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I watched a video in support of gratitude journaling which claimed it's one of the best ways to feel more positive about life.

I'm not sure how I feel about the idea, smacks a bit of self help woo woo but at the same time it isn't like it would be that difficult to try out.

Video for anyone curious



That video is some hardcore liberal propaganda holy shit
>your life isn't as shit as it could be, be thankful you're alive prole


I've been doing something like this for a year but it quickly turned into a log of what I ate that day.


File: 1608525548209.jpeg ( 37.91 KB , 720x672 , C021D11A-F463-4DD2-81E6-B….jpeg )

That channel is nothing but idealist liberal self-felatio. Disgusting.


Meh, I can see why you feel that way, but I've seen worse. He's right that looking at life in a optimistic way will make you feel more optimistic - even if there are good reasons to be negative.

Lol. I'm not super into food so hopefully that won't be a huge issue for me.

It's liberal yeah but at the same time at least the video admits there are real problems with modern society, which again is more than a lot of self help stuff does


Sounds kinda cringe, but I do try to do my best to remember kind deeds from strangers. Maybe I should keep a list

and mean things too


So that you can take revenge some day?


Keeping both lists is a bad idea, mean things list is going to be larger so it becomes more depressing.


I am not into food either, I just don't have anything else going on in my life.


Knew you were talking about Kurtzgesagt. I'm kind of a sucker for their videos. While they are obviously liberal, they are self-aware and meticulous enough that it's mostly fine, imo.
While it's obviously correct that self-help and the enormous industry behind it mainly exists to cope with (and profit from) the enormous human misery that capitalism causes, as well as a way for firms to maintain the productivity of their increasingly overworked and stressed workers, it's not something to be ignored. Just because we believe we have a clearer insight into the system around us does not make us somehow immune to its effects (on the contrary, perhaps). We are just as vulnerable to stress, alienation, loneliness, and depression as everyone else, and if we cannot find ways to cope with that we will become increasingly incapable of acting for social change. "Self-help" is no replacement for solidarity and genuine connections, but, in the absence of that, if writing a few lines in a notebook every day can give me the energy to get up in the morning, to join a party, to attend meetings, to do activist work, then why the fuck not?


Yeah. That's pretty much my thinking as well, I agree with what you're saying.

I'm just really sad most of the time and I can't bring myself to leave the house. I've got no job and no hope. Being super leftist and uncompromising and non-liberal hasn't really helped my life. At this rate I'm basically just a dead man walking only existing for the sake of family. I would've killed myself by now if it wasn't for other people I think.

I'm just so angry, and unhappy, and hopeless. I wish things were different than this.


Hey guys. I'm feeling sad right now, was thinking of making a depression topic but couldn't be bothered right now (ironically enough), needless to say I never ended up doing a gratitude journal either, but my course of therapy is finished now so I guess I really need to try to do some kind of self focused work on being happier and more active.

It's just so hard to do anything though, I'm totally mindfucked by late capitalism and even if I recognise how unhealthy our current society is I still can't just remove myself from it and not be affected by it.

I know I shouldn't compare myself to other people but how can I not? Everyone I went to school with is doing if not spectacularly then at least decently now, decent jobs, stable career path, their own places most of them, and I'm just sitting here in my room in my parents house too scared or too lazy to apply for jobs, too broke to move out, nobody to move in with anyways. I'm 26 and I feel like my life is already over and I've already messed it up because I've failed to achieve anything I would have wanted as a kid and now it's too late in my life and I've been out of work too long to really get on 'the fast track' and do something that might help the world or help other people.

All the successful people were already successful in uni and right after it so why should I even try when whatever shitty job I get I'll probably hate it and quit pretty quickly.

Ok well that's enough for now, does anyone have any advice, or any stuff to share, and son on?


File: 1608525623104-0.jpg ( 1.93 MB , 2898x2883 , LEFTYPOL_CATGIRLS.jpg )

File: 1608525623104-1.png ( 55.32 KB , 970x648 , real_unemployment.PNG )

May not have a concrete point, but here goes:

I'm not as old as you, but I understand your plight.
Unfortunately, I am struggling with this same situation (no decent jobs around, no money, no way out) and I haven't devised or found any specific strategies to counter this.
Know that you're not 'lazy' for not wanting to work under our modern context, most still frame this argument from the liberal/protestant mindset of not working being shameful in and of itself and don't understand why anyone would not want to work, seeing it as 'just the way things are'.
This doesn't remove the material need to work, or course, but most don't appreciate the difference between working and working for the benefit of someone else; they reductivly interpret any resistance to work as being a fault of one's personal character than of their material conditions of work being a process of seeking out an employer in a master-slave relationship and that work then only being for the vapid purpose of creating wealth for the capitalists through trading and services than for any greater purpose for society.
Hell, all of this on top of the trauma that modern society forces on you, the most notable for me being the looming catastrophe of climate collapse, makes you (rightfully) identify that the average bullshit jobs most are saddled with are not just unhelpful to society, they are actively regressive in their inability to work towards improving society primarily at a time when it is obviously most needed.

