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File: 1620309568486.png ( 508.72 KB , 556x700 , E0sq9ArXsAAlj1U.png )


Halo doesn't have enough ammo pouches, with the absurd amount of bullets he carries around, he even has ammo for guns he's not currently using. Come on. I'm not playing infinite if the combat doesn't actually evolve. Increasing polycount and raytracing isn't important, this isn't a movie.

Source on picrel : https://twitter.com/TangShogun/status/1390252816049086466?s=20


Halo is shit.


>Halo is shit
Because john halo doesn't have enough ammo pouches, glad you agree.


Captain King is a bland character in the shitty game series known as Halo.


File: 1620315200493.jpeg ( 19.15 KB , 236x289 , images (52).jpeg )

Because he doesn't have enough ammo pouches in the ammo pouch derived game that is halo.


>Halo thread
>Immediately gets called shit
Sounds about right


At least in Halo you only carry two guns at once, in GTA you can carry like 10 weapons including a rocket launcher while naked. But who gives a shit, idiot.


>in this game catered to normalfaggots that last released 8 years ago, retarded things happen

Next you'll tell me submarines hide underwater.


Halo is a normalfag game


File: 1620328414652.png ( 252.5 KB , 546x675 , Ex-JL0cWQAAHXRm.png )

>Halo is a normalfag game
Well that's a new one , any more hot takes?


It's actually a very cold take because it's widely accepted fact


Lol imagine naming your protagonist Halo, what a gay game for gay retards.


File: 1620329713088.jpg ( 160.96 KB , 800x600 , B70RTdi.jpg )

>le generic fps meme


Nice bait, Chris
>It's actually a very cold take because it's widely accepted fact
In anon's imagination.


>automatic pistol
>assault right
>submachine gun
>mounted machine gun
This appears to be some shitty mod rather than Real Doom Guy.


File: 1620366432928.png ( 4.25 KB , 550x163 , images (2).png )



File: 1620367329556.png ( 1.44 MB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (44).png )

This is why I love dead space, Gameplay = lore, Lore and Gameplay aren't two separate things. In DS they have technology that converts objects into a condensable form and vice versa. there's no HUD, everything is either an actual hologram the MC is looking at or like his health bar; a weird part of the story's setting.


Halo is pretty popular though
wouldnt say its normalfag tier
its more B-tier in mainstream culture
most people outside the US have never heard of it
heck most people in the US have never heard of it
example: COD would be an S-tier (Above A-tier) in the normalfag ranking
so although halo isn't exactly Unreal 3
its still pretty far from mainstream


How did the AR mag carry 60 rounds of 7.62 x 51mm?


>>9003 (me)
Even the Halo 3 AR with 32 rounds is hard to believe.


File: 1620383307035.png ( 937.92 KB , 1300x760 , multi-load idea.png )

Well I couldn't find anything in the wiki but I've always thought they just "multi-load" the mags. picrel is an edit I did, can't find multi-loading pics.


File: 1620383402762.png ( 71.22 KB , 257x143 , ClipboardImage.png )

I think you have failed to understand the purpose of the two metal bits on the side


Its a lazy draw, anon, I know it can't work, ideally I imagine something more like two magazines tied together that feed into a single chamber through some kind of mechanism I can't be bothered with athm.


File: 1620385907876.jpeg ( 193.32 KB , 1242x1234 , 1A0D1620-8CCD-4566-8333-3….jpeg )

>muh pouches


Honestly, they should've just had it be caseless like they did with the SMG lmao

Also, where the fuck are the plasma based UNSC guns? you'd think after fighting the Covenant for years, they'd be able to reverse engineer their plasma weaponry lmao


File: 1620407658924.png ( 696.17 KB , 602x792 , ClipboardImage.png )

Halo was CoD before CoD, the normiest of normalfag games. CoD took its throne by being even blander and more palatable to casuals but it will always sit at number 2.


File: 1620409023187.jpeg ( 29.89 KB , 640x480 , images (55).jpeg )

We literally don't live in the same country. >>9014
Its Like why picrel was in use even though it's dogshit. The covenant weapons are heavily influenced by their culture, and aren't necessarily "better" than human weapons.

Plus in real warfare different guns have different sound, its very nuanced so nogunfags won't get it. every military carefully picks their guns so they know each other apart when firing.


True, but still, you'd think that there would be at the very least prototypes shown in the games


Somebody get Rob Liefeld on the 343 design team, stat.


Nice find, have a (You)


File: 1620427663502.mp4 ( 298.02 KB , 640x354 , 122274860_732511894093202_….mp4 )



I think even 343 know it doesn't make sense, but prefer no think too much about it

Might be misremembering tho




So it turns out quad stack magazines do exist so I guess it's reasonable to assume that they could be made reliable in 500 years.


This just shows what a terrible fucking map Hang Em High is.
All the classic Halo fans never stop jerking off to CE maps but they're SHIT. For Hang Em High specifically everyone stays on the upper levels because the rocks at the bottom don't provide any cover and there's no reason to go there unless you want to pick up active camo. Literally a shitty map where 95% of the playspace is never used and people never stop COOMING over these horrible asymmetrical maps that need to die.


>captain king


Yeah it's just two mags in one with a separator in the middle feeding into the same top as a standard one

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