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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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Fishing thread
Talk about your gear, what fish you caught,…. you know the drill

Because fighting animals is fun!


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Fishing chads I kneel


I miss when I was a child when I didn't realize that the hook pierced the fish's mouth

Makes it so much more painful and sad


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if you can catch a fish with a gear-sprocket or a drill you have reached ultimate mastery of spear fishing.


Anybody know how to convert a normal, sit in, kayak into a fishing one? Don't want to cut too many holes in the hull for risk of breaking it. However, I would like to add some storage, some hitches for rope, fishdar, and a live well to hold my fish. I am willing to switch the live well to an external floating one. Anyone have any advice? I'm looking for use in both fresh water and salt water but the salt water will be in bays and fresh water would be in swamps and lakes


So you are asking how to add mounting points to a surface without drilling any holes.

For many materials you can rough up the surface with sand-paper and then epoxy a mounting-point on to it. A mounting point can be a simple block of wood you can drive self-tapping wood-screws into, or a more advanced bracket. Just make sure that you use clamps to compress the 2-component-epoxy-glue-joint as hard as you can. The connection-strength of a glue-joint depends a lot on that. You can go one step further, by reinforcing the joint to add additional fiberglass around it, to increase the connection surface with the boat.



it's not that im completely against it, I just dont want to cut so many that the chances of screwing something up gets to a much higher probability. I will probably need to get holes into it for the storage and the mounting points, but honestly then again thats the top of the craft. the bottom is a completely different issue. I don't want to screw it up when I am trying to install a fish dar and a live well, however I think the live well can be tied to the kayak in order save space to an extent.


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