If nothing else, know that in the USA, the real unemployment rate -once you factor in those not in employment for 3 months or longer, those who haven't applied for jobs for 1 month or longer and those with precarious work- is at least 23% (circa. 2016), so your situation is not so uncommon as you may think. The same obviously applies to the rest of the first-world nations and beyond due to the falling rate of profit, de-industrialization and all those horrible porky-induced things.

Sorry I don't have a specific message or answer for you.
In truth, the only 'answer' I have found that keeps me in a generally positive state is Marxism.
Being able to see the world as it is rather than how it's portrayed as being has been perhaps the largest advancement in my personal thought in my recent life. It lifted a real weight off of my chest to finally 'get it' after struggling for most of my life to connect the dots, so to speak.

I suppose the most you (and I) can do right now in our similar situations is to read theory, share our thoughts with anyone who'll listen (or broadcast them) and take action within your local community to improve it alongside anyone else who cares about improving their surroundings.
Also try to find and meet up with any leftists of any creed however you can.

Perhaps you can organize local meet-ups for the unemployed (or just lonely) such as yourself to do said improvements, do a book club or film screenings based around leftist media or just to talk with one another. You meet so many good people just by talking.

Thanks for reading this far. I wish you well, comrade.


The whole idea of "other people have it worse so you shouldn't recognize the problems you have" is just an excuse to never do anything to improve the world. However bad someone has it, someone else could/does have it worse.


File: 1608525625513.png ( 234.6 KB , 638x923 , alunya dont lose hope.png )

I agree, but I don't really think the video is doing that exactly.

I am in the UK not the US but yes, things are broadly the same here.

I have struggled all my life with feeling like I'm lazy, useless, et cetera, and to be honest I still do. I try not to internalise the societal bullshit but it's hard not to sometimes. Hell, even if I don't feel guilty for being on welfare I feel guilty about not helping to spread leftism and so on or engaging in creative hobbies. I feel bad because my world has become so small and even though I've been depressed for a decade or maybe a bit longer, I at least used to engage in more than I do now, my more creative hobbies have entirely fallen away because I can't make the effort to try and fail at something, I don't eat regularly anymore, I sleep instead of going down to make food often enough.

I want to work and I want to feel like I have a purpose but yes as you say I can't get past the exploitative nature of work in the modern world and the soulless nature of applications and so on. Why do I have to fill out the same information that's in my CV again each time? What a waste of effort, pure busywork so they can see if you tolerate pointless drudgery well or not.

And again yes I also relate to the constant anxiety and mental stress of having to think about all the social problems we fail to do anything about as a species, climate change, et cetera. One of my friends wanted to watch the movie 'First Reformed' with me a few weeks ago, basically a thing about a depressed pastor who gets sucked into deep green activism and so on, and the pornographic focus on climate destruction and utter hopelessness of it made me want to fucking kill myself. (wouldn't recommend the movie anyway, it was just a dark and miserable slog)

I know I'm not really alone but sometimes it feels like I am, all my school friends have gone on to do things (sure, not all amazing jobs, but vocations at least), my ex who I still love has gone on to a good job at a tech firm, and if I hadn't have been such a fuckup and had the money and job to move in somewhere with him after uni, we would probably still be together and I would be happy. It fucks me up so badly that I had that young love and I messed it up and I'm still getting older and alone.

I wish that leftism did make me feel better but it really doesn't seem to, perhaps because I don't really have any hope for that in general either, everything political sucks. I don't have the energy to read theory or do anything that requires mental effort, just endless videogames to try stay distracted.

Sorry, I wish I could come to some kind of positive conclusion with this post, but I'm just an empty shell to be totally honest, I have tried getting involved in activism but I can't stick with that either, it just all seems pointless, like all the effort put into organising a protest or whatever that nobody will care about anyway and won't make any difference. I guess it's hard to start anything when I've already given up pre-emptively.

I was looking for the 'man loses additional hope he didn't know he still had' pic but this came up instead, I guess it's cuter so eh.

Anyway, thanks for trying to talk to me about it, hope you are doing well too man.


File: 1608525626873-0.jpg ( 1.94 MB , 3192x1791 , heart.jpg )

File: 1608525626873-1.jpg ( 1.24 MB , 1350x1790 , how_to_nocats.jpg )

Trust me, even if you have a creative hobby all of the time your are doing that hobby, you'd still feel just as crap as if you were playing videogames nonstop since either way you aren't really taking control of your life in the way that would bring you true fulfillment.

This also isn't to say that if you had a job, a car, a house, a partner or whatever else that you have been lead to believe would be able to achieve this fulfillment itself.
Even if you possessed all of these things, the majority of the most important elements of your life are dictated instead by the capitalists and the technology they control.

