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What youtubers does leftypol watch?
I personally like codys lab and penguinz0.


theres a whole thread for e-celebs


This doesn't have to be politics though.

I have like 2-300 subscriptions many of which are probably inactive, but I also like penguinz0.


I used to like cr1tikal before he became some weird internet drama douchebro.
I like vinesauce, cultmoo, harpal singh, skallagrim, Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't, Kruggsmash, lindybeige.


Vinesauce Vinny and Joel, Redlettermedia, and Jerma985 are the more entertainment type stuff I watch

Donoteat01 is kind of breadtubey (unfortunately), but his videos are all about city planning, the failures of it under Liberal Capitalism, and why if you want better cities, you need Socialism. He uses Cities Skylines as a visual diorama to show city planning and its effects, which is cool. I think he really changed my mind to be pro Socialism around a year and a half ago, because I finally realized Socialism is the only road to good cities.

Nativlang is the best linguistics channel that still sometimes uploads.

The Thought Emporium makes incredibly impressive science videos.
Guy developed gene therapy to fix lactose intolerance.

Also; I agree wholeheartedly with the above anon in regards to cr1tikal.


Only philosophy and history youtubers, some relatively abstruse.
Dave Harris - old Brit guy doing Deleuze stuff
Dr. Sadler - does all sorts of philosophy, especially love his half hour Hegel series(though I just started with it). you guys might be familiar with him if you came here from /lit/.
Theory and philosophy - some amateur philosophy student with primary focus on Baudrillard, he also did few Frankfurt school stuff while back.
Mostly watch cookie cutter history channels like invicta, history marche, history time, historia civillis etc.
Also, Some docs and vlog channels(actually forgot their names lol).


I like chuggaaconroy i've been watching some of his videos since I was 8. He's entertaining

When I was learning Portuguese I watched Julia Minegirl a lot. She's okay, if any of you know kids who wanna learn portuguese and watch minecraft / roblox i'd recommend her.

That's pretty much it for all the YouTubers I care enough about to remember, I try to use YouTube mainly for education.


Youtube as a platform sucks so fucking much. There's no way they'll ever turn it into a profitable business. Just nationalize the shit already. But no, instead of just cutting their losses, Google has to continue losing money hoping to one day make a profit.


Be careful what you wish for, would it really be a good thing if Youtube went down for good? It would be like 15 years of internet history wiped out in a second.


This Old Tony does some good entertaining machining/welding videos. Not really a learning resource, but still cool I think.

3Blue1Brown has interesting math videos.


None, because I am not a retarded Zoomer



i find this mortician chick who makes vids related to death and funerals pretty interesting, she's kinda cute even tho being on the older side and a little chubby.


Jerma, because i am a retarded Zoomer


Todd in the Shadows for music and RLM for movie critique. I still watch Angry Joe for games and games only coz his other stuff is trash.

>Dr. Sadler
The shilling on /lit/ made me think he is the next Peterson


File: 1608525568945.jpg (875.78 KB, 1909x1163, Hundt_100.jpg)

I don't even like 17th century italian rapier but this is kino.


Cuck philosophy, the best "breadtuber". Informative content without the e-celeb cringe humor and mannerisms

Hbomberguy is fine, he's long videos can hold my intrest for long enough

Zero punctuation, ive been watching him for over 7 years now and i still find him funny tbh

Richard wolff economic update, especially his monthly(?) videos in the church hall

Kbash is really funny, dont always agree with him but he's funny

Zero books is ok

Crime pays but botany doesnt. I found him from this website

FUNKe, funny



Petscop and Leafyishere


Hbomb is ok when he talks about media stuff and you ignore the breadtube shit.


Yeah, he's not exactly the most celebrated "lefty" channel here but I give him mad props for that Dark Souls 2 video. Also he's one of the few media channels I like that miraculously doesn't hate BvS and also posted some discussion on it in his curiouscat page.


File: 1608525573160.png (640.72 KB, 1107x592, 7c68920731ad68f0c7655ebf2a….png)

forgotten weapons




>Yeah, he's not exactly the most celebrated "lefty" channel here

I think he's fine, certain people here bitch too much and feel the need to be holier than thou


I like the university is a garbage institution for babies video he has


Some bayonet v bayonet. HEMA with historical context is always appreciated.

Nick is one of my favourite fencers to watch. Of note, his stable stance, strong defense and quick feet. Great to see him retain these qualities with earlier and less linear systems too.


