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How do I force myself to enjoy DND? I've come to realise I don't enjoy it. I jsut like doing social stuff with my friends.


Couldnt you just do other stuff with your friends?


This. Find a hobby you enjoy and do that. Just be upfront and tell them you don't enjoy it.


Do you not enjoy roleplaying/tabletop in general or is it specific aspects of your friends DnD game that you have trouble with?


Read more books, watch less movies, shows and anime.


Not OP but would writing, drawing and generally engaging in creative hobbies also help to enjoy tabletop RPGs?


OP, I was in this situation for a while but I came to enjoy it when I started actually RPing as my character and taking it seriously. Try doing other stuff with your friends too, like:
*Playing video games
*Ordering food
*Watching funny TV shows
*Getting high
*Starting campfires
*Inviting friends of friends over


Also I know Covid and all that, but the most fun I had was when we all got together in 1 car and went out to do shit


Dungeon masters are faggots


Why don't you like it?


D&D is terrible, try to get your friends to play some real games like Risk and Settlers.


Fuck you too 🖕


never played DnD, is it like 2D MMORPG?


You probably don't enjoy DnD because it's set in a fantasy setting, which tend to be unchanging and all the struggles are just perpetually ongoing. Find something that has a progression to it and you'll probably like it more


Don't. Just play another type of game. Have you ever heard of Twilight 2000?


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Why not try better RPGs?

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