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Game would've been 100% better if Johnny fully took over after the tutorial


i dont think a full domination of johnny, but a slow synthesis between the two throughout the story, which i think that was what the story wanted to do but handled it poorly. towards the end of the game v and silverhand still felt like separate entities


V has to be one of the shittiest mos bland protagonists ever

Johnny taking over after the tutorial would've made it 100% better


dont get me wrong v is a shitty protag with little backstory and personality, but i just don't know how a silverhand story would work, would he sell out to militech to fix the chip,or learn yorunobu's trying to destroy arasaka and help him. slice of life as a punk rocker. actually fuck the gilf instead of teasing it. get radicalized by the bartmoss collective fortune teller.
or would it still play out like the normal storyline with no multiple endings.


I don't think V was actually the problem with the game, the first part of the game when you're with Jackie and so on felt much more fleshed out and rich, it's only when the 'tutorial' area ends that you realise how shallow the wider world actually is.


Johnny is the definition of commoditization of rebellion. His ideology is a load on nonsensical garbage. His actions is of a retarded movie star. Basically the liberal’s interpretation of a revolutionary.


To be fair, I think that critique was intentional.


But then you'd never get to see his face outside of cutscenes, this would be extremely lazy and half assed


The cutscenes with Johnny were tiresome anyway, who cares if you didn't see his face. Besides they can just shoehorn mirrors into the cutscenes if absolutely necessary, so you can see your reflection as Johnny.


Is it? The game’s entire message is to be as selfish as possible because there’s no hope of getting out of capitalism. Johnny is the straw man to carry it home.


I mean, yes, the game was a bit ideologically muddled, but it was clearly a critique of neoliberalism and late capitalism, and America to a lesser extent. There's even a ripperdoc that says she's a rich girl from the Soviet Union and she moved here to work because the American dystopia where people die from a lack of healthcare is so interesting and exciting. In other words; there are alternatives to Night City but V is too caught up in the spectacle to see them, and Johnny is just a dilettante who as you say, was living out 'revolution' as an ego trip rather than actually trying to change the world.


What went wrong with this game? Is the criticism it's getting and got warranted?


>who cares if you didn't see his face.
Half the budget went to licensing keanu chungus reeves likeness.


from what i understand: hype reached levels it could never deliver on (partially due to the devs hype-mongering, partially due to the fact it was building on the acclaim for witcher 3 and partially because there hasn't been a new GTA since Obama was president) and while people expected a GTA type open world, the game is structured in a way that's much more linear, so basic open world elements were much shallower than expected (with driver AI being dumber than even the PS2 GTAs for example), and then to top that off it was terribly buggy at release (to the extent the PS4 versions got refunded.).

but don't take my word as gospel, i've only played it once or twice at a friend's house + got info by osmosis from /v/.


Maybe if they hadn't done that shit they might have afforded to make a better game.

Yes the criticism is basically warranted. This video pretty much breaks it down.


Imagine your game being so shit, Crowb-motherfucking-cat comes back from retirement.



I dunno I liked that bit where she opens up to some rando hooker


It's not a GTA, it's not an RPG, it's not even an immersive sim.

What the fuck is the game supposed to be?


A random piles of game ideas hooked on spaghetti code. Imagine watchdogs but the AI is worse than the first GTA. Imagine the Witcher but even more retarded. The source material is terrible as well because it’s only Cyberpunk in aesthetics only and nothing else.


Almost all of the criticism is about them fucking up the development and almost none of it is about the corruption of punk ideology and recuperation of anti-capitalism.


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Reminder that Cybepunk ® ™ is a brand and not related to cyberpunk. cybernetics. or punk.

>Style over substance.
>Attitude is everything.
>Always take it to the Edge.


File: 1622344267107.png ( 2.65 MB , 1669x1075 , Shadowrun PC.png )

Sorry for the dichotomy but Shadowrun >>> Cyberpunk tbh


tbh cyberpunk as style over substance seems, to me, the most valid form of cyberpunk.
try to meld the DIY-ness of punk to technology and you're either going to get free software movement stuff, which is lovely but more legalistic and geeky than usually comes to mind for punk - but take away that geeky legalism and you're left with bootlicking cunts who's main contribution to software is to let corporations use their code.

when you go broader than that, into what sort of ideas are generally conjured up by cyberpunk, you just wind up with "our current tech dystopia but aesthetically pleasing and where your pointless life has at least some narrative purpose", which is by definition style over substance rather than any sort of actual punk movement.


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