You as an individual cannot control whether you can keep your job, your benefits, etc. You don't get to control whether your country does or doesn't fight a war half way across the world, if we will do enough (or anything at all) to stop ecocide or even just keeping kids from starving in the streets while high on smack.

Even if you attempted to take control of your own immediate actions in typical liberal fashion, you'd quickly find yourself frustrated by all the laws and regulations that inhibit your every move and serve only those at the top.

Your sentiment about the futility of activism too, is totally valid.
Activism cannot and will not solve any of the problems we currently face as a species.
Only class consciousness can orient the mass of people needed to counter the capitalist's absolute control and a bunch of middle-class 50-somethings parading around in a circle with performance art will not achieve that.

Unfortunately, in the UK (and most of the post-industrial world) this general class consciousness isn't here yet for a multitude of reasons. The level of consciousness necessary to affect serious change also cannot be brought about by any one working class individual's actions; only a dramatic decrease in the quality of life is proven to awaken said required level.

In a morbid twist of fate, ecocide will most probably cause such a dramatic decrease (see my post here for more on this https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/274553.html#q279790) and make revolution possible.

Until then… no-one on the left really knows what to do.

For me, I try to read as much theory on leftism as I can (although modern media has ruined my attention span and makes extended reading difficult) and treat everyone I meet or even pass by well, everyone deserves a smile.
I also am attempting to get an easy job near me to save up funds and volunteer at local outreach and church orgs to meet new people and help the people that are here now.

Do any of those things directly contribute to revolution in a meaningful way?
I don't think so.
But there really isn't much else to in regards to leftist revolutionary activity in the modern day.
I'd readily fight porky soldiers out in the jungle if the conditions here today were comparable to the Cuban revolution, but they aren't.

Apologies for not having any actionable point here, but the fact is that as a working class individual, there really isn't much you can do right now.

Try to seek out any leftist groups in the UK, national then local (if only to talk about these things in confidence), join a local outreach group or community org to meet new people and help them, join or make a good militant union when you can and organize and advertise your own lefty book club to find people who care where you are.

That's all I can see to do considering you and I are in the Imperial core of the world, under constant surveillance and with no real resources on hand.

Hopefully you can find some worth in this.
I wish you well, comrade.


File: 1608525629990.jpg ( 85.34 KB , 674x930 , 1468203968632.jpg )

Hello anons, exciting news! I'm gonna start my gratitude journal. I was just in the shower and as you know the shower is a great place to think. So, once I stop dripping, I'm going to go grab a notebook and start. Sorry, I would do the journal on here, I'm sure you'd all absolutely love to know about my life, but I think the physical act of writing with a pen and paper is probably part of the process. So, I'll let you guys know if it goes well.


that channel is cringe, if you have a problem simply lucid dream and find a solution, sometimes your subconscious has the answer


Into the trash it goes.


I actually tried to do that as a kid, but couldn’t think of more than few things in really grateful for.



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File: 1608525822610.png ( 149.67 KB , 540x397 , attack commences in 30 sec….png )

Stunningly enough I only ended up writing like two entries before giving up on it completely. I shoulda known I would never do anything to actually feel better.


yo who is that ugly ape sitting in the car and staring at the handsome king grodd


The earth rotates at like 750 miles an hour. Trying to walk would make freedom come sooner by an insignificant amount.

This post was made by leftcom gang.


> I'm just so angry, and unhappy, and hopeless. I wish things were different than this.
A gratitude journal would be a good start then, I also recommend cognitive-behavioral therapy like the classic book "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy". The world surely sucks from the leftist pov but why pile all the negativity onto your mind? You can reshape your thinking patterns to focus on the best parts of your life.

For example, recall when you've been generous with your time, skills, material things. You can think about the impact you've produced: no matter how small in the grand scheme of things, it means something to the people you helped.

Maybe you can join some mutual aid group to have more opportunities for the good deeds…


File: 1608525885272.jpg ( 197.65 KB , 1296x864 , deep cat.jpg )

Yeah… I guess… It's fucking hard being a leftist in this day and age let alone being a doomer leftist with no job.

I don't feel like anything I've contributed to the world really matters, because of course it doesn't - nobody is going to give me a decent life cause of it so what did anything I did really mean? If I can't live then what point is there in trying to do good deeds or improve things for anyone else? I think I'm quite a caring and good natured person on the whole but it rubs me the wrong way to think about bothering to do something for others when I need help and it doesn't come.

Why should I stick my neck out when nobody will do it for me? And why should I even try get a job or whatever when I feel so certain it won't make a difference?

I just want someone to help me and pull me out of this because I can't do it on my own. And it doesn't matter if 'but you have to, nobody else can fix your life', etc etc, I can't! Don't they understand that? Doesn't anybody care? What if I can't pull myself up and fix it, what then?

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