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File: 1627948580160.gif ( 901.44 KB , 220x212 , 1625359025398.gif )

starting "drawing on the right side of the brain" wish me luck boyos




Is that an actual monkey with makeup or is it CG/AI merge? What a bizarre gif


File: 1627949365390.gif ( 1.34 MB , 220x220 , 1625453099099.gif )

monkey with make up


File: 1627950939279.jpeg ( Spoiler Image, 102.15 KB , 492x1040 , rodina e tania 8.jpeg )

here is some thing Ive made in /get/.


Today I realized that I suck ass at several things but mainly animating and pixel art. Also every time I don't immediately draw exactly what is in my mind I get frustrated and lose patience as I realize I'm not as good as I thought. I hate this.

Isn't that just a meme book?


I think the whole left brain/ right brain thing is pseudoscience but the process of unlearning symbol drawing is valuable. Besides, I keep on seeing it recommended and I need to start somewhere.


>symbol drawing
What if I've already unlearned it? Would the book be of any use to me?


Nah seems like it's a book geared towards beginners


File: 1628317710737.png ( 2.92 MB , 1400x6521 , d9mc0ru-a1a723ef-dbea-4a54….png )

K thanks, guess I'll stick to getting acquainted with shapes and perspective.

Also a question to artists in general, is copying photos of people's bodies a good idea for making progress if I'm at an intermediate level? My skills are all over the place. Based on this image I would say I'm between 2nd and 3rd "mastery level".


File: 1628340803649.png ( 268.3 KB , 1547x2474 , cake fart deez.png )


>is copying photos of people's bodies a good idea for making progress if I'm at an intermediate level?

Yes, absolutely.
More specifically you would gain the most from reading from a guide to figure drawing (such as John H. Vanderpoel's 'The Human Figure') and using that knowledge to put into practice by drawing from life or photos, if you want to get better at drawing human figures specifically.

>My skills are all over the place

If this is the case, it would be best if you could try to self-diagnose the specific basic element of drawing you are deficient in.
Go through the 'Focus Points in Practicing' in the image you attached and see what most basic element you are struggling with, and practice that deliberately.


File: 1628446709181.png ( 181.87 KB , 620x640 , RasvaTihaneLopetatud.png )

been forever since i've been on this site, great art, as always


nice self portaits


Thanks a lot HardKoba, I also found this video and I think I finally get these steps as well. It sounds so simple to follow, but I've always preferred to draw what I want first, which is why I felt bad about drawing most of the time.

Also really cool faces, top left looks familiar.


Whoops I don't know how I forgot to post the video and only noticed now


Would love to draw some leftypol OC but publicly associating yourself with politics is very, very stupid.


why not privately associate yourself?


I know lol
That's why the stuff I can show here is very, very limited
Maybe if you only ever draw for a radical leftist politics site you won't have to worry about it, but I already have a politically neutral online presence since before I came to leftypol and that's probably anon's case as well


Also, if you try to have a double identity, it's likely that people will recognize your style if someone who is sufficiently obsessed with you for any reason is able to connect the dots. And we know there are plenty of psychos out there more than ever. Plus associating yourself with leftism is legitimately dangerous in some countries.


File: 1632568651391.png ( 691.77 KB , 983x1024 , ClipboardImage.png )

I got a question for you artists

If I buy a drawing tablet (Just found btw that you have to they don't have a screen on their own and you gotta connect it to something else)

Btw why is it called a tablet if it is just a slab? What is the electronics inside it?

Can I use the stylus you get directly on other touch screen stuff? Like this huion stylus fm 640p
could i use it's battery free stylus on my android phone like a galaxy note's stylus to just casually scroll?

I don't understand the techonolgy behind visual art?
Also I heard a while ago that apple got into the stylus game and tell me did they introduce some proprietary techonology in this drawing industry?

Last question: Is it sus that the prices of regular separately bought styluses are the same as buying a whole ass graphics tablet that comes with a free styluses?
WTF is up with that, Is this a country thing or is it the same everywhere. I was looking up prices on amazon.


the more expensive drawing tablets also come with screens, they are called tablets because they predate android devices probably by about 20 years.

The ones with battery free stylus use induction, that means the stylus is powered remotely by magnetic fields, that the tablet is emitting. It's vaguely related to how wireless charging works, for electric tooth brushes.

You have to pay attention for compatibility the stylus has to have a tuned induction coil that matches with the tablet, and since all the inputs are communicated by radio signals it also has to have matching communication standards.

You have to read online reviews to find out which pens work with what tablet.


>they are called tablets because they predate android devices probably by about 20 years



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