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Yo, I wanna knit some shit. I already have the sticks and the yarn. Hook me up with some basic patterns and tutorials. I want to do a scarf first, something straight and simple.


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This channel is good for beginners. It's where I learned a lot of basic stuff: how to knit and purl, the different stitches you can make, how to knit in a circle etc, then you can learn how to knit gloves, hats, scarves, socks, sweaters, but I guess you can make simple scarves and hats by just knowing how to knit and purl. I made a simple 2k 2p black and red scarf, you can try this as your first project.


There are many knitting channels and there are videos about pretty much everything you would want to know. I think he explains things pretty well (except for casting on, he uses a weird method so I recommend you try this one instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vm6oaYzHyA ). After you get the hang of it you can just search for patterns and stuff, or come up with your own. I started knitting last spring, so I still have a lot to learn, but I can make stuff on my own now that looks alright. It takes a lot of time though so I listen to an audiobook or something while I'm doing it.

I see that this was posted a while ago, but I really like knitting and maybe someone else might be interested in this. Also, here's another scarf I'm working on and a sock I made for Christmas. I gave most of the things I made to friends so I don't have many pictures.


>I see that this was posted a while ago, but I really like knitting and maybe someone else might be interested in this.
I wanted to learn knitting, so thank you for the post, anon.


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You can ask here if you ever need help with something but you'll probably find everything you need on yt.

This is one of the first things I knit, I guess I should remake it sometime.


I'm (op) still here. I just lost hope that anyone would reply to the thread. Thanks for the info, looks simple enough to start. :)


not op here, just an anon. your thread has inspired me to take up knitting but I’m starting with embroidery to get the hang of it


Good beginner tutorial for making a scarf. She talks a lot in some parts but everything is explained clearly.

That said, I started and stopped about 3-4 times. It's not easy pulling the same amount of yarn every single loop to make it even. I wasn't even paying attention to that in the beginning and it came out looking uneven.

This shit is not as easy as it looks.


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>It's not easy pulling the same amount of yarn every single loop to make it even.

Yeah, that can be difficult at first. I made a similar scarf when I first started learning (though I used a much thinner yarn and needle size) and the loops were very uneven, especially in the beginning (there's also a big hole because I dropped the needles while I was knitting and I didn't know how to put the loops back on). By the end I got used to it and it looked a little better.

So don't worry if it doesn't look as nice as the one in the video, it's you first scarf after all. When you want to make a nicer looking project you can correct your mistakes as you go, but now you just need to get the hang of knitting. You can reuse the yarn later, so you could remake it once you get comfortable, don't worry about wasting yarn.

>This shit is not as easy as it looks.

At first yeah, but it gets much easier. As you do it more often you're gonna be able to knit while watching a movie or something, you won't even really need to look at it.

One more thing though, I don't think the style of knitting she's using is very good. There are two main types of knitting you'll see: English knitting (the one she's using) and continental or speed knitting. English knitting (I hope I'm not using the wrong name) is when you put the needle through a loop, wrap the yarn with your right hand and then pull it through the loop like you see in the video. Continental is a bit more complicated, but I think it's much more useful. I learned how to do it from these videos (and from grandma)


Basically, continental knitting (when you hold the yarn in your left hand) is much faster, because you use your hands more efficiently. It is also much easier to control the tension so that you get even loops, and you move your hands much less which is nice if you don't want to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

It also depends a lot on preference. When I made this scarf I used English knitting, but after that I only used continental and I didn't have a problem with uneven loops anymore. The problem with continental is that it can be very complicated to learn for beginners. Once you get the hang of it though it's going to be very helpful I think. But, yeah you should try for yourself and see which one you like better. I think you should learn speed knitting as soon as you can, though.

btw I'm not saying her knitting is bad, just that I don't like this type of knitting. She's using it because it's much easier for beginners to understand. I think she has videos on speed knitting too + other projects, it's a useful channel.

sorry for knitting autism ;_;

also, english knitting is useful in fair-isle knitting (when you mix different colors of yarn to make a pattern) so it's not a bad thing to know it, but I prefer continental when using only a single color

Have you finished any projects?


Wow, thanks for that.
>Have you finished any projects?
I'm >>3256 and >>1729. I was trying to get it right the first time, but your post encouraged me just to knit. You're right, the first one shouldn't matter. I hope I'll have something significant to show in the next few days.

Gonna check out continental knitting as well.


After you learn how to knit and purl you should spend some time to learn about the different types of fabrics you can make by combining knitting and purling. This video shows how to make the most basic stitches.


It's important that you learn them because you'll use a combination of two or more in most projects. But don't worry they're not difficult (except for the seed stitch maybe). Other than that, have fun! (and be patient)



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