, it wasn't that great, but some moments were pretty good.
I still think the original Pointless is better, that fight with Arnold was underwhelming.


File: 1623959181024.jpg ( 139.08 KB , 600x897 , indie as fuck.jpg )

>one author
>still making sales off itch.io
>manages to maintain a vision for game design despite being FOSS
Mindustry is the most successful libre game of all time and officially indie as fuck.

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