>Cuck philosophy, the best "breadtuber". Informative content without the e-celeb cringe humor and mannerisms
Too bad he updates like almost never


I'll take quality over quantity tbh
Plus I've used some of his vids to radicalize some /tv/ types, so I am fine with however long it takes to make the good shit


I watch SFIA by isaac arthur

Its basically "what if space nerds were well read in technology, lots of optimism, had a lot of realistic imagination and too much free time" condensed into comfy 30 minutes podcasts with a soothing voice with a funny speech impediment.

The only thing wrong is he sometimes slips into "capitalism but in space" during some speculation but he is an american so what can you do, he is still super realistic most of the time and says that trade in space makes little sense since there is basically equal distribution of atomic resouces between stars, or enough material to make trade not feasable also given the distance.


Which ones?


Okay, some of my subscriptions (long list incoming):
name - type of content - mostly about what
Be Kind Rewind - feminist, video essay - mostly the story of each best actress oscar winner and why they won, sometimes other movie shit
Tiffanyferg - feminist, commentary - most notably trends on the internet, sometimes vlog-like shit and some comedy sketches maybe
NerdSync - video essay - capeshit and comics BUT he's really good
AustinMcConnell - video essays - everything is on the table baby! he has a wide range of talking material
B-Mask - video essays - mostly about games… very wholesome tho
8-bit music theory - video essays - self explaining i guess
CaryKH - project documentation??? - Basicly fucks around with AI for shits and giggles
Civvie11 - gameplay - doomer shooter pro with lots of dark and adult humor
Fredrik Knudsen - LONG video essays - deep dives into all kinds of obscure but interesting shit
Georg Rockall-Schmidt - critique - movie reviewer, scholar style… with lots of british humor
Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik - comedy sketches - basically South Park rolled into one person reacting to videos and comments
Peter Brown - how to vids - woodworking and resin casting channel, lots of wtf projects
Sarcasmitron - video essays??? - just… watch him. his style is IMO unique
Technology Connections - educational - everything about kinda old electronics, like TV, betamax, LEDs, nixie tubes
I Like To Make Stuff - how to vids - all kinds of projects… renovating, building gadgets, etc
Techmoan - tech review - old stuffs and how they came to be, what can they do and such
Maker's Muse - how to vids - 3D printing projects and more fidget creating stuff
LockPickingLawyer - lock reviews??? - basically EVERYTHING you need and don't need to know about locks and lockpicking
EEVblog - electronics review/blog - goes into technicalities almost all the time with his tests
AvE - electronics review - disassambling all kinds of stuff while having a great hillbilly time. must watch
Wintergatan - musician - fockin essential. every vid of his is great. currently in progress of making a fucking beast of an instrument

These are the noteworthy ones that SHOULD be over 100 million subs… plus my subbox has like 200 more under-1k-subs channels, plus the must-haves.


hbomberguy is funny when he updates (surprisingly rarely) but on a personal level i have come to hate him. IMAGINE making more than the average salary on patreon, then still shilling every 2-bit company that comes along and asks for you to give them a plug. what do i know, maybe he's spending it all on hairline therapy.
it wouldn't bother me so much if he was a lowkey ancap or something but you'd think leftists would be able to rein in their greed. (or at least not be so transparently obvious about it as to cut into shilling products and services nobody in their right mind could possibly want.)


Technology Connections is the only YouTuber I know of who obviously makes money from YouTube but isn't in any way annoying about it.
I think because he gives off massive public access TV vibes and doesn't do any advertising of products, he just takes donations and runs their names in the credits at the end without reading them off. Combined with an interesting subject matter, good sense of humor and no hints of anything untoward he's all in all probably one of the best people on the internet today.


Oneyplays, YMS, SuperMega


File: 1608525580164.jpg (145.03 KB, 1280x720, really_makes_you_think_doe….jpg)

>without eceleb cringe humour
>literally called 'cuck philosophy'


>Strange brain parts
For a small channel he has really high quality. He covers obscure comics, old indie comics, and the history of some mainstream characters too. If you hate 'capeshit' you still might like his channel because he goes into a lot of hidden 'not traditional super heroes' gems
>Comic tropes
The same as the previous, but more mainstream. It's still into the obscure, forgeten heroes and bad comics.
>Renegade cut
The only out right political one. He his media analysis always come out with interesting leftists takes.


I think they made the tits of Hotaru too big.


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